26 March 2008

Moslems to outnumber Christians

Foreword: It doesnt take Einstein to work out the future consequences for Great Britain based on the statistics, that time in the future where your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren reside.

Your sitting safe and comfortable now so what do you care!

How do you think Islam spread throughout the Middle East?

Daily Telegraph

The increasing influence of Islam on British culture is disclosed in research today that shows the number of Muslims worshipping at mosques in England and Wales will outstrip the numbers of Roman Catholics going to church in little more than a decade.

Projections to be published next month estimate that, if trends continue, the number of Catholic worshippers at Sunday Mass will fall to 679,000 by 2020.

By that time, statisticians predict, the number of Muslims praying in mosques on Fridays will have increased to 683,000.

The Christian Research figures also suggest that, over the same period, the number of Muslims at mosques will overtake Church of England members at Sunday services.

Church spokesmen point out, however, that a growing number of Anglicans worship at other times of the week.

The projections show that, if the Churches do not reverse their historical decline, there will be more active Muslims than Christians in Sunday services across Britain before the middle of the century.

The figures, based on Government and academic sources and the latest edition of Christian Research's Religious Trends, come amid growing tensions over the place of Muslims in British society.

They follow fierce rows over the extent to which Islamic law should be recognised and over claims that "no-go" areas for non-Muslims are emerging in parts of the country.

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Moslems to outnumber Christians


truthseaker said...

How & why is this all happening? Its because of the number of immigrants that are coming into this country. The vast majority of them are muslim & what are they all doing when they get here. They are having children so fast. The average normal family in this country is about 3 children but muslims. No they have 6 plus, so is it any wonder that muslims will outnumber Christians in this country in less than a decade. We have to stop immigration into this country A.S.A.P. We also have to stop these who have come into this country breading like rabbits. I know its a hard thing to try to do but it must be done. At this rate it will not be long before muslims take over this country by stealth. That is there aim & that is what it is clear they are doing. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

The only way to reverse this invasion is .... to reverse it!

Get the huge ships out of their hangars where they are stagnating. & rotting. Gather the hordes, put them on the ships --- and ship them back home.

Those native countries will scream
'racism'? Let them, whilst reminding them that it was their offspring who brought this atypical 'racism' to the fore amongst the traditionally tolerant British, being as these Islamic colonists are far more racist than the indigenous Britons - and are never ashamed or embarrassed to declaim their racism & their threats of violence, from every Hyde Park & other street corners.

They will be much happier amongst their own, seeing that they complain constantly how awful & degrading they find the British Way of Life and how they have been called upon from Above to destroy that way of life and remould it to their way of life, of religion, of primeval customs, of 'culture', of Sharia-'law', of dress, etc., etc.

Britain must lead the way or she is doomed. Believe me, the Danes would follow quickly, then the French and then all the other dhimmi states now cringing before their Islamic masters.

The United Nazis Organization (UNO) will sqawk and condemn and threaten this life or death decision?

Well, we all know by now that that organization has been taken over by the 58 fascist-bellicose Moslem countries & their fascist- communist allies like Venezuela & Cuba.

But what can they actually do apart from ranting, raving, threatening and defaming? Declare war on Britain, Europe, the USA? It will happen anyway, but at least the aggressive, terrorist
5th Column will no longer be around working to destroy them from within, for their host countries' enemies.

So sad that someone like tolerant, loving, forgiving me, has been brought to such a pass that I can think there is probably no other
'solution' now available for the grim problem facing the free world today.

But at least it is the most humane, bloodless solution possible in the circumstances.

Very Worried
Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Over at the Green Arrow's site 3 maps of France show the level of contamination. Its like looking at an X-Ray of a cancerous lung. I'm no doctor, but it looks terminal to me.

Anonymous said...

Do any of the dhimmi politicians, who have allowed this to happen, really think that they will be spared?

Islam brings nothing good to the West. Westerners owe Muslims nothing. Not a place to live and certainly not hand-outs to procreate. Muslim immigration to the West needs to end now. So does welfare for immigrants. Unemployed Muslims and their spawn need to be repatriated immediately.

Joe Average had better wake up and vote for politicians who will do what needs to be done or Joe better get ready to fight in the streets.

Immigration is also threatening to change Canada into a country of non-white cities interspersed with poor, white rural spaces. This is from a government report! And yet Canadians said nothing! I am a Canadian and I am ashamed of my fellow citizens.

I suppose this qualifies as hate speech. When I return to Canada, I guess I will find out!

Lionheart, please keep up the good work. My prayers are with you.

Ray Boyd said...

The number of church goers and mosque goers does not say much about population only about religious convictions.

Put it this way; there will be a much higher proportion of muslims going to the mosque than Christians going to church. Christianity is a belief that can be held without going to church. Islam is not.

That populations of muslims will increase there is no doubt. According to UN statistics the muslim population of Europe is doubling every 8-10 years or so.

With say 3m muslims in the UK that would mean: 2018, 6m; 2028, 12m; 2038, 24m. With about 55m non muslims now we would have a 30% muslim population by 2038 or so.

Have a look at my blog post on what muslims do as their population increases:

Muslim Demands,

Anonymous said...

so its immigrants fault that christians are so lazy in their faith that they can't be bothered to goto church?


Anonymous said...

whether the christians go to church or not, the moslems will still try to use their evil religion to damage us.