16 September 2008

21st Century English Civil War

Further reading: Help keep this window on reality open

Video: Luton & Dunstable: Al Qaeda's frontline

What to do.


Anonymous said...

nice one, Lionheart.You are right about civil war. In Denmark, which has also been enriched by the R of P, the only group standing up to them seems to be the Hells Angels. they are receiving a flood of application to join, as street violence grows daily.

Lionheart said...

its inevitable and the only one who cant see it are the ones living in suburbia away from the ills they have helped create, the ones who are too scared to admit it and the ignorant ones who are blind to the truth just like their blind to the truth about most things in life so this is no exception.

Those in suburbia are next, and the one who are scared are already Dhimmis living as second class citizens under Islamic dominance through fear.

Love them or Hate them the Hells Angels arent going to go down without a fight when their group is threatened.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. We need more to finally start moving the apathetic, pie-in-the-sky, rose-coloured-glasses mentality so deeply embedded in the masses.

When will Rule Britannia be sung again with conviction and passion ..and not just for ruling its 'waves' but for ruling its own land again?

Comes the Revolution......!

Anonymous Lady

Lady Cincinnatus said...

Great video, Lionheart!

truthseaker said...

Lionheart, this was a great vid, very well done. As per normal you tell & show the truth of what is going on, but as I have said in the past, we need that truth to be got out to many more people. You & many others are doing there part & that is great & you could not be doing any more than you are. Its just a shame that the truth can not be got out to more people, to the majority of the population of this once great country.

As I said in the last post I made, if the leaders of this country do not start to do something about this malignant tumor that is spreading through out our Land soon. Then there will be riots in the streets, there will be vigilantism, there will be a coup. I as well as many others do not want that to happen, we want this to be dealt with by our leaders & done so now. But the truth is, if they do not deal with it now, these things will happen. These people think that this is not true, but we all know just how out of touch these people really are. Take the great lib dem Nick Clegg, he was asked how much a Old Age Pension was, he said £30, when its really £90. This shows just how out of touch these so called leaders of our country are. They are just people who know how & what to say at the right time to the best effect & people believe them.

Well we have now reached a time where we now need a real leader, one who will rise & stand against all those who come against us. One who will stand & fight anyone who tries to destroy us, we need another Churchill, Wellington, Nelson, We need another Arther. This country is now in one of its greatest hours of need, we need that person to stand & shout with a loud voice, that battle cry that will rally all against this evil. The sooner that person stands the better & safer we all will be. Some how we need these truths to be shown on national TV, we need films like Oppression to be shown & the suicide killers that are below. This is what is needed to be shown on TV, to show all those who think its not true & those who have there heads buried in the sand, the reality of what is happening. I have said this & I will keep saying this over & over again until it happens, God Help us all.

Anonymous said...

You are getting good at the video making lark old bean!
As long as there is a flow of information that undoes the lies of government Ministers and the large part of the media.
No matter how they try to shut you up, so long as our friends and brothers and sisters in ANTI-jihad around the world keep up the effort, the truth will continue to get out there.
The scene in Bury Park today at 8.30 am.
The women are taking their squadrons of children to school, their adult faces swathed in black, in contrast to the younger girls and the male kids.
No sign of any men.
Bury Park does not come to life until near midday.
Then the men come out, their shops fill up and the carrs and vans start double parking and blocking the way for buses.
The "Accident Claim" shops open (one lot just got busted for the frauds against Insurance Companies.)
Bearded men shake hands and stand around talking as their women go and do the shopping.
Come late afternoon the kids will be home and re-dressed in Islamic togas as they are trooped off to Islamic Indoctrination Schools.
They are preparing the next generation of children to hate the British way of life.
Mussolini was hung upside down by his countrymen to beat when he was captured and shot.
Perhaps a fitting end for some of the traitors within our own leadership, if I was writing a novel that is.
Chances are they will sod off to Dubai to live in luxury as a payback for selling us into slavery.
Bastards. Illegitimate heirs of our former great leaders.
Long live Britain and may our deliverance approach within our lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Here's a laugh and a half.
There are ad posters going up on the bill-boards around the UK advertising "Salaam" Insurance sharia style.
In the same week a multi-million car insurance scam got busted in town.
The scam is that you arrange a "crash" between your brothers and then put in claims for "whiplash|" and damages.
You hire posh cars and get the old ones repaired free and then sell them on.
The lawyers make a packet, and the scammers walk away free.
I wonder will they scam the Islamic Insurance Company, or is that reserved for us stupid Brits so we get our car-insurance premiums put up to pay for it all.
By the way, a couple of "drug-mules" have just been busted at Luton Airport and suitcases with millions of pounds worth of heroin seized.
Well done to the operatives of the new cross-platform Borders Agency.
They have stopped some scumbags in town lining their pockets with the gold of Afghanistan Taliban jihad against Britain.
They have also stopped some of the evil effects of depraving heroin use in Luton and the UK.
Lets see more more more.
Drive the heroin dealers out of business.
Kick down their doors Luton Police.
You know who they are, and I don't mean the poor little punks who smoke the stuff and prostitute on the streets to feed the petrol tanks of the flash cars of the importers and dealers.
Not to mention the "taxes" that are paid to Taliban and other murky operators in this International trade in destruction.
The day we read that some millionaire financiers of heroin import has been dragged to Court, decent Lutonian's will cheer you all the way.
Shake off the yoke of fear and do-gooding Police chiefs and politicians and put them to shame by busting the criminals that are ruining Luton before we become like some of the towns in Britain where needles litter the streets and alleys.
Once again, well done Luton airport customs.
You deserve much praise for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart,
I will be honest with everybody here, I am not a British citizen but I am an EU citizen. I came here two years ago as I've got a contract. I feel as a guest and respect UK, UK laws, lifestile, UK people, UK religion, UK civilisation. I am very keen to learn from UK people eeverything is good.I do believe in God and Jesus Christ, God bless all of us!
I can se what is happening here and in Europe. In Berlin, Germany, at 5 o'clock you have to wake up as there is a minaret in the centre of Berlin and they use to climb in that tower and shout Allah...
I do not have any problem with other religions and races or colours unless they start saying they are the best and I deserve to be killed as an unbeliever(in their religious concepts).
They have rights to build their churches and practice their religion even at work ( pray rooms!!!) but they are not grateful for that. They have found their dream life here but say UK society is decadent and therefore sharia should get in place. For me is unbelievable.
If somebody is kind,shows mercy and open his house for you, you should show respect and love not hatred...they behave exactly like gipsyes in my country...they are jackals...

Anonymous said...

from an angry brit :(
the public waking up to this threat is soooo painfuly slow !!.
i have decided today to build a new web site to highlight the dangers we face as a nation from islam. i am truely insulted, angry, & ashamed of what britain has become (a sespit of islamic hatred) gordon brown is guilty of treason & should face the death penalty.
untill then i can be counted as an englishman ready to fight islam when the time comes, & its coming, public anger is growing thank bloody goodness.
i look forwards to joining our good brothers & sisters that rise up against islam where ever you are.