2 March 2008

Islamic Ethnic cleansing in Luton

Luton police are finally taking the ethnic cleansing of elderly and vulnerable white and black residents living within the Bury Park area of Luton seriously, so serious now that they are treating the investigation like a murder enquiry.

This is nothing but pure religious hatred and racism aimed at non-Moslem residents who are currently living within a Moslem dominated area - Ethnic cleansing so Moslem's can buy up their properties.

Video's of the elderly residents can be viewed here:
Ethnic cleansing

The DI investigating this crime has "STATED" their is no evidence to say these attacks are racially motivated.

Come on Mr McCarthy you insult our intelligence.

When it is found out that these attacks were carried out by young Moslem thugs then can we publicly say that these were racially motivated attacks or do we have to continue promoting these politically correct lie's?

If this was young white thugs hurling bricks through Asian windows everyone would be shouting "RACISM" as loud as they could from the roof tops, but because this is the protected Moslem species carrying out these attacks, no one wants to upset them because they know what upsetting the sensibilities of the Islamic community means.

So the innocent people of Britain have to put up with these double standards and this abhorrent behaviour in our communities under the banner "community cohesion".

Luton on Sunday
The level of policing on a case involving a series of attacks on elderly and vulnerable residents in a town street is the same given to a murder investigation.

Detective Inspector Ged McCarthy, the officer at the head of an operation to find those responsible for the attacks in the Selbourne Road area hit out at critics who say the police are not treating the case as a priority.

DI McCarthy was speaking after Luton on Sunday was granted exclusive access to evidence by police officers who are 'busting a gut' to find the perpetrators.

Luton Police, including force commander Nicky Dahl, invited this newspaper to the station to explain exactly the stage their investigation has reached.

Since September the neighbourhood has seen 31 attacks on homes in Mansfield Road, Lincoln Road and Durbar Road, as well as Selbourne Road.

Objects including bricks and even a barrel have been thrown through house and car windows.

DI McCarthy has grown so frustrated with the paucity of leads that he arranged to meet up with our reporter on Friday and go through the evidence he has gained so far.

He insists there is no evidence the attacks are racially motivated and that anybody who says otherwise has not got all the facts to hand.

Continue reading:
Ethnic cleansing in Luton


Anonymous said...

Even if these attacks are not strictly 'racially' motivated because some of the victims were black and asian, they could very well be 'religiously' motivated as the black (& white) victims are all Christians and the asians probably non-Moslem asians.

Anonymous Lady

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Of course these attackers will be well protected by the Muslim community. Its time our government realised that we are heading for a civil war, and do something to stop the influx of British hating moslems into the country.

I am prepared to say I hate having Moslems living in my country, as I see them as a danger to my childrens future.

This is not racisim its how I feel

truthseaker said...

Aberdeen patriot, you are in no way racist in the comments you have made about not wanting muslims in this country, as you feel they are a danger to your children. That sir is not a racist remark & anyone who claim it to be has some kind of twisted mindset on the meaning of the word racist.

To be racist you have to be against a particular race, people. From a particular country, hence race!. But islam is not a race, it is a faith, a religion, a belief it is not a race. So as I said you are not racist & anyone who may call you that does not understand the meaning of the word.

I have said on this site & other as well, that any muslims who do not like our way of life, the way we think, how we act. That they do not like our beliefs, the way the country is run, our foreign policy. Then they should leave, if they do not like it. No one is stopping them from leaving, no one is holding them back. If they wish to live under the rules they claim they do, like sharia & other kinds of muslim justice then to make this country an islamic country. That will never happen, so they should just leave, go to where ever they lead the kinds of lives they dream of.

So please any person who has ever been called racist when they have made remarks against islam. Don't think that you are racist as you are far from it. That religion, islam is not a race it is a faith, a belief, it is no way or ever shall be a race.

Seeyoulater said...

"Social cohesion", as put in place by our Nu Labour puppetmasters, is designed to enhance the very notion that only the peoples of the Anglo Saxon races, are capable of the ghastly charge of "racism" and of being "racist"..

In effect the British police force have been entirely usurped as a moral safeguard, and respected entity, as common sense and its obvious conclusions are no longer deemed necessary in this political game of outright change.
The policemans hands are now bound so tight, that to speak out against such travesties would consign his career to the annuls of history.
On this point, it seems there are no second chances.

Islamic threats and intimidation, in line with politically correct doctrine, go hand in hand in reshaping the future of Britain, without any need for the British.

A steady phasing out of Nationalism, and the by-products it brings, is deemed vital, to these two ideologies, which have nothing in common except the rigid belief that borders are an un-necessary pestilence and must be removed.
A steady dilution of our indigenous spirit, and fervour that it can induce is slowly being eroded through mass immigration.

If for the reasons of language or religion, you cannot empathise, or find common ground with your neighbours, how can you ever find trust, to form movements or cohesive opposition to governmental plans?.

