18 March 2008

Young woman murdered by Arab in London

Young people from around the World should feel and be safe coming to the UK, this murder underlies the threat that is out there by Moslems from the Middle East who view women as second class citizens, and no-Moslem women as dirty kuffar meat that they can use, abuse and kill. LH

The Extremism that is being preached in British Mosque's - Film: Undercover Mosque

Please pray for this family, their friends and the police force who are investigating this crime, that this murderer will be returned from Yemen to Britian to pay for his crime against this poor young lady and her family.

This man is the son of a billionaire in Yemen, a country we do not have an extradition treaty with.

Pray that the Lord God of Israels justice and mercy will prevail.

Daily Mail

Police are seeking the banker son of an Arab billionaire in connection with the murder of a wealthy student whose body was found at a private block of flats in central London.

Economics student Martine Vik Magnussen, 23, was discovered partially buried under rubble in the basement of a flat rented by Farooq Abdulhak, 26, and two friends.

Flight records show he left the country immediately after the murder in the early hours of last Friday.

Detectives fear he has returned to his home country Yemen, which has no extradition treaty with Britain.

Further details emerged today of how the Norwegian student died. Police believe Miss Magnussen was strangled but were awaiting the results of further tests to establish an exact cause.

A post-mortem examination showed she had "significant injuries to her neck" and concluded her "unnatural" death was the result of "third party involvement".

Miss Magnussen was found at the apartment building in Great Portland Street on Sunday, two days after her friends reported her missing.

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Celtic Crusader said...

This was in the yahoo internet site news today :

Muslim preacher jailed 10 years for rape

LONDON (Reuters) - An east London man who preached at his local mosque has been jailed for 10 years for rape and perverting the course of justice.

Abdul Mukim Khalisadar, 26, who was not an imam but gave religious talks at the East London Mosque in Whitechapel, was sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday.

Khalisadar had pleaded guilty last month to raping 27-year-old a woman after forcing his way into her Whitechapel home in October 2005.

He had been charged after police arrested him a year later during a separate investigation into child pornography.

A routine DNA swab revealed he matched the profile of the Whitechapel rapist.

Khalisadar had first claimed the sex had been consensual, before later saying he had never met the woman and had actually been at the mosque on the night of the attack.

Seven friends who gave false alibis that Khalisadar had been at the mosque later pleaded guilty to conspiring to pervert the course of justice and were jailed for 12 months each.

Khalisadar was jailed for 7-1/2 years for the rape, and a further 2-1/2 years for perverting the course of justice.

"Khalisadar attacked, raped and robbed a young woman to satisfy his desire and interest in sexual violence against women," said Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Wratten.

"His co-conspirators were content to go along with the plan, which if successful would have seen a violent rapist evade justice



truthseaker said...

I am sure that we will get some posting on here saying that we are being racist saying that these crimes where by muslims. But the problem with that is this. Its like profile policing.

The once committing the crimes are Middle Eastern, Asian, African's. when interviewed they turn out to follow & worship islam, now going off those facts then. When police stop Asian, Middle Eastern, Black youths for what ever reason they stopped them for. Then you get these people claiming racist & unfair treatment, but the crimes that are being committed are by Asian, Middle Eastern, Black youths, who on earth then are the police going to stop & pull over.

Are these crimes being committed by little old ladies from Bournemouth. Are they groups of welly waring young farmers from deep in the Dorset & Devon country side, are they being committed by hells grannies & granddads in Brighton. I don't think so do you, they are all being committed by these young muslims that are getting such evil teaching drummed into them by radical imans & mosques. These youths are just stupid silly wallies. They themselves have no idea that they themselves are being used by these people.

As for this incident I do pray that justice prevails, that this evil person is sent back to this country to serve time for the evil he committed. If he is not sent back I hope that seeing his father is a billionaire I hope that he has interests in this country. That being the case he should have all deals & contract with this country stopped & all money in this country frozen until he hands over his son. We see day in & day out the many crimes committed by these people. When is this Government going to accept & admit that islam is one evil nasty ideology that is better left back in the 6th century, rather than still being bowed down to in the 21st. Ban islam & you stop that much crime in this country, the Government would not be able to believe it themselves.

