13 June 2014

British State - Protecting Alan Ayling & identity of an anonymous 'Richard the Lionheart'

It is not rocket science when you know the facts and evidence in the case.

There was an attempt to 'frame' me for Breivik's actions in Norway which has an explanation behind, and is not the explanation that was first reported in the media with Breivik the 'lone wolf' nut inspired through the internet.

I spent 3 days in Norwegian police custody voluntarily explaining where I believed the source of the attack originated from and evidence emerged later that supports my witness statement only there is complete refusal to bring the evidence out into the light.  So much so that a section of the British Government has slapped a D-Notice on the case so that no reporting of the facts and evidence can take place in the public domain.

This happened after The Sunday Times did a thorough investigative report into the British angle of the evidence and reported the identities of some of the witnesses publicly.

A section of the British State covering up peoples involvement in a mass murder and political terrorism case in Norway that they attempted to 'frame' me for
by exercising their influence in those secret places where their friends reside who currently wield the reigns of 'Power' in Britain.

How is that fair & just?  Unless the terrorist attacks were a British intelligence operation from the start, which I do not believe.

Not only that but I have had all of my 'human rights' to live as a citizen in my own Country stripped away from me because of this case to the point that 'they' have lined me up to be murdered or commit suicide in an attempt to silence me and remove the witness evidence I hold from the case which is a clear case of political repression from the ground up.  Im still alive though and hanging onto the truth and my evidence still stands in the public forum of today's social media.  Let others judge for themselves especially those who acutally know the evidence and facts in the case.

Multiple police forces have refused to take a statement from me or even talk to me about the case.  The only force that has was the Met's anti-terror unit but they even tried dismissing the evidence.

What next?

Does someone have to end up dead before the media report the facts in this case?  Who will get the blame then?

There is a 3rd person who uses/used the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' and there are 2 witnesses other than Ayling himself who can confirm that this person was present in Ayling's Barbican flat at the first EDL founding meeting.  Not only this but there is an email that was sent to me by one of the 2 people present in the room which is an electronically traceable finger-print linking back to computer and person who sent it.

Considering the Norwegians are still looking to identify the 'Richard the Lionheart' from the 2083 manifesto and Breivik's witness statements and Ayling has been questioned by the Norwegian police over his possible involvement, is it not in the public interest to reveal this persons identity? (I know The Sunday Times want to know) My name and face was all over the Worlds media concerning this case and the name 'Richard the Lionheart', and there is evidence that has emerged after both mine and Ayling's interviews that link both of us to a 3rd person using that name.

How does that fit into the case?

Did Ayling reveal the persons true identity in police interview?

Has Ann Marchini and (alias) Kinana Nadir both been interviewed to ascertain this 3rd persons identity?

If no to those questions then there is a clear attempt to cover-up the truth in this case because of the wider implications and other people higher up the chains involvement in it.  This is why there is a complete refusal to take a witness statement from me in the UK because once it is on official record someone has to act on it.

What am I going to be forced to do to get my witness statement down on record and highlight this case and evidence?

I have been to great lengths so far as a few people reading this will know.

What next?

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