28 September 2008

Counter Hiz But Tahrir demo London

The fight back has begun on the streets, more to follow.

The English are fighting back!

March for England


Anonymous said...

At last the Pakistan flag waving anti-British Islamo-Facist racist Islamic jihad -scum calling for Sharia-law in Europe have heard the word.
And those words were "F*c k Off" if my ears did not deceive me.
For years these haters of the British People have had the freedom to wave their foreign flags and shout about the hate they have for Britain whilst so many of them draw the Social Benefits, and they have got away with it unopposed.
Now they all have shock and confusion on their faces because they thought the British reluctance to make a fuss was a sign of appeasement and fear.
Please let us know about more of these resistance demos, so we can stand up for Britain and British values against the racist anti-freedom Islamo-Facists.

Anonymous said...

Where's the next demo? I'l be there no matter where in the country these filthy scum ridden people turn up.

Hopefully the English are finally waking up!

More of these videos please and details where these protests are taking place.

Anonymous said...

As usual our political elites get us into a mess, and it will be the white working class that get us out. History never changes. Hopefully, the footie fans of yesteryear will rally to the cause. The situation has gone way to far for negotiations, action is needed.

Anonymous said...

yeahhh!!!!!! finally british people are waking up! muslims are the enemy, the radical muslims want to overthrow your democracy with explosives and terror, the "moderate" muslims want to rule you by overbreeding and thus winning the majority in voting! don't let these backward sandmonkeys tell you that primitive desert values are better than your civilized way of life!
in the end it's them coming to your country and not you coming to theirs.

PortsmouthLoyal said...

My thanks to Lionheart. We turned out over a 100 lads to counter protest this. The look of fear on the supporters of terrors faces was clasic when they saw us.Loads of pics on our web site and other videos loading now. We need more to join us not only on demos but on our Rememberance parade. St Georges day march in April also our protest marches. www.marchforengland.co.nr Pompey Dave

Anonymous said...


It looks like theres still some Elan Vital in the Brits.

The more you post vids like this the more people who thought they were alone in there opinions will step out in the street with there fellow patriots and shout "British First"(Like Mr. Mosley's cry of "Briton First"). This is more than about a race or a place but about a culture and civility itself. Thanks again LionHart and keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Pompey Dave.
you have another set of hands and feet.
The poster carried by one of the misguided pro-Islamic jihad, Hizbullah supporters demo said, in the words of the South African Resistance hero, Steve Biko;
" The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor, is the MIND of the oppressed."

This is more appropriate in our hands than in theirs.
It is Britons who are oppressed, and it is our fear of Islamic Facists that is their greatest weapon against us.
It is time to stand up and be counted for Queen and Country and for the rights of the British people, and those that want to live in peace with us.
It is good that your aims are non racist, and to see Jewish supporters, as well as Indians and Black people alongside you.
We are all under the threat of what Islamic Facism is preparing for us or our children, anywhere in the world.

Bruce Lewis said...

This video fills my heart with joy.

Why? Because it shows a group of people from a European ethnic group -- white folks, if you'll pardon the term -- pushing back against a group of people from another ethnic group -- southwest Asians, in this case -- who are attempting to impose their foreign culture upon the Euros in their own land. The papers say that "crowds began a counter-demonstration". You bet they did! They ran the g-d Mohammedans off, and the police with them.

And we here in Texas love them for it. It's about damned time someone stood up to these reverse imperialists. So, good going, Luton. Thanks for getting angry. And welcome home to the 2 Battalion, the "Poachers" of the Royal Anglian Regiment.