Anonymous said...





savages, animals, demons, devils

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight, Lionheart! Our leaders want our civilization to extinguish itself quietly, so keep making noise.

Anonymous said...

This should serve as a warning to young white European women to stay away from them.
Just because this man was wealthy does not make him holy.
The family should sue for huge damages.

Anonymous said...

Norway has slipped into cowering to Islam.
It's dhimmi government are a prime example of thew Quisling frame of m,ind that gave up Norsk liberty to the Nazis in WWII.
Mass immigration has turned the demographics of their cities on it's head.

Malabar goat said...

As a young Indian muslim boy (Now a liberal & humanist visual artist) I spent my formative years in a middle eastern gulf country.

I want to relate an shocking incident that would highligh a Pakistani's respect for women.

A pakistani was caught for running a prostitute racket in an appartment. After the cops raided the apartment it was known that the sex workers are actuall fresh corpses of women from a local morgue. And his Pakistani clients paid to have sex with a dead woman.
Police later found out that the corpses were supplied by a corrupt
Pakistani Ambulance driver.

Such are the perversion of men from my own commmunity and I am always put to shame with such acts.

Malabar goat said...

The moment the western world switch to alternative energy to run thier cars. The need for OIL becomes NIL ~ and the petro dollar funding stops.

Stop using opium deriatives to stop funding terrorism.

Smoke jane instead and listen to Marleys redemption song

he he he he

Be green!

truthseaker said...

At least we can see one muslim that has seen the evil in that corrupt regime ideology. These people need to be shown the truth & the facts. They need to see the reality of true education & not what they are lead to believe by there imams. Anyone who has any kind of sense after reading that book the quran, can see that it is not from god, it is not from a god, it is not from any god. If it was from god it would be 100% correct in all it has in its pages. But what do we see, errors in Science, Errors in History, Errors in Archeology, Errors in Astronomy, Errors in Geology. It is a book full of error from page one to the last page. The only way that anyone can claim that it is a truthful book is to lie about it & that is what they all do lie. But they are also told to do that is this wonderful boo of theres.

People like this young man here Malabar Billy need to tell there friends there families & any other muslim who will listen the truth, get them to open there eyes & minds. I know that will not happen nor could not happen as the poor man would be killed for daring to do such a thing. But hats off to him for seeing the truth himself about that evil religion of death. The more people who are made aware of the true intention of islam the better, ten maybe the government would be made to do what they should have done about this ideology a long time ago. Lets face it, even the French are keeping a eye on these people & what goes on in there mosques & what is taught. I think Britney has something about that is her blog. Until people come to there senses about islam & stop bowing down to there demands maybe then something will be done to stop this evil in our midst.

Anonymous said...

Malabar Billy is not alone.

There is a surge of Moslems who have seen the light, so to speak, and are confronting the evils of Islamism even if still only on the fringes (usually out of fear of being killed). We have exemplary examples even of 'palestinians', some of them former terrorists, who have become Christians and Zionists and are preaching their Born Again tolerant beliefs in the USA & other western countries to enthusiastic audiences.

Others remain Moslem, but berate the negative, often violent customs and teachings of the Islamists, even on Al Jazeera (like a bright, courageous, out-spoken Moslem lady from Syria,
now also living in the USA), from which she has now been banned for her forthrightness in her support for Israel and her opposition to Islamic-Jihadistic terrorism.

We can only hope and pray that these people will be safe, and undaunted, continue their worthy campaign successfully to a triumpant conclusion.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

