2 July 2012

Germany's neo-Gladio style operation

Daily Mail: Germany's MI5 destroying evidence

The head of Germany's equivalent of MI5 is stepping down in the wake of the storm over the destruction of evidence relating to a neo-Nazi death squad which executed ten people.

Politicians reacted with anger and incomprehension to revelations that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany's domestic intelligence agency, destroyed files relating to the case in November 2011 after the National Socialist Underground activities became public.

Aftenposten: Head of BfV resigns

The head of Germany's MI5 (BfV) has resigned from his post over the intelligence scandal under his watch concerning a group of German neo-nazi's known and managed by the State who have been linked to a number of right-wing murders and armed robberies over the last 13 years.

At the scene of one of the murders by the neo-Nazi's there was a German intelligence operative present when the murder took place.

Reading in Aftenposten today it has also been revealed that there were 7 files relating to the investigation deleted from the case files.

Clear cut case of a rogue German intelligence unit being complicit in directing right-wing terrorism in Germany along with a subsequent cover-up of the evidence.

Respect to Angela Merkel for accepting this took place within her Country and publicly speaking against it.

This case has parallels with the Breivik case with him claiming that he is a part of the same/similar network to the German neo-Nazi's
which leads you to believe there is a covert Norwegian intelligence hand involved with him who orchestrated the events of July 22nd 2011 for their higher agenda (neo-Gladio). This fits in-line with Breivik's claim of being a recruited and trained agent enlisted into a secretive group because of his family pedigree. A group who had/have political and financial motivations in Norway (oil & gas), and not the 'official' story that is nothing more than a high level cover-up (just like the German BfV destroying evidence) of him being a "solo terrorist" connected to no one.

The question is; is Alan Lake an MI6 asset or agent?

That would explain why Breivik was passed to him by his recruiters in Norway after his Liberia trip for him to be his 'mentor' within this new network of financially and politically minded people with their tentacles all over the place due to the nature of their work after their own recruitment.

He fits the profile and there has been complete silence on all of the direct evidence linking him to Breivik.

I wonder how we will ever get the answer to the questions surrounding him?

I wonder whether the Queen who is our Soverign ruler knows the answers?

These networks linked to the military intelligence infrastructure of European Nations are a fact so it is just whether or not it is proven that Breivik is connected to such a network which is contrary to what the Norwegian State controllers of the case want the World to believe.

There is only 2 scenarios to how this story will end now and then the book will be complete.

I personally believe that these networks are a good thing within the right frame work and context which is obviously why they are in place as an extension of the National Security of European Countries and for the UK the "Defence of the Realm" which is the first duty of any Government but I do not believe Utoya island was the right context within a Western Christian civilised society and those behind it should be held to account for their involvement irrespective of who they are and the positions they hold.

This network in Germany was exposed in the same time frame as the Breivik investigation too.

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