30 September 2008

Islam - Watch - Listen - Think!

Courtesy of Reversepsychology


Anonymous said...

Another great video, keep 'em coming! However I cannot help thinking that the real enemy is the fascist left,and islam,although a barbaric sick cult, is just one of the many weapons the totalitarian freaks use against us. If we ever eradicate this sickness from our islands, we must then turn our attention to evil leftwing traitors that lurk in all three of our main political parties,our learning institutions and MSM

English Rose said...

I agree, once the first is eradicated we must concentrate on the latter.

Anonymous said...

Those traitors are in a no win situation we win they lose.We being the true Brits and with right on our side we are not going to allow our land and people to be given away by dhinnis or taken from us by terror so traitors beware as the lions start to rise from their slumber.This is our land not that of the barbaric moon rock cult.England and St George.