26 June 2014

Sir John Sawer & MI6

Guardian: MI6 Chief to step down

Although he worked for MI6 when young, serving in Yemen and Syria, Sawers spent most of his career as a diplomat working through a series of Foreign Office jobs, including foreign affairs adviser to Tony Blair and ambassador to the United Nations.

He was the first outsider to be appointed to the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also known as MI6) for decades. His appointment was opposed by senior MI6 officers who saw it as an attempt by the Foreign Office to increase its influence over the intelligence service as a result of the Iraq fiasco. The intelligence agencies claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Daily Mail:
Gareth Williams family insist he was unlawfully killed

Daily Mirror: Why I think MI6 were involved in Gareth Williams cover-up

Daily Mirror: Gareth Williams was killed to protect Russian mole

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