15 March 2008

Geert Wilders speech to Hollands Parliament

Article courtesy of Mrs TG

Can you imagine what would happen if a British politician had the guts to stand up in Parliament and say what Geert Wilders is saying, he would probably have his head cut of there and then by the Dhimmis in Parliament on behalf of their Islamic Kingdom that they are nurturing upon the British homeland. LH

Is Europe waking up? Guess who aren't too pleased - MCB amongst others!

Geert Wilder's speech to Holland's Parliament

"Madam Speaker, allow me, first, to express my sincere thanks to you personally for having planned a debate on Islam on the very day of my birthday. I could not have wished for a nicer present! Madam Speaker, approximately 1400 years ago war was declared on us by an ideology of hate and violence which arose at the time and was proclaimed by a barbarian who called himself the Prophet Mohammed.

I am referring to Islam.

Madam Speaker, let me start with the foundation of the Islamic faith, the Koran. The Koran's core theme is about the duty of all Muslims to fight non-Muslims; an Islamic Mein Kampf, in which fight means war, jihad. The Koran is above all a book of war, a call to butcher non-Muslims (2:191, 3:141, 4:91, 5:3), to roast them (4:56, 69:30-69:32), and to cause bloodbaths amongst them (47:4). Jews are compared to monkeys and pigs (2:65, 5:60, 7:166), while people who believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God must according to the Koran be fought (9:30).

Madam Speaker, the West has no problems with Jews or Christians, but it does have problems with Islam. It is still possible, even today, for Muslims to view the Koran, which they regard as valid for all time, as a licence to kill. And that is exactly what happens. The Koran is worded in such a way that its instructions are addressed to Muslims for eternity, which includes today's Muslims. This in contrast to texts in the Bible, which is formulated as a number of historical narratives, placing events in a distant past. Let us remind ourselves that it was Muslims, not Jews or Christians, who committed the catastrophic terrorist attacks in New York, Madrid and London; and that it was no coincidence that Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered by a Muslim, Mohammed Bouyeri.

Madam Speaker, I acknowledge that there are people who call themselves Muslims and who respect our laws. My party, the Freedom Party, has nothing against such people, of course. However, the Koran does have something against them. For it is stated in the Koran in Sura 2, verse 85, that those believers who do not believe in everything the Koran states will be humiliated and receive the severest punishment; which means that they will roast in Hell. In other words, people who call themselves Muslims but who do not believe, for example, in Sura 9, verse 30, which states that Jews and Christians must be fought, or, for example, in Sura 5, verse 38, which states that the hand of a thief must be cut off, such people will be humiliated and roast in Hell. Note that it is not me who is making this up. All this can be found in the Koran. The Koran also states that Muslims who believe in only part of the Koran are in fact apostates, and we know what has to happen to apostates. They have to be killed.

Madam Speaker, the Koran is a book that incites to violence. I remind the House that the distribution of such texts is unlawful according to Article 132 of our Penal Code. In addition, the Koran incites to hatred and calls for murder and mayhem. The distribution of such texts is made punishable by Article 137(e). The Koran is therefore a highly dangerous book; a book which is completely against our legal order and our democratic institutions. In this light, it is an absolute necessity that the Koran be banned for the defence and reinforcement of our civilisation and our constitutional state. I shall propose a second-reading motion to that effect.

Madam Speaker, there is no such thing as "moderate Islam".... As Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said the other day, and I quote, "There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that's it".... Islam is in pursuit of dominance. It wishes to exact its imperialist agenda by force on a worldwide scale (8:39). This is clear from European history. Fortunately, the first Islamic invasion of Europe was stopped at Poitiers in 732; the second in Vienna in 1683. Madam Speaker, let us ensure that the third Islamic invasion, which is currently in full spate, will be stopped too in spite of its insidious nature and notwithstanding the fact that, in contrast to the 8th and 17th centuries, it has no need for an Islamic army because the scared "dhimmis" in the West, also those in Dutch politics, have left their doors wide open to Islam and Muslims.

