6 September 2008

Palestinian propaganda: A new and alive Rachel Corrie

The reality: Stop The ISM

The ideological Left wing terrorist lovers love nothing more than smoozing with the Islamic enemy, it gives them kudos amongst their social circuit and makes them feel special to champion the cause of the 'blood thirsty beast' so its no wonder Cherie Blairs half sister has joined a propaganda mission to Gaza to raise the plight in the Worlds eyes of the Palestinian people living there.

She has to do something to compete with her sister after all so what better conflict to get involved in than one of the pivotal ones in the Middle East, only she is on the wrong side of the fence.

What a coup for Hamas to have the Western Worlds Middle East envoys sister in law sitting in their presence.

Rachel Corrie has played her part in the Palestinian media campaign and now they have hooked an even bigger fish that is still alive to play with in the eyes of the Worlds media in the embodiment of Lauren Booth.

She willingly sailed into their nets and is now being used as a perfectly scripted tool of Anti-Israeli, Anti-Western propaganda.

I wonder if she is going to talk to Hamas about Gilad Shalit who is still being caged like an animal by Hamas and demand his release, or whether she is just going to lap up her time smoozing with the enemy in Gaza and then return home to a hero's welcome from her Left Wing followers and then tell the World how hard done by the Palestinian people are in Gaza.

I wonder why they are in the position they are now in? Maybe its because they conducted a systematic campaign of suicide bombings in Israel, and have continually planned, plotted, and killed many Jewish people in their War to drive Israel into the sea.

I wonder if there will be any rockets aimed at Sderot from Gaza whilst she is there as well or whether they will cease operations whilst showing their new Western mouth piece around their territory so she can tell the World what nice people they are, so it must be the Jews who are at fault.

All of those Left Wing groups that dine with the Islamic devil in Gaza and the West Bank are joined to the head group which is the 'International Solidarity Movement'. I spent less than 24 hours with them and ended up in the West Bank with an ISM cell meeting terrorists and playing with their AK-47's rifles.

And the first ever Moslem suicide bombers from Britain who blew up a cafe in Israel also travelled via the ISM.
Not really the summer vacation many parents hope for their children during their break from study that's for sure, being used as useful idiots for an Islamic War in the Middle East. Some of them do not return home, and the rest return as brain washed anti-Israeli, anti-Western kids who are trained in the art of extreme civil disobedience against anything their Palestinian handlers direct them against which is mainly anything Jewish.

The emerging Left Wing lobby, who are at present the extreme left wing student army - Enemies of civility

We have these extreme groups living amongst us now spewing their hatred against anything that is Jewish or anti the Palestinian cause, recruited from our Western College and University campuses, supported and funded by tax payers money.

So what is Lauren Booth Tony Blairs sister in law doing playing about with these terrorist supporting groups in Israel?

Did Tony Blair arrange it? If not then she could be there for some time as a very powerful bargaining chip, but unlike Gilad Shalit the Western World will come down on Hamas and she will be returned home via Israel, the place she hates so much, and Gilad will be left in his darkness, rotting as he has for the past few years with no Western pressure to have him released because nobody wants to rock the Hamas boat.

Its time people woke up to not just the Islamic Worlds war to destroy our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation but also those Left Wing facilitators of that War who harbour and support our enemies as they march on with their agenda.

They are the Islamic-Nazi collaborators.

Further reading: The ISM terror connection

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The 'International Solidarity Movement' unmasked

Daily Mail

Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth says she is being prevented from leaving Gaza after taking part in a human rights mission there.

'It could be days, weeks or years before I can leave,' she said.

'I'm now exactly in the same situation as one-and-a-half million Palestinians in Gaza who can't travel.'

Miss Booth, half-sister of Mr Blair's wife Cherie, arrived in Gaza by boat on August 23 among 45 activists highlighting Israel's blockade of the Palestinian territory.

Most returned to Cyprus a few days later, leaving 11 to do humanitarian work.

There was no comment on Tuesday night from the Israeli authorities.


MagnaCarta said...

