7 June 2014

Police ready to interrogate Madeleine McCann suspects

Daily Mail: Permission granted to question Madeleine McCann suspects

Could 1 or more of the suspects been involved in the petrol bombing of Malinka's car if they are the ones who stole Madeleine McCann on the night of May 3rd 2007 and passed her on to a 3rd party instead of killing and burying her as part of a bungled burglary.

From a gang of common burglars of holiday apartments to a gang involved in the murder and then cover-up of a young child would be a very big leap for each of them to make and then live with, and it is not as if Madeleine seeing them robbing petty items from the apartment would warrant them murdering her as she would not have really given a witness statement and had them all locked up for life would she?

Quick run would have been the easiest option in that situation and not child kidnap and murder.

Stealing a child to order for a burglary gang is easier to believe if they are the ones responsible for the abduction which would mean Madeleine would have been alive within the first 24 - 48 hours after she went missing due to the motives behind her abduction.

A lone predator is one thing...A professional burglary 'gang' (plural) another.

Wikipedia: Fence (criminal)

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