14 July 2012

Foreign Security guards for London Olympics

Any Tom Dick or Harry from any terrorist group could now be working within the G4S security infrastructure of the Olympic Games which should give the British Security Services 'peace of mind' over the whole security of the upcoming event, along with all of the public attending.

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The Telegraph

Olympics: 'I don't know if guards speak English', says G4S chief

The head of the firm at the centre of the Olympics security fiasco has admitted he does not know if the guards hired speak fluent English.

Nick Buckles, chief executive of G4S said he deeply regretted the company's failure to recruit enough staff, which will see troops called in to fill in the gaps.

He said attempts to recruit 10,000 workers had been "complex" and that the firm had underestimated the scale of the task.

But when challenged about whether those recruited by G4S even spoke fluent English, Mr Buckles struggled to answer the question.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "That is a difficult question to answer. They all have a right to work in the UK and have been vetted to very high standards."

When the question was repeated he admitted: "I can't say categorically."

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