24 September 2008

Famous atheists last words before dying

Video courtesy of NJ


Obob said...

as I ponder death, with comfort of the Lord as my savior, I honestly think my concern lies with those who do not believe. I'm ready for the next chapter when it arrives, patiently. I'm in hurry.
But these are the words you do hear from those wo subscribe to this "ideology."
thanks for the thought provoking clip

Joanne said...

When we die, we return to the earth. Our inheritance is maggots, vermin, and worms. We sleep, and in a seemingly, twinkling of an eye, we will be resurrected to eternal life or eternal damnation. It is best to Fear God all the days of our lives to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow.

Anonymous said...

A sobering video.
Joanne, such wise words.
Only the words of Jesus offer real hope of life Eternal, human thinkers offer little other than doubt.
The Muslim's prophet offers distorted dreams stolen from other belief systems, it is a great shame that there are so many condemned to be disillusioned at the the moment of departure from this life.
It is not enough to live for material possessions, as "death comes like a thief in the night."

Anonymous said...

Interesting. But I must be honest when I say that Christianity appears to use fear based tactics when presenting Christ to others. This is more common within certain denominations.