23 June 2014

Morten Storm is the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' in Alan Lake's Barbican flat

Wiktionary: Triple agent
100% Morton Storm is the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' who was present in Alan Ayling's (aka Alan Lake) Barbican flat in London in 2009.

2 independent witnesses other than myself and Ayling can confirm this, with one of them himself a self professed moslem spy like Storm and the other an employee of a Companion of Honour.

The Norwegian police are/were still looking to ascertain the identity of the 'Richard the Lionheart' Breivik speaks of in his 2083 manifesto as the English 'mentor' behind the attacks, and here you have Morten Storm a known MI5 spy using that alias and directly linked to 2 people already questioned by the Norwegian police.

Taken from:
PET agent attempted to brainwash moslems in England

An email proving the existance of a 3rd person using the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' linked to Ayling and the first founding EDL meeting.
3rd party online media proving the existence of Kinana Nadir directly linked to Ayling and his profession as a moslem spy the same as Morten Storm.

Why are a couple of known moslem 'spies' directly linked to the Breivik enquiry via Alan Ayling?

Further reading: Breivik's beard & brainwashing

Excerpt taken from Morten Storm in the Daily Mail
Excerpt taken from an email to Norwegian police (2011)
Excerpt taken from an email to The Sunday Times (2012)
Excerpt taken from Morten Storm in the Huffington Post.  I told the Sunday Times journalist the person present in Ayling's aka (Alan Lake) Barbican flat I believed I could remember had told me he had an African wife.

All that is left is for the true identies of the aliases 'Richard the Lionheart' and Kinana Nadir to be made public and then let the public, which includes all of the families effected by the events in Norway in 2011 to ask the question as to why Morten Storm a known MI5 agent was in Alan Ayling's Barbican flat in 2009 using that alias?  And then how and why did Breivik use that name as his alleged English 'mentor' for his justification behind the attacks in Norway. 

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake who is directly linked to these 2 anonymous people has already been questioned over his possible role in the attacks in Norway so these questions are intrinsically linked to him and the truth.

And there are another 2 independent witnesses who were present in Ayling's Barbican flat along with myself who can confirm or attempt to deny the truth.

Morten Storm did not lead the CIA to Alwaki and the drone strike irrespective of his known contact with Alwaki. Storms tracking device was prevented from reaching Alwaki because Alwaki's security removed the bags for security reasons. That being said, would they not have then searched the bags for any type of listening and tracking devices after removing them for just such devices?

Maybe his handlers did not have much common sense...Or he played them very well!

Excerpt taken from Huffington Post

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