11 July 2012

Questions Glen Jenvey

Foreword: I was in communication with Glen throughout the time of his false conversion to Islam. The before, during and after so I know the full story behind it and we had some British black humour moments about it all, especially the bacon part at the end.

The story behind the smear job against him has not been fully told yet but I know it because I know who those who were involved in it are and their modus operandi because I was/am a target of the exact same people.

Reporting the truth

Now the truth is coming out about British Jews being terror targets of British Muslims with the court case in Manchester of a Muslim couple who were assembling components of a homemade bomb to attack Jewish neighbourhoods and other targets after becoming radicalised by al Qaeda propaganda on the internet.

Question: Can you tell us about your contact with Greater Manchester Police?

Glen Jenvey : Yes the Greater Manchester Police came to my home before the Alan Sugar story in the Sun newspaper wanting to know about internet postings used by British Muslims. The officers were attached to the anti terrorist squad running their own operations apart from New Scotland Yard and Wiltshire Police.

Question: Have you ever passed on information to MI5 ?

Glen Jenvey: Yes I have spoken with MI5 officers and had dealings with them since 2001 on a number of issues. They were aware of my operations. I had regular phone contact with them and around the Abu Hamza time a MI5 officer sent me six videos and twenty audio tapes of his speeches asking me to give them to the press and anyone else who would make a noise as the Government was stopping MI5 officers from doing their jobs.

Question: What do you mean the Government was stopping MI5 from doing their jobs?

Glen Jenvey: It was simple MI5 were told by the Labour Government that they were not allowed to monitor Mosques in the UK because of racial did after Sept 11th, so the MI5 officers monitor Mosques i.e Abu Hamza’s and gave me the video’s telling me to expose Abu Hamza but the press were not interested to start with. The MI5 officer said I would never have to go to court .

Question: Getting back to threats on British Jews was there a threat or several?

Glen Jenvey: There were several threats written across the internet not just on ummah.com but other message boards. Southwest news who wrote up the Sun story only chose ummah.com because it was based in Britain. Southwest news picked the comments for the story with out me knowing so the site ummah.com deleted others not used in the story, but the threats were real as you can see today with one of several cases the Police and security service are working on.

Question: Did you make up any postings?

Glen Jenvey: No every posting placed on ummah.com had been written by British Muslims on message forums. To make our id look real Southwest news asked me to monitor and post in the same frame of mind as British muslims on the web, this allowed us to carry on monitoring what was posted, each post myself and Southwest news posted was in fact posts already posted on British muslim message forums against Jews. The hit list of top Jews was posted by a senior member of ummah.com message forum taken from a Jewish newspaper.

Question: So you never posted the list of British Jews?

Glen Jenvey: No I in fact work with Jews alot on the internet I have even given talk’s in the UK at Jewish centers and took part in the film obsession the movie http://www.obsessionthemovie.com/about_interviews_Jenvey.php
everyone who took part in obsession has been attacked by the far left and muslims.

Question: When you put your name into google the Guardian newspaper and bloggers come up and Muslim sites, is this part of their attempt to silence you and spam your name.

Glen Jenvey: Yes even the BBC got on the bandwagon writing to all of my neighbours with an abusive letter about me in their research so I strung the BBC along with the rest of them.

Question: what do you mean strung them along?

Glen Jenvey: Well ummah.com, Anjem Choudary, BBC, Guardian newspaper, Bloggerhead and other sad bloggers all live in cuckoo land with the idea that British muslims loved British Jews at the time Gaza was being bombed, so I confessed to something I never did (make up a story) and said I had become a muslim http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyUXDzz_MH4 It was very interesting for someone connected to the intelligence services to openly be invited into Mosques and Radical circles, you would not believe it. I have collected enough information that could see Anjem Choudary behind bars.

Question: How could you put Anjem Choudary behind bars?

Glen Jenvey: If the police ask me direct I can point out something that will get him arrested but I cannot say in a interview for the internet.

Question: It’s clear now that you was right all along and the Guardian newspaper got it wrong along with the bloggers. I just did a search and its clear that British Jews are terror targets just like you always said when looking at the present court cases. You said MI5 officer said you will not have to go to court have you been asked?

Glen Jenvey: No and unless a judge orders me I will not be going to any court cases even the Abu Hamza one as promised that’s why I dropped my witness statement in the Hamza case as I was not going any way.

Question: What do you think about the Guardian newspaper getting it so wrong trying to damage your name?

Glen Jenvey: They look the Guardian newspaper and bloggers seem to have egg on their faces now, but they have not damaged my name as Glen Jenvey is not my real name or the name I vote with. I just feel sorry for their researchers again getting it wrong. It is a internet name to hide my real name. I even have a book in the name Glen Jenvey, film, and over 500 newspaper articles hidden by spam of the Guardian newspaper and Bloggers, it’s working fine protecting my real name.

Question: Do you think there will be a terrorist attack at the Olympics ?

Glen Jenvey: I am one man who other’s use my work as their own. I can only hope not as I hope to go myself and watch the Olympics, but the threat from terrorism in the UK is much higher than the present government official scales say and British Jews remain the number one target that most radical muslims would threaten as a single group or race if they could.

Thank you for your interview.

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