21 September 2008

Voice of Truth


Mr Angry said...

Nice - youtube taken it down already!

Lionheart said...

That was lightening quick unless it hasnt processed yet.

Findalis said...

Put it up again! And again! And again!

Anonymous said...

It's working on the Tube Ok.
I hope you can get all your blog-roll to list the links for your new videos.
They are a beam of enlightenment in the dark void of the British People's ignorance of the fate that awaits them.
It will not end with old folk being beat up in the street nor will it end with the destruction of Churches and the killing of priests.
That will be the beginning of the end of Islam in Britain.
That is why the "moderates" are panicking to show they are not connected to these evil acts.
Yet they, above all, know the truth, that there is no difference between them. Moderate/radical, are terms that are products of the Western politicians and the liberal media.
Try as they do, they cannot change the hearts and minds of those that are taught that we are inferior to them and that they are ordained by God to be triumphant. (what a shame to upset their dreams.)
It has come to a sorry pass, when the only voices loud enough to be heard are those that have come among us from their own tortured countries.
The writing is on the wall.
Gordon Brown and Nu Labour will fall.
Let us bury political correctness, Marxist Socialism and distorted human rights laws along with them.

Elan-Tima said...

Keep the mini films coming Lionheart. I also like the on camera comentaries you give from time to time.

We who support you and the whole Crusade have seen what went on in Germany this past weekend. With the barbarous thugs doing the Islamsheviks work for them the press and more unnerved people will bring a higher profile to the obvious struggle. Then those like yourself will provide ralling points online to keep the momentum going until the final time of reckoning will arrive. Thanks again.

truthseaker said...

One thing that really baffles me about vids & information like this, is. Yes the word of God is the truth, yes it is all real, true. History backs that up, Archeology backs that up. Science, astronomy, astrology you name it, any of the sciences back up the truth of the Lord, yet! Vids like this are deleted by those who run the sites.

When finds are made in Archeology that back up History & science, the news papers are silent. When science shows that evolution is absolute rubbish & so can not be true, the scientific papers are hidden from view. If anyone looks, searches, investigates what ever they call it. If they do these things they will find that what they Bible says is true & so, God is real. But this information, this proof is hidden the facts are hidden, but they can be found if they look for it.

But all anyone should need is the Bible its self, this book says it all, the history, the science, but best of all the future the truth is in that book for all to see. There are only 2 things you need to be secure for all eternity, the first is to ask Jesus into your heart & to be your Lord & Saviour. The second is to have faith, this is not a lot to ask for what you will receive. Faith is the simplest part, why I say that is this, it takes more faith to believe that we all came about from a load of gas & one big explosion. Nothing + nothing = 0 & not as the evolutionists claim = everything.

So as I have said the truth is out there for anyone who wants to find it, yes it is hidden, but it is there. No matter what any evolutionist may tell you, it has never been proven to be true & never can be, that is a fact. They will lie to you, they will tell you that it has been proven many times, but it is not true. Though as I said there is one thing that baffles me about all we see, hear & read about in the times in which we live. Just watch the news on TV & what do you see, to make it simple, a world in turmoil. From weather to war's, earthquakes to volcano's going off. The facts are people are dying all round the world from events that have never been as prolific as they are now. There has never been as much diverse weather conditions as there are now, at any time in world history. Like wise famine, wars, tsunami's, volcano's even in families, they are being split apart like never before. Now just read the last book of the Bible, that's all you need to read, just that book & see what you read & what it says. It does not take a genius to work out that its all in that book, a book that was wrote over 2000 years ago.

Now most people know this book either from reading it, from school or from being told about it, yet still most ignore it, turn there backs on it even ridicule it. Yet it tells the truth it warns people, it tells them what to do. It is all there, but most ignore it & its this that baffles me. Why, when they are shown through prophesy made over 2000 years ago, why do the majority of people ignore it, turn there backs on it. They will claim that now above any other time, man is smarter, is cleverer has more knowledge that ever, but to me that can not be true. To me he is dafter, more stupid he is more ignorant than at any other time in his existence. As I have said before & I will aways say, God help us all, but I will add to that. God help those who turn there backs on him, Gd help them to open there eyes, there ears, there minds, but most of all there hearts.

