1 July 2012

EDL Leadership's identity crisis

Video: "Tommy" in his own words

I read an article in the Daily Mail today about "Tommy" & Uncle Kev's heroics in Luton when they jumped on the Sikh bandwagon over a case concerning an attack on a young Sikh girl as part of an ongoing wider agenda of religious persecution and sexual exploitation of young Sikh girls locally.

What I found quite amusing was their desperation to be accepted by the Sikh community that they donned religious Sikh head gear.

They will do absolutely anything for a bit of media exposure irrespective of how it looks because media exposure feeds the minds of their EDL sychophants and keeps the money rolling in.

Because they are not English, what dictates their actions is different from what dictates the actions of English Loyalists which is why they run around dressing up like clowns whilst professing to be English whilst standing under the English Defence League banner whilst being followed around the Country by the last of their loyal sychophants.

They jumped up on the Zurich building when there was all the media exposure over the FA attempting to ban the England teams wearing of the poppy with placards in support of British troops when in reality their forefathers were killing British troops (peace process now in effect). Then there was the poppy fiasco in London when "Tommy" the EDL hero jumped the barrier into the arms of the waiting police protecting the moslem protestors.

Catching the moment for the media spotlight...

Dont forget "Tommy" the Rabbi either.

What will it be next?

They call them far-right leaders but those who follow them must be off the scale far-right and there should be a new name created for them, something like the EDL "cookie club" because they all must be a little cookie and empty headed to run around their Country smashing it up in a drunken stupor at their Irish leaders command whilst they fill their pockets with every scam conceivable (legal & illegal).

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