Hmmmm, I bet she doesn't realise what she is dealing with, either that she has such low self esteem, she thinks this will boost her confidence. It's amazing what weak willed people will do to make themselves feel a little better.

Play with fire and you WILL get burnt. She deserves all the crap that comes to anyone siding with the enemy.

We must pity her as her fate will not be a pleasant one dealing with these two faced, evil, devil worshippers. Any nation that goes around banging their heads, smearing blood on their childrens faces and celebrates acts of terrorism is certainly not normal in my books

truthseaker said...

magna, you speak the truth loud & clear, the problem is libaraties like this lady would not know what truth is, if it hit her square in the face. Its these people who walk into problems thinking they are doing good. Its like that female student reporter who went into the immigrant camp in France, thinking she was highlighting there cause.

What happened to her then, she was conned into going into a hut & raped. These people do not have any consideration for anyone other than themselves, they even claim that they have consideration for other muslims but they do not. The fighting between all the muslim groups over hundreds of years proves that one. If this lady is attacked, raped, beaten, abused, robbed any of these things, I am afraid she deserves all that comes to her.

The truth is out for all to see, hear & read about islam & muslims in general. That truth is not a pretty site at all, these people are evil to there very core. The only thing that they long for is total world control, but it does not stop there, does it. Within that control there are different degree's, depending on who or what you are. Muslim leaders will be living like kings, imams, political leaders, city, town & village leaders. Then you get muslims themselves the everyday ones, they if they follow all the rules will have quite nice lives. Then you get the Dimmi's & as long as they pay tax & bow down to there muslim masters, they to will be ok. But last of all you have women & girls who are little more than slaves, house hold, cooking, cleaning, working in the fields sorting out all the animals. But worst of all they are also sex slaves with no feelings, they are only there to be used & abused & that is from a very young age at that.

As magna has said & I quote: ( dealing with these two faced, evil, devil worshipers. Any nation that goes around banging their heads, smearing blood on their childrens faces and celebrates acts of terrorism is certainly not normal ) these people are just plane sick. You can not trust one word any of them say, as they are told in the quran to lie to us. The sooner that stupid idiots like this lady & many others like her wake up to the truth, the quicker we will be able to sort out this mess & get rid of these evil demons once & for all.

Anonymous said...

LH, sorry for going off the thread here but thought it was interesting enough to comment on. And maybe you can make a thread on this topic. "UK Law makers read to debate and VOTE on 'Capping' immigration into the UK."

Seems the law makers in the UK are ready to have a serious debate and vote on capping immigration into the UK. Many law makers said that when people use to immigrate to the UK, they were productive. In which they got decent jobs or created companies and jobs. Whereas, now the people coming to the UK are not doing these things. And instead simply relying on counsel living. If this is kept up the UK govt. will go bankrupty. Therefore it's necessary for the UK to consider letting in a limited amount of people into the UK yearly. Also, many of these law makers said that if this law is passed. That people who are granted to enter the UK will have to prove they're being productive and not just coming there and then applying for counsel assistance. Again, the law makers stipulated that the applicants would be screened very tough to ensure these people are productive (working) and not dipping into the social welfare programs.

Seems to be a step in the right direction in which the UK is taking. But, would love to see the UK indefinitely stop ALL IMMIGRATION until they can figure out a system and get things under control. But you have to start somewhere. Hopefully this kind of law will be passed. And the limit they allow in is at a minimum. Again, LH sorry for going off the subject, but felt you and your reader would find this interesting if they weren't aware of this. Even the American Media picked up on this and broadcasted it.

Lionheart said...

Thanks anonymous, i posted on it in the facebook group.

No one wants to say it but amongst the non EU immigration flooding the shores of Britain are religious Moslems filling the ranks of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain and their agenda to turn our Nation into an Islamic State.

It is our Country so why should our leaders destory it and call us racists if we object?

ANALYSIS: An immigration cap is firm but fair - and vital for Britain's future

There is also a good article here from someone who knows his stuff who tells the truth about the reality.

