24 June 2014

Morten Storm - Another coincidence

Considering Morten Storm is now centre stage as the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' from Breivik's 2083 manifesto after 3 long years of seeking to get to the bottom of the truth behind who was involved in attempting to frame me for Breivik's actions and prove the wider conspiracy, he and those around him are either laughing in the faces of everyone or it is another coincidence which is unlikely in reality but you never know.  His book is published by Viking.

Breivik was codenamed Viking by the Belarus security services and Morten Storm is directly linked to the investigation in Norway via London.

The book Agent Storm is either an insurance policy with his handlers and the bigger conspiracy surrounding Breivik and other people's involvement in the terrorist atrocity or it is a last ditch attempt as he plays his game for survival from a very long prison sentence or even assasination in an attempt to deflect attention.  Most of his claims in his book will never be able to be proven or disproven other than through logic and common sense which to me through rough reading his excerpts makes Storm look more like an Al Qaeda double agent rather than a loyal MI5/CIA/PET agent, with some of the excerpts a glory fest for how wonderful Islam is.  He seems to still like his beared appearence very much too, no disrespect to those who wear beards but Storm always had a different reason for his and after supposedly rejecting Islam you would have thought shaving his beard would have been one of his priorities.

Either way, he played every side along the way in his personal pursuits in the World he inhabited, with all that is left, being to determine his role in Breivik's atrocities other than the English 'mentor' label Breivik gave him, unless that was Ayling aka Lake who to me seems like either an MI6 agent or a foreign agent, or maybe both because within the World of espionage this is what happens when the lines become blurred and loyalties change for whatever reason.  The only ones who know this are MI6 & MI5 themselves at this point in time and they have tried their utmost to keep this information from becoming public.  Ayling has already been interviewed by the Norwegian police with the Norwegian mainstream media covering this before a D-Notice was slapped on the information allowed to come out in the media so it is a public interest story with his name already published.

The only thing now is the hope for justice and the 'outstanding evidence' in the Breivik case presented to determine 100% whether or not that was Agent Storm in Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake's Barbican flat in 2009 and then the police can work out how and why he ended up there.

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