Apart from conquest, Madam Speaker, Islam is also bent on installing a totally different form of law and order, namely Sharia law. This makes Islam, apart from a religion for hundreds of millions of Muslims also, and in particular, a political ideology (with political/constitutional/Islamic basic values, etc). Islam is an ideology without any respect for others; not for Christians, not for Jews, not for non-believers and not for apostates. Islam aims to dominate, subject, kill and wage war.

Madam Speaker, the Islamic incursion must be stopped. Islam is the Trojan Horse in Europe. If we do not stop Islamification now, Eurabia and Netherabia will just be a matter of time. One century ago, there were approximately 50 Muslims in the Netherlands. Today, there are about 1 million Muslims in this country. Where will it end? We are heading for the end of European and Dutch civilisation as we know it. Where is our Prime Minister in all this? In reply to my questions in the House he said, without batting an eyelid, that there is no question of our country being Islamified. Now, this reply constituted a historical error as soon as it was uttered. Very many Dutch citizens, Madam Speaker, experience the presence of Islam around them. And I can report that they have had enough of burkas, headscarves, the ritual slaughter of animals, so-called honour revenge, blaring minarets, female circumcision, hymen restoration operations, abuse of homosexuals, Turkish and Arabic on the buses and trains as well as on town hall leaflets, halal meat at grocery shops and department stores, Sharia exams, the Finance Minister's Sharia mortgages, and the enormous over representation of Muslims in the area of crime, including Moroccan street terrorists.

In spite of all this, Madam Speaker, there is hope. Fortunately. The majority of Dutch citizens have become fully aware of the danger, and regard Islam as a threat to our culture. My party, the Freedom Party, takes those citizens seriously and comes to their defence.

Many Dutch citizens are fed up to the back teeth and yearn for action. However, their representatives in The Hague are doing precisely nothing. They are held back by fear, political correctness or simply electoral motives. This is particularly clear in the case of PvdA, the Dutch Labour Party, which is afraid of losing Muslim voters. The Prime Minister said in Indonesia the other day that Islam does not pose any danger. Minister Donner believes that Sharia law should be capable of being introduced in the Netherlands if the majority want it. Minister Vogelaar babbles about the future Netherlands as a country with a Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition, and that she aims to help Islam take root in Dutch society. In saying this, the Minister shows that she has obviously gone stark raving mad. She is betraying Dutch culture and insulting Dutch citizens.

Madam Speaker, my party, the Freedom Party, demands that Minister Vogelaar retract her statement. If the Minister fails to do so, the Freedom Party parliamentary group will withdraw its support for her. No Islamic tradition must ever be established in the Netherlands: not now and also not in a few centuries' time.

Madam Speaker, let me briefly touch on the government's response to the WRR [Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy] report. On page 12 of its response, the government states that Islam is not contrary to democracy or human rights. All I can say to that is that things can't get much more idiotic than this.

Madam Speaker, it is a few minutes to twelve. If we go on like this, Islam will herald the end of our Western civilisation as well as Dutch culture.

I would like to round off my first-reading contribution with a personal appeal to the Prime Minister on behalf of a great many Dutch citizens: stop the Islamification of the Netherlands!

Mr Balkenende, a historic task rests on your shoulders. Be courageous. Do what many Dutch citizens are screaming out for. Do what the country needs. Stop all immigration from Muslim countries, ban all building of new mosques, close all Islamic schools, ban burkas and the Koran. Expel all criminal Muslims from the country, including those Moroccan street terrorists that drive people mad. Accept your responsibility! Stop Islamification!

Enough is enough, Mr Balkenende. Enough is enough."


boredluton said...

some guy called geert trying to defend dutch culture... - what is their culture anyway? in the same way that britain is known for binge drinking and loutism, aren't the dutch famous for prostitution and uncontrolled drug use?

even a drunk paranoid christian shouldn't throw in his lot with that kind of morally bankrupt cess hole - your enemy's enemy is not always your friend.

Lionheart said...

One thing is for certain, just like with the Dutch, is that the people of Britain do not want Islam and Sharia law upon the land, and those who promote it we look forward to being removed as enemies of the State, and shipped off to a country that will take them that promotes Islam and Sharia, somewhere like Saudi Arabia or Iran for instance.

Islam is not conducive to a civilized society, and those who try and enforce it are enemies of the British people.

