14 June 2014

Breivik - Who is going to investigate the credibility of the Police investigation in Norway?

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Aftenposten: Secret Norwegian Labour party July 22nd group

Breivik report forces Norway's police chief to quit
Police Chief Oeystein Maeland, who became the head of the police directorate weeks before Breivik's attack on July 22, 2011, has been criticised for his failure to face up to police shortcomings in the aftermath of Norway's worst peacetime violence.

Maeland, a long-time Labour Party politician and the best man at Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's wedding, quit after losing the confidence of Justice Minister Grete Faremo and other politicians, he told news agency NTB.

The commission said intelligence services could have learned about Breivik's plans months before the attack when he purchased bomb-making components, and that police had enough information to stop him as he made his way from the bombing scene to the youth camp.


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