Anonymous said...

This band is very impressive - very talented - very sincere - but this is not the way to win a Holy War, not when the army of 'believers' on the other side, the UnHoly side, are armed to the teeth & rarin' to drink our blood.

The young people who understood the musical message very well must become more serious. They must get an education (if they haven't got one already), some must join the army, police, become lawyers, journalists, indeed get organized and start being active in every way.

They must band together with other citizens of all sections of society who feel the heat and fear for Britain's future and start marching, organizing, joining political parties...and sending the message in every way possible (like Lionheart is doing) and not just in clubs (which is a good start but, if not followed up, comes to a dead end right there...
in the clubs).

And they must return to religion, become TRUE believers. They can still be tolerant towards others (that is a must, otherwise they will be as negative as the opposite side) but determined to return the rule of the land to the natives of the land, those who built it up, fought and died for it, and don't fancy being the slaves of anybody, especially those fanatic aliens who seek to destroy their heritage.

But I fear that only a catastrophe will finally motivate the people to take back what is theirs.

That's what happened to us and that's why so many of us made the trek back home and fought to take it back from the interlopers. We still have a long way to go until the entire Promised Land returns to the Promised...there will another awful war where we, and the rest of the world, will face the horrors of Jihadist imperialism
but in the end WE (the dhimmis, the infidels, i.e. the Christian world & Israel, the people of the Book as the Moslems have always called us) WILL Overcome and the Islamic Reich will disintegrate.

But we have to do it together. Put aside our old, outdated and baseless prejudices and move forward together to a brighter, fear- and blood-free future.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Anonymous Lady

Joanne said...

Strangely enough, that was really enjoyable....I'm pretty sure it was the music. Perhaps another tune would relay the seriousness of the matter. Good work.....I think you are onto something here. The music you've chosen may actually keep people watching the videos all the way through.


It is believed that Jesus came with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea to Glastonbury, England. Britain has such a great and wonderful history; I wonder how many British children are taught about this history.

ViVaAmerica said...

you can be an atheist and be anti-Islamist. You can be an atheist and be pro-Christian. I do not have to believe in a man-made fiction called 'God' , 'Allah' , 'Jehovah' , to know that mankinds real enemy is Islam.

Anonymous said...

vivaamerica, you are right to stand by your belief.
A human-being's beliefs and feelings are constantly changing and each experience pulls us one way or the other.
It is quite likely that our human perception of God is way off the reality.
But we all must have life-rafts to carry us across the turbulent waters of mortal existence.
I can only respect a person who is able to live by his own rules, and still be a humane and decent person.
Most of us need the concept of a God-figure to relate to.
When we come face to face with God, it will likely be so awesomely different to our preconceived notions, and yet we must have a framework to guide us.
As LH's film about atheist's last words shows, at the end of life, we all doubt ourselves, this is natural and human.
As we lose this mortal existence, we journey into the unknown.
Of all the great teachers that are recorded by history, the words of Jesus have been the most significant to our world, and there are few who are not influenced by his legacy.
If Islam was merely a religion, it would present little problem to all others. But as we know, it is not.
It is a religious and political symbiotic entity with a volition of it's own.
It is a complete system of control that places human destiny in the hands of "scholars" and "Sheiks" who interpet the words once written about a desert-Arab that lived years before the authors of the Quran.
Historians have enough evidence to show how this book was an accumulative collection and was constantly re-worked for the first two Centuries.
After that, so-called "jurists" and others tirelessly reinterpret these ideas to suit the necessities of the times, and the supremacist intentions of a system that can tolerate no opposition.
Yet all Muslims must believe that every word of the Quran is the literal "word of God."
This is true also of many Christians and there we have the reason why the two systems are incompatible.
Each sees the other as a threat, but only Islam contains instructions for the complete assimilation of all differing beliefs.
A strait-jacket for the human spirit.

Anonymous said...

Bring back christian government!! Bring back National Socialism!!