A little like Arch Bishop Judas, and people like you boredluton.


Once again, Boredluton leaves a comment on my blog and goes directly to yours to leave another one. At least now he is using his correct title of Boredluton and not anon as he did previously pretending to be a racist.

Boredluton, are you saying that Pakistan does not have a massive problem with heroin addiction? Are you somehow suggesting that drug addiction is soley a Western problem?

He without sin cast the first stone is not a line known to muslims. At least in the West we are open about our problems and deal with them openly and honestly.

By the way, HIV and Aids are rising faster in muslim countries than anywhere else in the world. If muslims are so honourable, how come that is happening? Debauchery on the sly I suspect, whikst claiming to be holier than thou.

truthseaker said...

I admire the MP from Holland, he is doing what every other MP from the west should be doing. He is speaking up against an ideology that is just plane evil & does not belong in any kind of civilized society. That belief system of islam is evil to the core, a cult of death & destruction.

Boredluton if you are a muslim which it looks as if you are. You sir are such a hypocrite & all anyone needs to do so see that as true, is to check the news in paper form or on TV. They just need to read that book of death, the koran to see what islam truly is & what it stands for. We all on this blog can quote verse after verse that shows the truth behind islam. So you rather that making pathetic claims, should be hanging your head in shame at what islam & muslims are doing in this world & to it.

Yes there are problems in any country, but as britney says we in the west approach it openly. Those muslims in the middle East hide it & claim it does not exist. Take Iran & pres imagointoblowyaheadoff. He claimed that homosexuals did not exist in that country, but the evidence shows that to be wrong. The same goes for Pakistan, Saudi, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia we could go on & on. All the same problems that we have in the west are going on in everyone of these countries.

Even drunkenness in Saudi throughout muslims, so I would suggest that that rather than showing yourself up to be one of the biggest Hippocrates on the whole WWW. If you wish to debate a situation, do so. But do so using facts, evidence, proof & not pie in the sky wishes. All that has been said about what goes on in all muslim countries is proven fact, so wake up to the truth for once rather than just believing what some iman says is true while you all bang your heads on the floor.

As for Mr Wilder, we should all salute this man. He should be a light to all other MP's in all other countries. We should send his speech to our own MP's. I myself have not long sent a post to my MP. He answered a question to me but in that answer he said that islam worships the same God as do Christians & Jews. So I have to send him lots of information showing that what he had said was not true & never could be true. I must admit that I am looking forward to his reply, to see how he tries to wrangle his way out of it. If he tries I will send him more proof & he can argue with proven archaeological evidence can he, but he will prob try. Keep up the good work guys.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, truthspeaker, that you are sending necessary data on the Koran & Islam to your MP.

And after such an ignorant answer that you got from him on your first post, and even if you get a similar one (or probably none at all )after your next post, perhaps the time has come to inform him that such as he will NOT be getting your vote next election.

And that you will canvass as many fellow voters to do likewise.

After all, he's not exactly representing your views on this dire, existential issue on the creeping imperialistic aims of the Islamic colonists now causing havoc on Britain's (still?) green and pleasant land.

Anonymous Lady

Joanne said...

Bravo to Geert Wilder, a thousand rounds of applause.

Wilder's next video is to be shown at the following site -


Normally,a short-film maker would only have to worry about getting the facts straight, as to not enrage those he speaks about, but with Islam, this is exactly what will send Muslims into a rage - the truth, it gets them all fired up.

Aberdeen First said...

Lionheart cheers for this I will pass it on to all on my e-mail list We must push this mirror image message of what is happening to Europe out to all

BFB said...

boredluton said: "what is their culture anyway? in the same way that britain is known for binge drinking and loutism,"

If I said the same thing about blacks being known for rape, mugging and rioting you would have me swinging on the end of a rope...wouldn't you (you "anti-racist" hypocrite)?

Can you smell the irony that seeps from every single one of your pores?

Stick to reading the "Daily Mirror" and let the adults get an 'un-PC' word in.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


You wont like this (though the rest of us are laughing our tackle off). Do you know what 'Google Trends' is? Basically, it's google monitoring where the most searches for particular sites and/or info come from.

