11 September 2008

Al Qaeda propaganda video

Courtesy of Reversepsychology

How to fire missiles at the infidel.


Reversepsychology said...

Behold!.... The slave of Allah

Anonymous said...

Allah Akbah = Satan is Great

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Abdullah has learned to use modern technology.

Anonymous said...

These Christian Orthodox Countries are the last defence for Europe against the rise of militant Islamic jihad forces who are hidden within Bosnia and Kosovo and will have access to Euro-passports and could be on YOUR streets in your Town!
Check out these videos to see the extent of involvement of British Muslims and Arab terrorists in the war against the Balkan Christian Countries.
Nato and Bill Clinton delivered victory on a plate to these hardened thugs.
Take a look at how British politicians like Gorgon Brown and David Milliband insult Russia.
Foolish, foolish.
Taken from mainstream TV Sky News.
parts 1&2.
See how the bloodthirsty monsters lust to kill other human beings.
This is the command of Allah according to the jihad soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Nostradamus writes that Europe will be saved, after years of unbelievable carnage by the forces of Islam, by both Hungary (which was the nemesis of Turkish attacks on Christian Europe about 400 years ago) and....hold your breath....a 'king' of France.

Will we live to see both the wars and massacres of the Islamic Imperialistic forces on a hedonistic, careless Europe where, according to Nostradamus, the streets will be running with blood, Rome and Paris will be utterly destroyed, starvation & disease will stalk the remaining still harassed population......
goodness, just writing about these End of Times torments makes me feel sick and sad.....

The good news is that finally the forces of good - what's left of Europe, Britain, Israel
(devastated but still there, governing itself and able to fend off Islamic attacks) and possibly the USA will overcome the Arab-Islamic forces, do unto them what they did unto us(& possibly worse) and send the battered remnants back to their almost wiped-out countries.

Then the Messiah will sit upon His throne in Jerusalem and rule the world with a firm but merciful hand - and weapons will be turned into plowshares and Peace on Earth will reign for ever more (Please God)

Anonymous Lady

truthseaker said...

It make my heart leap with joy to see such a film. Each & every time one of these twisted brainwashed idiots blow themselves up, the better this whole world will become. The one thing that is bewildering though is that still the majority of people still do not think nor believe that islam is evil & what it truly stands for.

Yet you see every day on the news, in the papers all round the world the effects of these people, these so called religion of peace followers. How much proof do the general populations of the west need to accept the truth of this cancer that is spreading through our countries. What islam is, is a tumor, that needs to be cut from our world. It is nothing but a 7th century twisted cult of death, theft, slavery but most of all oppression. When are people going to open there eyes to the truth & to the facts. So going back to this clip, the more we see being blown up with there own weapons, the better things will be. To all muslims out there, if you want the streets to be flowing with blood, then use your own.

Anonymous said...

He's not getting any curry tonight

Anonymous said...

The main problem is our Western governments hope and possibly belief, that Islam can be trained like a puppy, to not bite oneself and other humans, and to learn not to do it's business all over the floor, inside the house.
What a stupid mistake.
The majority of Islamics are of course, peaceful.
This is because, like us they would rather have a peaceful life.
One BIG problem, though, and that is their brothers.
I mean the ones who are not content with living a normal life.
The ones that find in the barbaric past of the times of their ancestors, a reason to conquer all those that do not conform to the strait-jacket of their religion.
The commands of those Koranic verses, the ones that tell them that all the diverse and differing colours of the rainbow, that is human life, are so-called "infidels."
So-called "kaffurs," which is a dirty Arabic word, as base as the English word sh*t.
All the millions of people who are polytheists, such as the Hindus, all the Christians that believe in God the Trinity and Christ as Son of Man, all those Jews, from whom Mahammed took the basics of Mahamedism all those Centuries ago, and any others that differ from the narrow concepts of Islamic teachings, such as Buddhists, ALL are considered by Islamics as vile unbelievers.
The commands of the Koran are to cause "jihad" against them in every way possible.
So for the sophisticated West, a few major attacks, followed by the lies of the "moderates," called "taquiyya" or permitted misleading of the enemy with lies and deception, so long as it is part of the war to destroy all non-Islamic beliefs.
This works extremely well against many of today's "do-gooding Christians," who want to see the best in everyone.
A fatal weakness to the jihad-soldier.
Does it not say in the texts of Islam, that Islamic Messiah shall not return until the "pigs are all killed" (Jews) and the "Crosses shall be broken," the Christians destroyed.
It is commanded of the true Muslim to fight the unbelievers and to hate them, until they "are subdued to the Muslims."
This is how the Islamics are so torn between their Scriptoral teachings and their love of
material Western conveniences.
This dichotomy of pressures within the Islamic mind gives rise to the schizophrenic displays of destruction like those we have seen in the capital of Indian democracy these last fews days.
Half a dozen simultaneous Islamic jihad suicide bombings that have killed many many innocents in a massacre of religious blood-letting in Delhi.
Gordon Brown, David Milliband and all the other European politicians who give succour to Arab oil-barons, who buy up our industries, football teams and government-buildings, amongst all the other "trinkets" that they love so much, are little more than deceiving fools, who have sold us into slavery.
The slave -masters will continue calling in their debts, until we are shackled with fear of terror, and torn by the ignorant notions of comfort, that allow us to believe the lie that "Islam is a religion of peace," as these fools keep bleating to the confused population.
The neo-con plans of centring the "islamic radicals" and their violent warmongering in Iraq and now Afghanistan, to protect America from attacks at home, as George Bush reminds us, are no more than a Band-Aid on a gaping wound.
Already in Afghanistan the war is spreading and Talibans are gaining ground on the Afghan heartlands.
Torn between supporting the armies of the West and the religious strait-jacket of the Taliban, their is no contest for the ordinary Afghan.
Tribal loyalty and religious power of jihad will always win.
The more sophisticated Iraqi may choose to eject Al Quaeda, but no such support has sway within the mountainous Taliban strongholds of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
We are committed to years of grinding war, and continuing military death toll until either we are forced to leave through attrition or Western public opinion, as we tire of the "war on terror."
We should be preparing to defend our homelands against the enemy within, as the Islamic Kingdom grows ever more powerful, and the general population becomes ever more emburdened and confused.

Anonymous said...

Who found this video and where?

I guess it might be a friend of the Holey-Blown-Up-One who decided..."what the Islamic-Hell, I might as well make a few dollars on it. Poor Ahmad, we miss you but at least we can now buy ourselves a sparkling new Keffiyah or two in assorted colours from tourist-souvenir stalls down Oxford street.

Anonymous Lady

redcross said...

Those Dumb suicide bombers thinking they'll get their 72 virgins in heaven. But no one told them that it's 72 virgin pigs, goats, camels & donkeys that awaits them in mooslim heaven.