In a twisted logic that could only arise in politically correct doctrine, Islam, paradoxically could turn out to be both Britains greatest hope and worst nightmare all rolled into one.

The hope is our people refind their voices and spirit, bouyed on by the obvious absurdities of pandering to an all engulfing seventh century cult, and their treasonous cohorts of the left.

The nightmare is that this foul government silence us all, with new intrusive dogmas, that pave the way for an Islamic caphiliate.

In that scenario, God help us all....

Anonymous said...

Red Leader said:
The head of the new State Thought Cohesion, the Glorious Leader, our Party Fuhrer, the Most Honorable Brother of the Citizens, Gordon Brown has stated at the Party Conference that we, as Party members, must strive to install his new vision for the future of Great Britain.
He, in his most esteemed wisdom and clarity has called the Party Faithful to promote the new Five Year Plan, it is to be known as the "The Britain of Our Dreams."
Yes, that is it, "of our dreams," but remember, we shall not allow dissent or divestment of the principals of COHESION.
All deviants and free thinkers will be severely punished by having their trousers removed and a public spanking administered by a visiting religious figure of our choice.
If we cannot find a Church of England neo-Druid to perform, then perhaps a local Immam will do.
Failing that, we the Party of the People, servants of our Glorious Leader and our New Republic of Outer Europistan, will appoint a brother from the United Union of Public Servants and Lackies to administer the slipper.
All Hail to our Brother and the Peoples Friend, the Glorious Leader and Servant of our Cohesive Peoples Republic, Gordon Brown.
Long live the future of the "country of our dreams."

I must be dreaming!

""Gordon Brown attempted to rally Labour activists in advance of his first electoral test as party leader yesterday, urging them to build "the Britain of our dreams"."

What an effin nightmare ha ha ha ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

You know, if those locals in the areas you describe were not afraid to name and shame the individuals who are responsible for this outrage, were to come out and demonstrate their anger at what was being done by these thugs, supposedly in the name of a religion that claims to be superior in every way, then the people of britain would raise their voices in a cheer of support, and what is claimed by moderates to be peaceful, would be seen as such.
However, silence only serves to confirm the worst thoughts about what is happening.
No amount of police statements about the cause not being racialism will be believed. Luton's inhabitants are not stupid mugs.
They know what is happening.
The police have been out every night for weeks, screeming about in their cars.
Are we supposed to believe that everything is hunky dory?
We get closer to anarchy everyday, and it all just serves those that want to limit our old freedoms of expression and tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Luton police have lied in the past they could be now,like when they told me there was no crime against Steve Couglan takeing leaflets out doors they refused to take the film.

Sarah D said...

There was a report about this on the TV news a few weeks back. They said that the attacks could be "racially motivated" and then interviewed on of the victims, an elderly black woman who described a brick being thrown through her window.

No white victims were shown and no mention was made of the race of the attackers.

The news item was clearly deliberately censored so that the average viewer would assume that the racist attackers were white.

Ducky's Here said...

Are they going to finish the cleansing by finally putting your arse in jail, liar?

Anonymous said...

Troll alert.......

Ducky's here said...

Lionheart, do British cells have wi fi?

Seeyoulater said...


If you insist on making smart arsed comments, why dont you waddle over to Councillor Terry Kellys blog, where you can entertain your passion with as much venom as you like.
There, if your remarks are biting enough, you will receive plenty of support from fellow bloggers, whom all play a part in winding this erstwhile councillor up..

Where-as here - we all just find you tedious to say the very least...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart,

Your God is my God too. Greetings to you in Christ!

I share your concerns. But we should ask ourselves WHY a God who is all-powerful and good is permitting the rise of Islam in our land. Only then can we know how to respond.

Can it really be coincidence that Islam is rising in the same era as our crime, divorce, abortion statistics have rocketed? A study made between the Wars ("Sex and Culture" by JD Unwin) found that every civilisation that went promiscuous and wrecked its family stability soon disappeared from history, by conquest or other means. I take this to be divine judgement (see eg, Leviticus 18:24).

So I believe that Islam's rising political power in Britain would be reversed if Britons desisted from these sins on their present scale. And to tackle Islam without addressing these sins is to stand in the way of God's judgement - not a wise action. Secular humanism is the problem, Islam is the judgement, Christianity is the solution.

If enough people return to the church then those sins would diminish. But true Christianity is a faith of the heart, and is therefore impossible to impose on people. (Some churches need to repent of their historical attempts to make Christianity mandatory.) What we can do in our secular democracy today, as well as preach, is point out the terrible effects of subverting the Welfare State so as to undermine, rather than support, family values. A new political party with a domestic policy based on family values and a foreign policy based on opposition to the EU would win many votes in England today...


Anonymous said...

Some very good points, anon.

Anonymous said...

Ducky (yawnn) you have a filthy mouth (beak) are you so lonely you have to keep pestering this blog?
Dirty little jew hater.

Anonymous said...

Philologos - great comment!
God bless you.