21 June 2014

MI5's Morton Storm & Alan Ayling's Barbican flat

The elusive identity of the anonymous 'Richard the Lionheart' in Alan Ayling's Barbican flat fits the physical profile of Morton Storm.  I am not saying 100% it is him as it was 5 years ago and a 2 hour meeting but thick set with ginger hair and shaved beard is how I remember the person. 

He looks identical to the guy in the flat at the first founding EDL meeting and he was/had been working for MI5 so the profile of this anonymous person seems to fit him even more. Also present in the flat was another person Kinana Nadir who professes to be a spy, a moslem spy at that, exactly the same as Morton Storm.

1 definite known professed moslem spy present and potentially another if it was Morton Storm?

How did they both end up in Ayling's Barbican flat at a founding EDL meeting and if it was Morton Storm who was present then why was he using the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' and how did that name then become integral to the future Breivik investigation and attempting to frame me as the English 'mentor' behind the attacks? 

It doesnt look good if the true identity of the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' is Morton Storm.

I have my explanation behind how I believe I ended up framed as the English 'mentor' and the finger was pointed squarely at Alan Lake aka Alan Ayling who was subsequently interrogated over his possible role by the Norwegian police. Evidence emerged later linking him directly to someone using that alias (along with a professed spy Kinana) who could quite possibly be Morton Storm a known MI5 agent, only there has been a complete refusal to investigate the evidence and bring this anonymous persons real identity into the open.

I did say that MI5 must have known exactly who was in that Barbican flat that day in 2009 and thought MI5 were meant to be on our side in the 'war on terror'. It would be quite ironic if it was their actual agents in the flat that day who then went on to attempt to frame me for being behind Breivik's attacks, be complicit in mass murder and political terrorism in Norway and then attempting to cover it all up. 

Potentially agents of the British State attempting to frame me for being behind mass murder and political terrorism in Norway?   And people wonder why political asylum was an option because of this case.

We do not know yet as the evidence has not been placed in the public domain, arrests made, or interrogation taken place to ascertain the true identities of Ayling's associates 'Richard the Lionheart' or Kinana Nadir who were present in his flat and how this fits into the whole picture surrounding the events of July 22nd 2011 in Norway?

Are MI5 agents above the law?  Seems that these ones and those involved with them if the evidence is proven would like to think so.

Being complicit in mass murder where 78 people were slaughtered as an act of political terrorism in a foreign Country which was the biggest and worst act of terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century is a bit different from a lowly shop lifting charge after all.

We will have to wait and see, only its been completely impossible to have my witness statement taken and evidence presented in the UK so far after being on the recieving end of an act of Political Repression from sections of the British State from the ground up that has been sanctioned somewhere up the chain of command.  Then you question why?  It fits the understanding a little bit better when you think that it could have been a bunch of MI5 agents, rogue or otherwise, who were involved with Breivik so they have attempted to abuse their Power to cover-up the truth.

Time will tell...

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