I’ve seen a lot of ignorance before.. but this... I am so disappointed.
First of all, do you even KNOW anything about the boy that’s accused of killing her? You claim this murder was in the name of Islam, hahahhahahahah are you SERIOUS?? just because he comes from a Muslim family? That, and I quote, “this murder underlies the threat that is out there by Muslims in the Middle East who view women as second class citizens, and no muslim women as dirty koffar meat that they can use, abuse, and kill” .
I know this guy, and I know this guy well. He is not religious AT ALL actually, he comes from a a nice family, he was the party boy, smart as well, and not the kind of boy that involves himself in problems or fights. He was well educated, extremely open-minded, had a lot of friends, and spent most of his time just living his life. This came as a shock to me, and I don’t believe that if he was involved, that he killed her intentionally. Of course, I’m not one to judge and time will tell the truth.
In the meantime, all of us really need to be careful with what we say. Especially you, ‘lionheart’, you should know that media is a VERY powerful tool, and you can’t just put anything you want and claim its the truth. How dare you lie like this? How dare you jump to conclusions and use it to insult an entire community. You’re not going to bring the girl back from the dead by creating more anger and hostility.
Let me give you a little piece of advice, muslims don’t kill, PEOPLE kill. You show me ten Muslims that are murderers; I’ll give you 40 Christian murderers. It has nothing to do with religion. As humans, we all have anger within us, all that matters is how you control it. Many, just don’t know how.
The Muslim community has finally received international attention after enduring hundreds of years of a terrible history, creating more anger against them, will create more anger within them. Are you trying to make this an eye for an eye world? If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say it at all.

Lionheart said...

I can tell your a new visitor to my blog anonymous.

There are enough facts to corroborate everything i have stated here, if you take the time to look.

You might not like it, and you will deny it, but the facts speask clearly for thmselves.

Maybe you will wake up - I doubt it though.

Moslems are part of a death cult that was created in the 7th Century by a paedophile blood thirsty barbarian who called himself a prophet.

He was a false prophet of course.

Those who claim the label Moslem are inspired by him and his murderous, vicious and vile ideology.

If you look back at Osama Bin Laden you will find that he too was a playboy in his youth, just like this Yemani.

Now look at him!

And many known terrorists, dead and alive, were also playboys in their youth.

It seems its is intrinsic with young Moslems and money, then they get back to their faith at a certain point, and carry out what the book has taught them.

One murder of anyone by a Moslem from the Middle East is one murder too much, not least this murder of an innocent guest to Britain.

Guests need to know they are safe here in my country.

Anonymous said...

how many white and non-white people are murdered by white english people every year in britain?

no-one is blaming their race or religion for root of the problem - you are ridiculous.

but keep trying, you're a good example of the lunatic fringe that share your views.


Joanne said...

"The Muslim community has finally received international attention after enduring hundreds of years of a terrible history, creating more anger against them, will create more anger within them."

Then they should shape up or ship out. And I call BS to your 10 Muslims to 40 Christian theory. First off, a true Christian does not commit murder because it is a sin; Muslims are free to kill the infidel at will, and it is seen as favourable in the eyes of Allah, their God.

Let their self-righteous anger rage on. Like everyone else, they have to take responsibility for their own actions, and if not, they will be made to do so.

Beach Girl said...

Good, good, good to see you posting. Ooh-rah!

Ducky's here said...

This just in: White British BNP skinheads never commit crimes.

Carry on Lionheart.

When do they arrest you?

Anonymous said...

Ducky, you can tell you are a dim wit yankydoodle by the fact that you think that there are still "skinheads."
Yes you will find them in Germany and other Euro areas. And when they get strong enough, we all better watch out.
If you were to walk down a main street in London and ask those men with short hair, you would find out that most of them are fashionably Gay!
Still, it is quaint to think that there are those political liberal fruit-buns out there, that still think England is full of swastika wearing skinheads? ho ho ho what a laff.
Most supporters of the BNP are little old housewives and business suited gents, all of whom are fed up to the back teeth with the Marxist toe-rag Labour party politicians that are abasing everything British with the insane glee of the sword swinging hatchet man in chop-chop square in down town Saudi Arabia.
I don't care a fig about the integration of Muslims into British society, it's up to them.
If they start bombing and pushing for civilwar though, thats another matter.
What most Brits care about is the destruction of common decency and all the values that have been so hard won, and to which half the world wants to live with if only they could all get into this little island.
Sorry folks, there's not enough room for everyone, things are going to get tough out there in the wide world soon enough, and it's about time Britain started to look after number one, and I'm afraid if that means leaving the rest of the world to piss in the wind, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

Hey malabar billy, whats that just beginning to surface on the news, about some imminent invasion of La Reunion Island?
Your blog is totally weeerd.?

Anonymous said...

