3 July 2012

A question for MI5 in relation to the British angle of the Breivik investigation

This guy (Dave Jones) fits the physical and ideological profile of Alan Lake's anonymous friend 'Richard the Lionheart'. I've sat on this since January. I am not saying it is 100% him but it is close enough for me to place this on my blog.

I met the anonymous guy for about an hour or so over 3 years ago in Lake's London Barbican flat after Lake invited him to the pre-founding EDL discussion meeting. Ann Marchini who is linked to a Companion of Honour was the one who arranged the meeting with Lake and was also present at the meeting along with Lake's other friend Kinana.

What I remember of the guy is that he had ginger wavy hair and a ginger goatee beard and was thick set.

The person above fits the exact profile of the guy present in Lake's flat but as I say I am not 100% certain it is the same person but there are enough parallels to ask the question.

He is also a hardcore militant Nationalist exactly the same as Breivik.

Is he the conduit between Lake and Breivik?

Imagine if this person is Lake's trusted friend, what story would this tell...

Not a very good one for all of those connected to Lake and the political ideological movement he is a part of that's for sure.

Time will tell.

As I say, forgive me if I am wrong.

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