5 March 2008

(Video) Al Qaeda's Luton Emir - Mr Q Khan

One of the most dangerous men to be walking the streets of Luton, a serious "Public Enemy", who is a threat to the National Security of the British homeland.

This man is believed to be the one responsible for recruiting the ring leader of the 7/7 bombings Mohamed Sidique Khan, and also the Emir of the Fertiliser plot that was at the centre of the biggest anti-terrorist operation in British history - Operation crevice

Al Qaeda trained terrorists, and their ideological Moslem brothers are camped within fortress Bury Park Luton and at this moment in time they well and truly control the ground there, why do you think they used this area to declare War against the British people?

I live in and around the area so know exactly the reason why Luton was used as the central point for Islam's War front within mainland Britain - There is a price to pay for all of that Heroin on the streets that comes from Al Qaeda in Afghanistan & Pakistan after all

You cannot tell me that the Islamic Religious leaders do not know exactly what is going on within their community and the state of play upon the ground in relation to their youth - Silence and Play dumb because the Moslem youth are fulfilling the military aims of Islam

Islamic dominance reigns supreme upon the streets of Luton & Dunstable!

What does the future hold?

The Luton Emir Mr Q Khan

Luton links to terror


Anonymous said...

Amazing videos, especially that they were produced by the BBC..!! I'm still trying to digest that fact.

I'm curious to learn when these videos were produced and when were they shown on the BBC. And the name of the presenter.

I also don my proverbial hat to the beautiful young lady, victim of the London bombings, who chastised British political & police leaders who permitted the virulent Islamist incitements to continue for years, even after the bombing of Mike's Place in Tel Aviv by 'British' terrorists, simply because they believed these terror attacks by British subjects to be "OK" as long as they were only committed abroad.

Actually that was the BBC's (& other British media outlets like the Guardian, Independent, etc.) policy throughout the years of
non-stop, blood-soaked homicide bombings in Israel. There was no need to worry as long as it was just a matter of "F*** you Jacob Jew-boy, I'm allright!"

The other good thing, however, of this unbelievable, & courageous, BBC report, is that it may even pave the way for Lionheart to be vindicated, congratulated, have all charges dropped, welcomed back home to Britain - and offered, as compensation for all the harassment he's suffered, a high ranking position at.....Scotland

Or something he might consider more appealing & more suited to his many talents in many fields (Politics? Journalism?. And last but certainly not least..his eloquence and high IQ.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Lionheart,
Anonymous Lady

Celtic Crusader said...

"for evil to prosper it is sufficient for good men to do nothing"
-to quote a well-known phrase.

where is the muslim community voice of opposition to the terrorists within their ranks. Where is it in Luton, London or the rest of Britain....where?

where are islams, 'good men', why aren't they speaking out against the criminals amongst them- if they are so against their murderous acts and intentions?

seeing as there are none or they are not protesting loudly enough or demonstrating in the streets.

one can only say that they are willing to do nothing and thus they fit the definition of that Shakespearian phrase, thus are we to conclude that in islam there are no good men.


Anonymous said...

Many Lutonians remember seeing the row that erupted when the camera crew went into that sandwich shop.
Sheesh, I know people who bought sandwiches there.
It now lies empty and semi derelict since they did a runner.
I wonder what the MI5 guys who were just over thew road were thinking about?
Maybe having a quiet smile?
This has all gone to far, and the D.S. in charge of the complaint regarding LH should go to his gaffers and get it shut down.
Lionheart is a brave patriot who represents the best interests of Lutonians and that includes the peaceful majority of Muslims.
We cannot endorse a government that allows this terror to go on almost without restraint and often does nothing until after the events that kill our citizens.
Dunstable police do us a favor and allow LH back without these false and contemptible charges against him.
A United Nations report has just chastised European Governments about the lack of arrest of the major drugs gangs importing into UK through Europe, and said that the policy of tackling only the small fry junkies was a waste of time.
It also highlights the growing concerns that Afghanistan is falling into uncontrollable anarchy.
Why should we continue to kill our young soldiers through neglect and mismanagement of the Afghan war against Taliban and the Heroin trade?
Bedfordshire police know exactly who the gangs are and their methods.
Lionheart has challenged them to act on that information before it all goes out of control.
Why are the police so slow about taking on the known ringleaders?
Why do they pick on LH for pointing out the obvious to them?
Luton Labour M.P. Margaret Moran has a family member affected by the drugs issue, she was a close allie of Tony Blair. Doesn't she care about her kids and their contemporaries.
She did not even know who Mahajiroun was several years ago, until members of the public warned her about the recruiting going on in Luton.
Reckon she reads this blog, so do us all a favour Maggie, if you want Luton's votes again.
Or your out of a job next election.
And to detractors in the US at LGF and idiots like Ducky, what more proof do you need.