2 September 2008

Bedfordshire drugs bust

Bedfordshire police have made drug arrests through 'Operation Panther pounce' in Luton & Essex today.

If these were arrests connected with the supply of Heroin into the County then good, but if it was arrests over cannabis then lets hope that they turn their attention on the real killer on our streets because cannabis is not killing people and turning them into living drug crazed zombies murdering and stealing because they are so desperate for their next hit, the Heroin & Crack cocaine is doing that which needs to be stopped for the future generations of our communities who are now growing up with this pure evil threat aimed at them.

A threat that is in the hands of Al Qaeda and being used as a weapon of War against us.

DS Jay Bains, who led today's initiative, said: "We believe this is another successful and significant development in this case.

"We hope it reassures residents that Bedfordshire Police takes drugs extremely seriously and gives them the confidence to contact us with any information they might have."

Anyone with information about drugs can contact police, in confidence, on 01234 841212 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

In my opinion Bedfordshire police should set up a dedicated incorruptible unit tasked with bringing down the Heroin Barons in Luton and disrupting their organised networks just like in the film American Gangster then we will see our streets cleaned up of this chemical weapon in the hands of our enemies.

(Everyone knows the amount of money involved in Heroin so its not hard for the Khan Mafia of Luton to buy the information they need is it?)

That with a media campaign like 'Help clean your streets of drugs' rather than 'Rat on a Rat'. Those who talk to the police about this issue are not rats they are respectable people that can do some good for their community and Country.

Who in their right mind wants to be classed as a Rat for helping stop the killing of their friends and families?

I know that many Christians from all around the World read my blog and I would ask that you say a short prayer over my community and everything I have written about and spoken about with regards to this War front with Al Qaeda's Heroin & Crack cocaine so that God will move upon my community and sweep it clean for the sake of the future.

Anyone from the local area who knows me only has to look around to know the truth to my words as this scurge effects family, friends or other peoples families and friends!

Many have children now and this is about them and their futures growing up in our once 'safe and secure' community, the community that is now under invasion from them Pakistani Moslems from over there in Bury Park Luton.

Christians from around the World please pray for the police, pray that they get the leads that they need to bring down these Heroin Barons, disrupt the organised networks, and that He will bring healing to those that need it and for the community as a whole that is now blighted with this Islamic Weapon of War.

Proverbs 15:29 The Lord is far from the wicked, But He hears the prayers of the righteous.

Dunstable is a Christian community, founded upon the truth, and will always be a Christian community because we live and serve under the shadow of the Living God, the Lord God of Israel, not the devil dressed up as a god within the Islamic religion.

He is on OUR side don't ever forget that!

Please send this far and wide then sit back and watch God move as we hear the news.

God bless you

Lionheart of England

Video: What to do

Further reading: 4 million Heroin seizure


A report in the Daily Mail has stated that cannabis users are being forced into using strong 'skunk' weed because weaker varients are being squeezed out of the market.

In Luton & Dunstable young people are being forced into the position of skipping over smoking cannabis as they experiment with social drugs and going straight onto Heroin, Crack cocaine and Cocaine because cannabis is being removed from the streets.

What is left?

Al Qaeda's Heroin & Crack cocaine that is awash throughout the community on tap 24 hours a day 7 days a week controlled by the well organised criminal networks of Pakistani Moslems from Bury Park Luton.

What would you want your kids experimenting with if they are going to like alot of kids do when growing up?

A bit of cannabis that even the present Home Secretary has smoked or Heroin & Crack cocaine like Amy Winehouse smokes?

What would the community prefer the police force to use its tax payed resources to combat?

Drugscope have said that removing Heroin from the streets will bring its own problems, havent those intelligent minds come up with a solution to that problem yet?

Instead they would prefer they leave the Heroin in the hands of Al Qaeda to use it as a Weapon of Warfare against us under the banner Chemical Warfare against the infidels.