Here's a google trend for "sex man boy"



As you're a muslim from Luton I suspect your country of family origin is Pakistan. Interesting. :)

And the heartland of Islam is Saudi Arabia. Even more interesting. :)

I can't take much more of this ... I'm going to bust a gut or rupture my lungs.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Here's an even better one. Google trend "sex man animal"


Oh sweet Jesus this is just too much.

Cess hole? Well, sex man boy and sex man animal would both tend to indicate an ... er ... intimate? ... relationship with cess holes.

Lionheart said...

Says it all Sir Henry, denies and lies from the Pakistani Moslem to follow.



I'm going to have a riot with this one!

Boredluton? Boredluton? Where have you gone Boredluton?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

boredluton - beware.

The Lion is beginning to wake from his slumber.

Anonymous said...

All over Europe this feeling of disaffection with the policies of Europe and America towards Islam is generating the Europe wide civil wars of the next decades to come.
People will only tolerate the twisted insanity of the ruling elite of the West.
Euro governments weakness and cowardice in the face of attacks on our individual European identities, and American foolishness in thinking that it can keep the problem off-shore by encouraging Islamification overseas, will serve to encourage the formation of a massive continent-wide resistance to this process.
When the good times are gone, the people will act.
How do these idiots in government think that they will be able to control Islamic terror and it's opposite at the same time?
A recipe for chaos and anarchy for sure.
Check out the sentiments from middle Europe.

Anonymous said...

BB I worry about the third highest placing of the Finnish language in that search survey!
Must be lonely with just wild boars for company in the sauna!

boredluton said...

so its ok for the western world to be sinful because they have no shame and flagrantly advertise the fact? lol

there is nothing superior about being an honest criminal - you're a criminal nonetheless, someone like lyingfeart should be familiar with this concept.

Russet Shadows said...

Simply put, Geert Wilders is heroic, and that speech is one for the ages.

thud said...

We don't have anybody with even a tenth of the courage of this man...i hope he continues hammering home his message and stays safe for all our sakes.

Anonymous said...

I realyy dont know from where Geert Wilder got the Quran tranlated and misquoted it to the Parliament. the following was translated from Arabic and sent to me by an office collegue.

The Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Last Sermon

This sermon was delivered in Mecca).
After praising, and thanking Allah he said:

"O People, lend me an attentive ear, for I know not whether after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. Therefore listen to what I am saying to you very carefully and TAKE THESE WORDS TO THOSE WHO COULD NOT BE PRESENT HERE TODAY.

O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you. Remember that you will indeed meet your LORD, and that HE will indeed reckon your deeds. ALLAH has forbidden you to take usury (interest), therefore all interest obligation shall henceforth be waived. Your capital, however, is yours to keep. You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity.
Beware of Satan, for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things.

O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah's trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers, as well as never to be unchaste.

O People, listen to me in earnest, worship ALLAH, say your five daily prayers (Salah), fast during the month of Ramadan, and give your part of yourwealth in charity. Perform Hajj if you can afford to.

All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.

Remember, one day you will appear before ALLAH and answer your deeds. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.

O People, NO PROPHET OR APOSTLE WILL COME AFTER ME AND NO NEW FAITH WILL BE BORN. Reason well, therefore, O People, and understand words which I convey to you. I leave behind me two things, the QURAN and my example, the SUNNAH and if you follow these you will never go astray.

All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; and may the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly. Be my witness, O ALLAH, that I have conveyed your message to your people".

USpace said...

Millions and millions are quiting Islam every year; in Africa 16,000 leave Islam everyday, according to Faithfreedom.org.


For Muslims reading this, be brave! You also can leave Islam. Be a brave apostate!

Youtube & Google Video have put 'Fitna' up. See the link at the bottom.

GO Mr. Wilders! Great job! Short and to the point, very powerful!
It will be interesting to see how many Dhimmi politicians will watch this. Eventually, most probably will.

SPREAD THE WORD to the world everyone!

All freedom starts with freedom of speech. If there is no freedom of speech, there will be no freedom. The Christians and Jews don’t riot when somebody makes fun of Christ or Jews. People must learn to be civilized. Rioting MUST not be tolerated.

