14 July 2012

Will MI5 act on Anjem Choudary

Glen Jenvey has the evidence that would result in Anjem Choudary spending many years in prison for his glorification of terrorism and his incitement to commit acts of terrorism amongst many other things.

He is willing to pass all of this information to MI5 for them to act.

Will they act though is the question?

Everyone in Great Britain wants Choudary removed from society other than his militant Islamic supporters so MI5 would be doing everyone a favour by acting on credible intelligence that could do Great Britain a service, and in the process preserve and uphold the integrity of our National Security.

Him and his followers are a threat to our National Security after all.

Glen gathered all the intelligence on Abu Hamza that is now being used in the case against him in America that he is waiting extradition over so when Glen says he has the evidence he has the evidence.

He did go undercover with them all after his false conversion to Islam so knows Choudary and his group intimately.

We will have to watch this space...

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