Comment from comments section

Thank you for leaving this informative comment to help people gain a clearer picture of what our British society faces, that which is behind the scenes of realiy from most of the British population.

doing the maths.

1000 local heroin users, (vast underestimate)
heroin sold in £20 "wraps", minimal use is two wraps a day.
1000 X £40 = £40,000 per day.
£40 000 per day X 7 = £280 000
£280 000 per week X 52 =
£14,560,000 per year.
for convenience sake reduce this to £14,000,000
multiply by 100 (underestimate of one hundred locations where there are 1000 heroin users)
= £1,400,000,000
That is one and a half British BILLION £pounds per year.
1,500, million pounds.

Is that small enough beer for us to consider?
If Taliban and Islamic jihad friends take 20% overall, that is about 300 million pounds per annum UK funding to the forces that are killing our soldiers and draining the coffers of the Treasury in Afghanistan while the UK enters recession. This level of finance guarantees we can never win the war against the Taliban.
Not until we tackle the finance of terrorism in UK and Europe.
Is this good Government?
Does this show respect for our Army, Air Force and Navy?
We ask them to risk their lives whilst we arm the enemy from the jihad drug tax on the heroin trade, that is allowed almost unhindered to flourish daily on our streets in the UK.
Add to that what happens in Europe, and the enemy has access to limitless funds to attack Allied Forces.
Is there one decent policeman or Intelligence Officer reading this, that can doubt that Lionheart is the true Patriot, and members of Government act like traitors?
What a strange and mixed up set of policies we are Labouring under.
Have we lost all reason and do we care so little that these "State sponsored" crimes are allowed to continue?

There are many many areas where there are heroin users, not just urban ones.
There are 40,000 "Registered"heroin users in the UK.
They receive supplies of liquid methadone, a heroin synthetic, used to control use of illegal heroin.
Most methadone users still buy actual heroin, and to supplement their needs they also supply it to others.
If there are 40 000 registered "addicts" there are an unkown number of "casual users," who are on the fringes of addiction.
At a guess there are several hundred thousand, but of course figures are not available.
To become registered takes many years as an addcit, usually, and is the last reasort for them.
Those that "chase the dragon" ie; smoke it in small pipes etc. can be users for 10 years or so before coming into contact with the medical authorities.
Becoming registered is usually part of the process of getting caught by police for crimes done to support their heroin useage.
Taking the status of registered addict is part of the means to stay out of jail, very often.
Each heroin addict does and average of 432 crimes per annum, according to Home Office figures.
And their solution?

To allow addicts to have free accesss to injecting facilities!
Not only this but to allow the "legalisation of heroin use!!!
This has been promoted by Chief Police Officer Ken Jones recently.
Many M.P.'s are also in favour of this.
Labour Party M.P David Lepper (apt!) for Brighton, for instance.
51 people died directly from drug-activity in Brighton last year, gaining the title of "drugs capital of Britain"
How many major suppliers and importers were busted their last year?
NONE = ZERO. correct this if it is wrong.

To say that there are a total of 100 places like Luton with a thousand users is probably an underestimate by far.

This all leaves 80% of the total sales income from heroin, that is spread out across the importation trade.
Spread between various crime families, international Mafias, whose other activities include, people trafficking, arms racketeering, and the whole raft of wicked crimes that are continuing on our streets.
Vast empires of property and other material goods are being built up.
Huge cash sums available for further crime.
"Untouchable" crime barons sitting on vast money laundering businesses.
The police know or suspect many of them. Yet we see no action taken.
Who is responsible for this dereliction of public-duty?
Does the buck stop with Milliband, Blair and Gordon Brown?
Why do the highly paid police chiefs sit on their panels and decide the pitiful nibbling at the freedoms of society instead of tackling the criminals with real determination and force.(which they possess enough of)
It can only be apathy and deliberate governmental direction, what else is there?
God Bless Great Britain.
God Save our Queen.


