2 September 2008

Undercover Mosque: THE RETURN

Remember that Saudi Arabia is the home of Islam.

The Return Part 1 of 5

The Return Part 2 of 5
The Return Part 3 of 5
The Return Part 4 of 5
The Return Part 5 of 5


Joanne said...

I've just finished watching Part 1, and no Muslim can tell non-Muslims that they do not follow these teachings. The Muslim teacher states to be polite to non-muslims, but do not befriend them - they are not allowed to be friends with non-muslims because they must only be loyal to followers of Islam - paraphrasing. Isn't this the truth. I've never seen Muslims befriending non-Muslims, ever.

Anonymous said...

The information is out there, all that is missing is the realisation of it's implications for the ordinary person.
Little by little, we are winning the battle of ideas.
We must be proud to be a kuffar!
Proud to be anti-Sharia!
Proud to be an Infidel!

Islam does not have the right to impose itself on the British.
It could not, except for the insanity of our political and religious leaders.
One interesting fact revealed by the Wahhabi tradition being flaunted by the Islamicists, is this, "that all Muslims should seek to live in Muslim lands. They should emigrate to Muslim lands."

Let us heartily agree with the scholars of Islam.and support the Islamic truth, that
"All Muslims should emigrate to Muslim lands."

It cannot be a crime then, or racist to say, and to wish for, that all Muslims should heed the words of their Saudi immams and to accept that they can not live amongst the Infidel (thats us folks) and be true Muslims.
"If you don't like it in the land of the dirty kuffar (you and me folks,) then go home, please leave this country, as advised by your Muslim scholars."

The British People have no bones to pick with the Muslims, it is just that they can never be truly happy here, and are wasting their precious time in plotting to change us.
Ultimately, they will fail, and this is the biggest threat to Social Cohesion.
IT will spawn, and has done so already, vast numbers of Muslims who hate us,(as they must, according to their scriptures) and want to seek our destruction, as proved by the hundreds of plots to kill our Royals, our varied and multi-cultural communities, and our historic past as a Christian country.
Going to live in a Muslim country will solve all of their problems, and we both can be happy to be who we are, and who we want to be.
God Save the Queen and the Royal family, and preserve them from terrorism.