8 June 2014

Political Asylum

Dagbladet: Death threats & intrigue

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When 2 British police forces refuse to take a witness statement from me, with 1 of them refusing to investigate threats of murder against me concerning this case then you have to consider the fact that there is a 'problem' somewhere along the line.  Not only this, but after being falsely accused by the Norwegian Police and the Worlds media of being the English 'mentor' behind Breivik and his terrorist attacks which has not been rectified yet, not one single person in authority in the UK has spoken to me about this case in 3 years even though there is outstanding evidence in the UK that supports my witness statement that was given to the Norwegians in my attempt to prove my innocence and clear my name.

The British based links to Breiviks terrorist attacks.

Wikipedia: Mass murder  -  Political terrorism

Going back to the first point and the complete refusal by 2 British police forces to take a statement or even talk to me about this case after numerous attempts, with an IPCC complaint from February still pending with still no response to it yet.

I am still alive, my witness statement still stands and the outstanding evidence in the Breivik case is still to be investigated with the real identity of Alan Ayling's associate who was present in his Barbican flat and uses the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' to brought out into the public domain with arrest and charge if he is the real English 'mentor' behind Breivik, or was responsible for attempting to frame me for being behind Breivik on-behalf of Ayling & Co as part of the wider implications of the terrorist attacks.

I should think that most normal people would think to themselves that if true and there is evidence outstanding in such a large terrorism case where 77 people were murdered then it should be investigated.  But if the police completely refuse to take a witness statement (which is proven), then how can any potential evidence be investigated with other people held to account for their complicity?

This is what is commonly known as a 'cover-up'

Over the last 3 years I have been lined up for 'murder and suicide' by a section of the British State and their influence over this case
 and the outstanding evidence, with their complete refusal to acknowledge or assist which is in the category of 'political repression' because all control comes down from higher up the State food-chain.  I have tried my hardest to have my evidence recorded during this time other than on social media but to no avail, and my options are very limited now.

Breivik & Co attempted to use the 'rule of law' against me to start with by apportioning blame upon me, so I have pursued the truth in the interest of justice in the belief that we are all governed by the same 'rule of law' in the expectation that those potentially guilty would be held to account by the same laws they attempted to use against me.  After 3 years I have found that that is not the case, that there are people out there who are above the 'rule of law' that governs the common man or believe themselves to be above the 'rule of law' due to their standing and influence and are able avoid justice which is completely contrary to the equality before the law we are all supposed to enjoy and be governed by.

Human rights violation in modern Britain.

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