15 September 2008

Suicide Killers

Suicide Killers Part 1 of 8

Suicide Killers Part 2 of 8
Suicide Killers Part 3 of 8
Suicide Killers Part 4 of 8
Suicide Killers Part 5 of 8
Suicide Killers Part 6 of 8
Suicide Killers Part 7 of 8
Suicide Killers Part 8 of 8


Anonymous said...

I've only watched Part 1, and it was very painful having lived through this period of almost constant homicide bombings throughout Israel. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to go through the trauma of watching any of the other parts - at least not one after the other.

I still can't understand why these cold-blooded nazi wannabee monsters are still alive.

I suppose until some of our political leaders & their loved-ones are victims of these crimes against humanity (yes, Jews are also humans to those who think otherwise) we will go on catching them putting them in prison (and we the taxpayers pay for their keep) and then releasing them in ransom for the bones of some poor abducted Israeli reservist/s.

Most of these released terrorists return to the flesh and blood pots. Some 175 Israelis have been killed (and many more wounded) by terrorists our governments have released over the past couple of years.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

a cult within a cult...think about what type of intense, insideous brainwashing...signaled by a singing call...then five times a day...down on the ground...bowing and cavorting...
This off shoot of suicidal maniacs is a normal course from the roots in this psychotic belief system...

Anonymous said...

we have to start nuking them.