That’ll be great if there’s not much rioting, how very mature that would be. Geert Wilders is a hero spreading the painful truth. He MUST be protected!
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
weak and insecure is BEST

the best way for religion
KILL those who question it

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
Islam for everyone

submit to glorious life
slavery and servitude

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw self-defense

exposing violent crimes
shall be deemed hate speech






Sturmgeschutze said...

Friends from Europe, I am an immigrant from another war called the Vietnam War and eventually was fortunate enough to be brought to the US 3 days before the collapse of Saigon. I am very grateful for my new identity as an American (North America) and I will fight for Her and the freedom in which our founders laid down. In the US we have the 2nd Amendment which allows us to arm ourselves against a tyrannical government. So many of my military friends and I are readying ourselves for a war against Islam here in the US. We understand that we will be attacked again and naturally we will retaliate to any mosque or Muslim community. That said, I certainly welcome muslims to do something stupid here, b/c if Americans are to die so will they. Bravo to PM Wildeer---you have mine and many of my friends in the US (who are not white) support you 100%.

Anonymous said...

Friends, i Live in a country in Asia, Sri lanka.this does not have to go far. Most muslims are peaceful people. If the Governments and NGO want to potray islam as killer religion we are all sadly mistaken. If a wrong is a wrong and a right is a right. We should be able to distinguish it. I too have live among a community of Buddhist, Hindus, Roman Cathalict, Anglicans and muslims. Although i'm a athiest.
The difference is Allah is one god for the mulims.
check out this....
The Qur'an ("Qor-Ann") is a Message from Allah to humanity. It was transmitted to us in a chain starting from the Almighty Himself (swt) to the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (saas). This message was given to the Prophet (saas) in pieces over a period spanning approximately 23 years (610 CE to 622 CE). The Prophet (saas) was 40 years old when the Qur'an began to be revealed to him, and he was 63 when the revelation was completed. The language of the original message was Arabic, but it has been translated into many other languages.

The Qur'an is one leg of two which form the basis of Islam. The second leg is the Sunnah of the Prophet (saas). What makes the Qur'an different from the Sunnah is primarily its form. Unlike the Sunnah, the Qur'an is quite literally the Word of Allah, whereas the Sunnah was inspired by Allah but the wording and actions are the Prophet's. The Qur'an has not been expressed using any human's words. Its wording is letter for letter fixed by no one but Allah.

Prophet Muhammad (saas) was the final Messenger of Allah to humanity, and therefore the Qur'an is the last Message which Allah has sent to us. Its predecessors such as the Torah, Psalms, and Gospels have all been superceded. It is an obligation - and blessing - for all who hear of the Qur'an and Islam to investigate it and evaluate it for themselves. Allah has guaranteed that He will protect the Qur'an from human tampering, and today's readers can find exact copies of it all over the world. The Qur'an of today is the same as the Qur'an revealed to Muhammad (saas).

Anonymous said...

War is not the answer. Islam is not the enemy.
It’s easy to to start a war but how long does it take to make peace my dear earthlings ?
USA went to war on a pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Till then the UN monitoring committee made a claim that all deadly weapons are destroyed. Still Mr. Bush sent his troops and only the oil industry is benefiting by extorting oil from Iraq which was the 2nd largest producer.

When Saddam Hussein was in power only opposition for a change was required not destruction of country. The Russians are claiming that most Iraqis are going through such hardships that they are even prepared to grow poppy. Then the drug industry will also boost.

Come guys lets not preach for another war. If any one has broken the law in his or her country the law should take its turn. We should not take and preach the law in to our hands.

Long live John Lennon…. Imagine All the People living Life………..

Anonymous said...

i'm just say FUCK YOU all kafir,tai anjing,tai babi,otak kalian hanya sebesar otak kecoa...kalian ga ngerti apa-apa....
peace 4 u all

Anonymous said...

Just wait when all of us die. Just see whether muslim or christian that go to hell.. Just wait.. No need to argue anymore to all christian that have so many errors in their own bible.. Sucks you all!!! All christian are coward and only know how to speak but no action...