Immigration policy is beyond our politicians.

Too little way way too late.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Atleast there is a cross party consensus saying that something needs to be done and quick.


Anonymous said...

Lets not kid ourselves shall we! If Israel occupied NO territories then the Palestinians and the rest of the Islamic nations would still attack Israel. Why? Because they hate Jews, it just so happens that the Israeli occupation is an ideal platform for them to gain sympathy on the world stage. The truth of the matter is that Islam want to dominate the world, that means that they must kill everybody that does not beleive in their cult (yes it's a cult, not a religon).

This is essentialyy a form of facism. The last time this happened the world went to war. They went to war because they were misled by one mans word. The word of one man (Hitler) ended up mudering millions of people.

Muslims are slowly being brainwashed by something they call Allah. IT IS NOT GOD. God has a son called Jesus whom we know as the Son of Mankind, God's only son. Allah does not have a son so it cannot be the same God.

The self proclaimed prohet Mohammed (yes he called himself a prophet and when no-one beleived him he started murdering people until they did) was spoken to by an Angel called Gabriel. Now hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong here but there were two fallen angels from the kingsom of Heaven, one of them was Gabriel and the other one was Lucifer. Suprisingly when Mohammed ever wanted to change something or have 'guidance' on his muderous ways he would have a vision of the angel Gabriel who would tell him what to do, like if he wanted to marry a seven year old girl or murder some more people.

The Islamists see the prophet Mohammed as the final word of Allah (I alsmost typed God by mistake) and most beleive that his word must be taken literally. Because Mohammed struggled all his life to get people to believe in his cult the muslims today see their life as a stuggle (Jihad) and their only purpose in life is to get everybody converted into their cult.

Guess what, They've got a fight on their hands.

Anonymous said...

To the hypocritical, Israel-hating (and probably Jew-hating)Lauren Booth & ilk: If I had to choose as a neighbour &/or as a friend, between the likes of you who set yourselves up (mendaciously!) as tolerant liberals, seekers after justice & human rights, lovers of their fellow man/woman, blah, blah,
blah, and Dr. Wafa Sultan, guess who I'd choose?

Booth & her horde of miscreants protect, support, encourage, sympathize with, & actively incite the most racist, belligerent, intolerant people & bloodthirsty people in the world. People who dance & sing with joy when
Israelis, and others, are blown to smithereens in Arab/Moslem terror attacks.

People who 'educate'their
children from age 2 to hate & despise 'infidels', especially Jews & Christians, the People of the Book (Bible), calling them pigs, dogs, monkeys and worse, & training them to kill us all in the name of 'merciful, peaceful, tolerant' Allah.

What does that say for the Booth lot? It says that those who adore, support & encourage murder are themselves murderers!

Such immoral types include people like Pediatrician LibDem MK Jenny Tonge who praises and identifies with Arab/Moslem homicide bombers who,since the Oslo 'peace'Accords, have cold-bloodedly slaughtered & maimed over 10,000 Israelis, mainly civilians including many children - as well as many more thousands all over the world, including in the US and, not long ago, in the UK.

After 23 Israelis were killed in a homicide bombing on a Haifa bus 3 years' ago, Jenny long-Tonge appeared on UK TV and pontificated as to how & why she understood PA homicide bomber terrorism to such an extent that she too would be a suicide-bomber had she 'suffered' like them from from Israeli

If 'humiliation' is a 'justified' cause for blowing up innocent people (including, amongst the 23 victims in the Haifa bus case, 12 young children, one the daughter of US Christians living in Israel) then by golly, how many of us can claim the same 'right' and blow people up for that reason - including yours truly seeing as I feel 'humiliated' by Tonge's humiliating attitude towards me & thousands of Israeli, and other, Victims of Arab Terror.

And this woman is supposed to be a children's doctor! One can only wonder, after hearing her vicious support for terror, how anyone would take their sick child to be treated by such a Dr. Mengele-type of pediatrician?