"What most Brits care about is the destruction of common decency and all the values that have been so hard won"

lol, native brits were waving goodbye to those values long before mass immigration.

in britain today, more muslims hold those old fashioned values of respect and decency than so-called native brits.

in the meanwhile, your highly esteemed bnp chums are more likely to be drinking themselves stupid, getting into fights and spending their pensions on scratch cards.

truthseaker said...

boredluton, I would be very careful if I were you. You see its not the BNP lot that are now fed up to there high teeth with islam & you muslims. Its now the everyday normal English person. They are sick to death of the PC brigade bending over backwards to appease you lot.

Now the thing that all you very cleaver muslims keep forgetting is that you are all of 5% of the whole population. Now to my reconing, that makes 95% non muslim. That is a very big number of non muslims, who I would say at least 70% of those are again sick to the high teeth with you lot. Now just you put two & two together for a second. If 70% of the population are sick to death of you lot, your actions, your hate speeches, your posters claiming the beheading of all non muslims. Your calls for sharia law, your demands that 95% of the population do as 5% tell them to. If you lot seem to think & you proclaim this on your posters when you all march, that you will force us 95% to become subservient to muslims.

Those figures just do not add up at all. 5% will force 95% to bow down to them. For gods sake wake up to reality will you, open your eyes to the facts. if you think that your nu labor leaders will bring about all you want them to. They will be stopped in there tracks. Time is running out for all muslims in this country living like fat cats. Your time is now short. If you think yourself so superior to us then leave, go. Get out of this nasty evil vile cesspit that you believe we are & in that case you are living in. You want all these things like sharia law, islam ruling all parts of life. Then go to a country that has that now. The reason you will not do that is because you would not have the same kind of life you do now. You will not have the same riches, wealth, cars, designer clothes. It is you muslims that are absolute hypocrypts. Either wake up to the reality of life the way it is in this country & the way it will always be, or go to the kind of country you so admire.

Lionheart said...

Two Video's for any intelligent mind to watch.

Moslems will always deny and apologies, but you cannot deny the facts if you really want to know the facts.

I am an Englishman and this is my country, the country my forefathers fought and died for and society needs protecting from the hatred and disregard aimed at it by Moslems.

Learn the truth yourself!



Anonymous said...

"I have always said that if Great Britain were defeated in war I hoped we should find a Hitler to lead us back to our rightful position among the nations." (Winston Churchill in The London Times, Monday, November 7, 1938)

Anonymous said...

"Its now the everyday normal English person."

i would hardly call the rabid fringe that subscribe to the ideas in this scaremongering blog as being "normal".

and your obsession with the 5% figure is silly - every racist knows that britain is swamped or full, the figures has to be closer to 225%, doh, doh doh, lol.

Anonymous said...

It does not become a Muslim to insult the Nation he or his fathers chose to live in.
Racists of all creeds are at the forefront of destroying what is left of decent society.
You do not understand how freedom works.
Freedom is a challenge. It challenges the individual who drinks alcohol, to not become an alcoholic. It challenges men who see pretty women, not to become rapists.
It challenges the powerful not to oppress his weaker neighbor.
Freedom is a volatile thing. Look around though, in this our dear Nation, and you will see decent people everywhere, who if you fall will pick you up. Who if you are hungry, will help you.
The dissatifaction and confusion of what was normal society, just 20 years ago is the result of the actions of the governing elite now in power, who have absorbed non British ideals of a Marxist socialist and imposed their futile dreams of a multi-cults Utopiaon the People. Their time is running out.
Your sneering assertion of the immigrant population being nearer 20% is not accurate.
You forget that most newcomers are not from the Islamic world, but are from Eastern Europe, and Africa, and they are mainly Christian and Catholic.
They are rapidly gaining ground on the older immigrant stock and through their industry and business aptitude, are overtaking the economic power of established communities.
This is deliberate policy of the protagonists of the new world order.
Your power is temporary and illusory.
You to are pawns in the hands of the Masonic cabal that dictate your lives.
Watch as your imaginary wealth goes bottoms up when they decide to beach the world economy.
The Saudis money is made just of paper too.
Remember what our dear Queen warned about the "Diana incident."
"There are dark powers within the country that are beyond Her juristiction" to paraphrase.
All of Al Fahyeds money will not purchase the real facts. If only you knew what exists so very close to us all.