Anonymous said...

No need to use obseen language mate, anyway I don’t think islam is at fault. The main fault is that most of the muslims do not know their own Koran. If only they practice it, it will be a lovely example to all those other faiths.
How the heck did all these nonsence wars and preachers of hate start??
We shoul all condemn suicide bombings and also stop the continous agression commited by The Isreali Goernment forces in the Occupied terrotories in the Land once known as Palastine. And stop the firing of Lame rockets to innocent people.
But thnn again who is for that??? Why or Why Lord…..

The Crusader said...

I am a Christian Canadian/Egyptian. I would like to ask Europeans a question. How come you didn't learn from history: how islam took over all of our countries by force. Why do you let them grow in population in your country? why do you give your enemies power within your own land? If you do not do something to stop this islamization soon, the destiny of your countries will be like my Egypt: once a 100% Christian nation; look at her now. Stop Islamization Of Europe in Jesus name.

Anonymous said...

Islam resent crime history against humanity

In 1920s-30s, Palestinian Muslims committed massacre of Jews in Jewish land of Palestine murdering thousands of children and civilians. The murder was organized by the founder and supreme leader of the Arab Higher Committee, Haj Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, and supported by British Administration of Palestine. The massacre was, in reality, the Holocaust committed by Palestinian Arabs in compliance with Islamic Koran which demand killing Christians and Jews.
Haj Amin was close friend of Hitler. In 1941, Haj Amin came to Berlin and visited Hitler. He brought the Holocaust idea to Hitler. In 1943, Amin organized Bosnian Muslim battalions in Croatia comprising some twenty thousand men. The battalions were put in Waffen-SS units, fought Yugoslav partisans in Bosnia; thousands of Serbs, Roma ('Gypsies') and Jews hunted down by Haj Amin's SS troops were killed by those same troops, or they were sent to the Islamic death camp Jasenovac. After the WWII, the International tribunal declared Haj Amin was crime criminal; however, he escaped prosecution, fled to Egypt and then Palestine where he organized Fatah. After his death in 1974, Arafat, who was Haj Amin lieutenant, became Fatah commander. He organized PLO. PLO and Fatah committed numerous murders around the world killing American and European Christian and Jews.
From 1948 to 1953, Arab countries expelled almost million Jews and stall their properties. Laws of some Islamic countries ban Christians and Jews from living there, in compliance with Koran. In 1999, Kosovo Liberation Army stormed homes of the last 15 Jews in Kosovo’s capital, who had to clear out, with just the clothes on their backs
The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, a United States Senator and brother of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, took place shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968. He was killed following celebrations of his successful campaign in the Californian primary elections while seeking the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. The perpetrator was a twenty-four year old Palestinian immigrant named Sirhan Sirhan.
In 1985, the Achille Lauro cruise ship was hijacked. During the hijacking, an elderly, wheelchair-bound American from New York, Leon Klinghoffer, was shot and pushed overboard. The hijacking was organized by the militant Palestinian Liberation Front in part to demand the freedom of Samir Kuntar, the convicted gunman now at the center of a prisoner swap between Israel and Hezbollah. (Unclear, why US has never demanded his extradition to US for trail)
There are more:
Iran Embassy Hostages, 1979;
Beirut, Lebanon Embassy 1983;
Beirut, Lebanon Marine Barracks 1983;
Lockerbie, Scotland Pan-Am flight to New York 1988;
First New York World Trade Center attack 1993;
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Khobar Towers Military complex 1996;
Nairobi, Kenya US Embassy 1998;
Dares Salaam, Tanzania US Embassy 1998;
Aden, Yemen USS Cole 2000;
New York World Trade Center 2001;
Pentagon 2001.
(Note: during the period from 1981 to 2001 there were 7,581 terrorist attacks worldwide.)
The above is only a minuscule part of islam criminal and murderous history; however, it is more than enough to conclude that:
1. Islam is Fascism and must be banned on American, European and Australian continents
2. Koran is Islamic Mein Kampf
The world literature knows only two books calling for total elimination of people based on their ethnicity or religion:
1. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and
2. Koran by Prophet Muhammad

Mark Bernadiner, PH.D.