Anonymous said...

Seems like it was cannabis "skunk" and cocaine.
This is good.
It shows that the police have the intelligence to follow and capture some of this trade.
You are right that cannabis does not pose the same dangers as coke and heroin.
It is important to note that the busts did NOT involve HEROIN.
Why? Because it proves your points, that heroin trade is the almost exclusive territory of Pakistani Muslims.
This is logical as nearly all heroin comes through Pakistan connections at some stage.
This is not a racist comment, but a fact.
Look at the millions of pounds £ involved in this story.
Then try to guess just how much is involved in the heroin trade.
Of course, addicts use both heroin and crack, often together, these days.
The sources of criminal supply are bound to overlap, so this is not entirely a Muslim problem.

It is noticeable, that there have been no recent similar busts of Heroin in Luton Dunstable,
It can only be that the police are under orders only to monitor them, but not intervene.
This amounts to State sponsored crime.
It supports terrorism, through the religious tax imposed by Taliban and Al Qaeda, both in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and through their agents in Britain and other countries.
This tax is killing British soldiers and is one of the most disgusting aspects of the Labour Party policy on drugs and Afghanistan.
It shows their complete disdain for the British soldier, and explains why so many soldiers are sent into Afghanistan without proper equipment.
It is a national disgrace and another reason to dispose of this gang of Socialist hyenas, that revelling in the destruction of everything that represents traditional British values.
This dangerous policy of letting the criminals continue, in support of the investigations into terrorism, (for instance the ability to penetrate the Muslim community via the drugs trade,)is a scandal waiting to burst into the headlines.

This particular bust, sounds like it involved a larger criminal conspiracy, and they have only caught the minor players transporting the evil goods.
There are businesses in Befordshire, and of course the whole country, that combine the running of prostitiution with the commercial supply of recreational drugs such as cannabis, and even cocaine.
This sounds like one of the arms of this business.
Call girls are moved from one rented appartment to another, and their customers are told where to visit. The profits are dirty cash and have to be invested for a return.
Skunk factories are one method.
Cocaine, which is processed into "rocks" of Crack cocaine at street level is another.
This invoilves the Mafias of many countries, no doubt, originayting in a TransAtlantic trade from South America.
Heroin is much easier to follow.
Why is it so much harder to bust?
The aforementioned reasons of "social cohesion" and terrorism monitoring is one.
The almost total inabilty of one Muslim to shop another, no matter what crime is involved is another.

Anonymous said...

Did you read Dhimmi watch and what your pm said about ramadam...Is he some type of lunatic? No wonder there are massive problems there with that type of mentality...Does he do the same for the Jewish holidays...That's a laugh eh?

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown is a very foolish idiot.
He is also one of the most despised politicians at the moment.
His policies as Chancellor and his unelected jump into Tony Blair's old job have led us into a recession here, and he will get the boot.
Mind you half the government is made up of loony Socialists, spawned in the 60's and of the anti Vietnam, up with Ho Chi Minh variety.
Gawd elp us guvnor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reference to DhimmiWatch.
I hadn't visited there in a while.
I "borrowed a comment" here;

"I look forward to Brown's praise for "the Messiah, Jesus" come Christmas time.

I don't really of course - in over a year as PM, the Son of the Manse has made barely any reference to his own supposed Christian beliefs. A coward, a toady and a hypocrite."

Well said, I think.
I have a message to Gordon,

"Stop financing the Taliban killing our British soldiers in Afghanistan. Your failed policies are helping to destroy Britain, not least with the "Golden Jihad Sword of Islam." You are on the way out Brown, go quietly or forever be remembered for your fatuous stupidity."

Yankee Doodle said...

This dovetails nicely with the "Sword of Allah" series I just ended, and with another series I am about to begin about our Democrat candidate for Vice President, Senator Biden.

If you follow it around another direction, it also leads back to the BAE scandal.

Keep on top of it, Lionheart!