27 March 2009

Luton Demonstration Cancelled

The recent Luton demo that was to take place on Saturday 28th March in support of our armed services and to protest against Al Qaeda in Britain was cancelled at the final hour by almost everyone who was involved in it.

The local papers were filled with the story stating that the planned march had been hijacked by fascists, and right wing extremists. If that was the case then, there would have been nothing anyone could have said to have stopped it from going ahead.

These supposed fascists and right wing extremists were just normal everyday people who were willing to take to the streets of Luton in support of British troops and to protest about what’s going on in the town and country with regards to militant Islam. It seems that the ‘establishment’ would like to call everyone who wants to demonstrate against militant Islam within Great Britain as fascists, so the wider community who learn of these events whilst sitting on from afar do not get a clear picture of the true reality of what is really going on, on the ground.

Call them all ‘fascists’ and ‘right wing extremists’ and the people will believe that’s what we all are, when they don’t take the time to look at the reasoning behind our actions.

People are now starting to wake up and question the reality that now surrounds them, and what they are being told, rather than just believing the lies that cover the truth. They now see that the police and authorities are not on their side, but on the side of the ethnic minority extremists who spew their bile and hatred towards them.

Our British English community which is the ‘silent majority’ is not allowed to take to the streets to demonstrate and voice our opinions about what is going on in society, but the militant Moslems now living in our country are.

Work that one out, “the wider Luton non-Moslem community, and those from further afield watching the proceedings”.

The police actually sanctioned the recent Islamic extremists anti-war protest, and then protected them on the streets so that they could continue spewing their hatred and bile towards our serving troops. The police then eventually ended up arresting two Englishmen for public order offences because they were stirred up and incensed like everyone else by this group of Moslem terrorists. Not one of the Islamic militants who were protesting was arrested for their actions that day.

How can it be one rule for Islamic militants living in Britain who are aligned to Al Qaeda who want to destroy our Nation and implement an Islamic State on the people, and another for the rest of us who uphold the ideals of this country, and the ancient well worn British identity with its way of life, because it is imprinted within our souls? This present way of life constitutes our democratically elected government (however much we dislike it) and its functioning of State, our monarch Queen Elizabeth who is our Sovereign ruler, and head of the armed services, the rule of law which we all live under that has been created over the centuries and birthed democracy in the World, and the ancient history and culture of these isles.

Who should the ‘establishment’ be supporting in their endeavours on ground level?

We are the people living in the frontline, on the ground in British society, and if we fall you are all next, why do you think people are now taking desperate measures? We all, now, have our backs against the wall by a present government who trample on ‘us the people’, using the police as their private army to enforce their will against us, with the Islamic religion now taking centre stage within public life, and the militant’s of their religion terrorising our communities and threatening large scale terrorist attacks against us – This is modern life in 21st Century Britain

What are ‘we the people’ (citizens of the United Kingdom) on the receiving end of all of this supposed to do? Just sit back and accept this as second class citizens in our own country, the country our forefathers shed blood sweat toil and tears for, for us their descendents?

The recent Luton protest was narrowly avoided this time.

I helped promote the demo and contacted a few different groups who were travelling in for the day from all over the country. People who I stand with and who stand with me, because our objectives are the same. One of the groups is ‘March for England’, a well respected and well received organisation who unite and march under their banner at demonstrations that are close to their hearts and important to the Nation as a whole, a group of Englishman and fellow heirs of these isles. Check out their site to see the demos they have attended. Amongst them has been the march for justice for baby P, the march in support of the Ghurkas being granted full citizenship, and one recently with Steven Gash of SIOE demonstrating against the introduction of Sharia law into Britain. March for England were not travelling into Luton under their banner because this was not their event, but they and their members were willing to travel in, in support of the people of Luton and the demo that was in place, to stand in solidarity with everyone else who were willing to be here. This group is not a fascist group, or any such thing, it is a group of Englishmen plain and simple, with politics and anything else left outside of the arena when they stand under their MfE banner. This is a professional organisation that is going to unite a lot of people from all sections of the English community to stand together and march in the streets as the silent majority we have become in our own Nation. There is an interview in process with Dave who heads up MfE that will be up at Maggies notebook and Radarsite once it’s complete, then people can know who this group is, what their aims and intentions are, join with them, and offer any support and encouragement needed. For any who don’t remember, this is the group who counter demonstrated against the extremist Al-quds march in London recently.

There was also a well respected group initially travelling in from the Welsh Defence League who couldn’t make it in the end. Many of them wisely decided not to come because it was no longer an organised event and did not want to face arrest. It is good to know that our Welsh brothers are willing to stand with us in England as we are willing to stand with them.

Apart from these two groups, thanks to the 'facebook revolution' there were people from all over the country united in their righteous anger, willing and wanting to travel into Luton on Saturday to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with everyone else to demonstrate against Al Qaeda in Britain, and show their support to our armed forces.

This shows the amount of feeling across the whole of the country about what is happening in Luton and across the Nation, with people from all over willing to travel from miles around to stand with their brothers and sisters on the streets in protest.

Luton has been a catalyst for a ‘people power’ revolution, this is our country after all, and it is about time we stood up together and said ‘enough is enough’ before it is too late.