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the Western elite in the shape of some Euro and Nato politicians go out of their way to chase down and drag to the Hague war-crimes court, any number of Serbians and Croats but precious few Bozniacs.
Karadich and Milosovitch were quite open about their motives for preserving the Serbian population on their own National land.
Not so the shadowy Dons of Hizbollah and Hamas.
What chance of one of those being brought to the Hague to be tried for their bloody actions?
Zilch. Nada.
Since Tony Blair has been Middle East envoy, he has not dared to set foot there once!
The only time he was going, it was cancelled.
So these daft chickens go out to crow on his behalf?
Why is it so, that the student and many young folks are drawn towards the Lefties who use then as fodder in their little dream plots?
It has been so since the 60's.
It is the easy option to swallow the Palestinian blubbings, far harder to examine the detail and realise that Israel is the last barrier against Islam having unfettered access across the Mediterranean.
If this Labour government remain in power another 5 years, I guarantee that they will be helping their Euro chums in handing out Euro-passports to Palestinians (they already hand out plenty of student visas,)in a bid to circumvent the blockade, which exists for very good reasons.
I used to think the Palestinians were having a hard time until I grew older and really looked into the history and the goings on of their old figurehead Mr. Arafat.

Celt said...

Hello "Lion",

Why not read fellow Christian Michael Hoffmanns 'Judaism Discovered' for an insight into some of the things you choose to comment on.

He discusses the Kabbalist origins of the Left/Right argument that has so successfully captured and manifests as the bipolar disorder that we call political debate.

There are many arguments that may well persuade you to support the interests of your own kind with regard for Zionism only to the extent that it facilitates the survival of the Anglo Saxon and he Celt in the UK.

Are you aware that the Zionist BnaiBrith are opposed to your stance against immigration into the UK ? Investigate their nature and report back to your readers. Your racial kin deserve your fullest support in helping secure their future.

Anonymous said...

"celt" would it bother you if proof were to be established that the celts are part of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel - not to speak of the Saxons/Danes/Normans & other groups that make up the British peoples?

Let's see your answer to that if you dare.

Anonymous Lady of the Israelite of Tribe of Judah/Benjamin

Anonymous said...

P.S. to 'celt
Of course even if that connection to the 10 Lost Tribes connection were proven without a doubt, it is still your 'right' to hate your-self and your fellow Israelites. For example, there are any number of what is called 'self-hating Jews' (though I prefer to call them 'other Jew-hating jews').

Adam Shapiro, who married Huwaida the Catholic 'palestinian' (i.e. Arab) in Ramallah some years ago, is one such. He was one of the prime founders of the accursed ISM. As you can gather from his name, he is of 'jewish' origin, although he can hardly be called a 'Jew".

He is part and parcel of the sorry band of Leftwing Fascists who hate their ethnic origin, toeing the Marxist line more than Marx did.

Actually, they hate just about everybody...except for those they should hate and reject.. Communist mass murderering dictators like Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, Mao, Kim Ton, Hugo Chavez et al, bloodthirsty Arab/Islamic terror chieftains like Arafat, Osama bin Laden, Ahmadinejad, Sudan's ruling clique, even Idi Amin who assisted the German communist Red Brigades & 'palestinian' terrorists to hijack a French airliner & take it to Entebbe Airport in Uganda...and the rest is history (if you don't have a clue of which incident I am talking about, let me know and I'll be happy to enlighten you).

Do not blame the entire Jewish people (not even a tiny-weeny percent...) for all the stupid wrongs committed by a few
'idealistic', well-meaning if mistaken Jews who think they are doing politically (and 'moral') right things by sympathizing and aiding those they think are being discriminated against.

The sensible ones (not many of those, to tell the truth) are already very well aware that their enthusiasm for the human rights of those they consider the 'down-trodden' was erroneous - and that they, in their naive belief they were doing the right thing, have brought upon the heads of us ALL, Jew, Christian, religionless in democratic countries, millions of bloody Democles swords just waiting to behead us all.

Awaiting your response,

Anonymous Lady of the Israelite
Tribes of Juday & Benjamin.