2 September 2008

Wafa Sultan on Sharia Law

Video courtesy of SIOE

We have the Judas Archbishop of Cantebury, the Countries top Judge 'Loony' Lord Philips and one of the Countries top QC's saying we should graft Sharia Law into our English legal system which would mean the State sanctioning of the living beast released from its chains upon our Land.

The British Isles is becoming an Islamic State before our very eyes in this generation, so what will it be like for your children and grandchildren.

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Joanne said...

I saw over at Gates of Vienna that there will be a demonstration September 11th in London. I certainly hope people will come out in large numbers to show their support. I am thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Wafa is an awesome, courageous woman whom I admire and respect. She has put her own personal safety at risk to inform the masses of the evils about islam and sharia law. Unfortunately, our MSM in America and the UK have not given her equal air time. Instead the MSM is always being politically correct and too scared to offend the muslim community. Our governments are pacifying the muslims because they're scared of them resorting to violence...which they will. But, so they riot....we empower our law enforcement to do their jobs. And once these muslims idiots realize that the police will not tolerate their actions they will stop. Yeah the muslims can claim they are being targeted and so on. But, if they are going to assemble in a violant manner no one is going to believe the muzzies crys of discrimination and being targeted.

Anonymous said...

Words failed me when I first saw Dr. Sultan on Al Jazeera. I admired her so much but feared there were certain elements in the USA who would try to 'convince' her to be quiet and return to the kitchen.

But this amazing lady did not let anyone intimidate her and has gone from strength to strength. She even has admirers here in Israel and if she ever makes it over here, I and many other Israeli women, including I am sure, Arab women of like mind, would be proud to welcome her.

May God bless and protect her, for she is truly a charming, eloquent, courageous, highly intelligent and educated woman with that most important element so lacking in many highly intelligent and educated men and women...a warm and righteous heart.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Islam is not Abrahamic faith. Mo scammed.