The Luton demo might not have happened on Saturday, which has left a lot of people bewildered, disheartened and angry, but that doesn’t mean that nothing was achieved. Waiting in the wings across our Nation now is an army of people who are willing to leave the comfort of their own homes and unite in the streets for the sake of their country, and that cannot be ignored now by anyone. The Islamists are demonstrating on our streets, terrorising the police, the State and the people (our families), so now is our time to unite in the streets in our land. Not to terrorise the police or the people into submission through fear like the Islamists are doing, but to send a clear message to those who Lord it over us, and to our mortal civil enemy that now lives along side of us.

Luton was stopped this time out of respect of the police, because they are not our enemies, they are the first line of defence for our families, friends and neighbours, in this civil trouble we now find ourselves on the receiving end of, but next time ‘we the English people’ are incensed by these Islamic terrorists, I don’t believe anyone will be able to stop it and it will be so much bigger than what was planned this Saturday (just my thoughts).

Respect to all of those people who travelled in, all those people who were willing to travel in, and all those Luton boys whose home town this is all unfolding in. We are all one, as Englishmen, United we stand – Divided we fall. We never asked for what is now happening in Luton & Dunstable, destiny chose us, so now it is our time to arise to that call just like our ancestors, because if we do not, what are the consequences for our children?

Bedfordshire police know there could quite possibly have been a very serious incident of civil disorder which was narrowly avoided, not civil disorder aimed at the State or between two football factions, but civil disorder aimed at the ethnic minority community who are taking over our society, by forcing others to live in fear of them, and then being brazen enough to disrespect the ‘Lions of our armed forces’ in such a public despicable manner that was beamed around the world.

What are the English people to do? Sit back and take all of this hatred and war aimed at them, their families and their children.

For me personally, I read all of the newspapers stating all the different things about the upcoming demo, that it was a BNP march, that everyone were fascists, and what struck a chord with me was that it was on the front page of the Herald & Post. Luton police lost one of their officers last year, and last week saw his murderer sentenced to life imprisonment, with it being all over the front pages of the local news bar the Herald which is the most widely distributed, where their front page was about the demo. This showed how serious the police were taking this event that was about to unfold, for them to have had that on the front page of the paper instead of the murder of one of their officers.

The demo was not about a group of fascists or racists coming together to cause civil disobedience against an ethnic community for no reason. It was about normal people from all over the country joining together in Luton to show how incensed and disgusted they are about what happened to the Poachers in Luton. What would have happened beyond that is anyone’s guess.

I felt that the police needed to be respected here because the aim was not for an illegal demo with a riot at the end of it. It is our God given right to be able to take to the streets in protest, so I spoke with Dave from MfE because his group was inadvertently stated as turning up, and it was decided that the best approach would be to cancel coming out of respect for the police, and arrange a legal demo at some point in the future. March for England are a credible organisation, and a solid group for English people across the Nation, so it would have been damaging beyond repair for their aims if they were associated with an illegal event that turned into civil disorder. March for England will now be setting up a march in Luton at some point in the future.

There is a much bigger picture at play for people, with too much at stake for everyone so it was decided that people should pull out of putting their names to the event, and look to work within the boundaries of the law in conjunction with the police on an organised event. It is now the job of the State to accommodate ‘us the people’ and show us that they are still on our side, by allowing us the freedom to take to the streets for whatever reason.

It is now hoped that instead of the Saturday demo, the people of Bedfordshire can set up a St George’s day parade in Luton town centre, for everyone to unite peacefully. A time when the silent majority can come out onto the streets, leaving all divisions aside and unite behind their Patron Saint and National flag.

The ethnic minority Islamic community of Luton are always marching through the streets so it’s about time we were allowed to do the same, and there is no better day than St George’s day for us to do it.

Please join the facebook group to see how it develops: St George’s day

Should the ‘Establishment’ be supporting a small bunch of militants who represent the military wing of their global religion, or those of us whose forefathers went to war in past generations for Queen & Country so that we could live upon these Isles, how those who have gone before us once lived, and what we desire to hand to our children and grandchildren.

The future is very much in the balance now.

Luton has already witnessed many anti-terror operations, there have been Moslems killed fighting coalition troops abroad, there have been several large scale bombing campaigns linked to the town, it took centre stage on the morning of 7/7 when Al Qaeda declared war on our country, there is an active campaign of chemical warfare being waged against the community with Al Qaeda’s heroin from Afghanistan, and now recently the Islamic militants of Bury Park came out protesting against our armed forces. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind about the seriousness of the situation on the ground here, and is the reason why people should be thinking about reality rather than sweeping it under the carpet hoping it will all go away because it wont.

Why do you think people from far and wide were about to travel into Luton on Saturday.

Each generation upon these Isles is charged with making these shores a pleasant land for those living in it, and for those who are coming after us, with each generation having its own struggles. Some struggles are critical that endanger everything these shores mean to those living upon them, and some not so critical depending on what factors are being played out in the world at that time.

The First and Second World Wars are the most recent nation changing events that have taken place in our modern history, and thank God our ancestors rose to the challenges that were set before them and succeeded so that we could live how we once lived upon these shores. Those victories are now being washed away by today’s ruling powers, with everything they fought and died for being removed from us their children, our national inheritance being bankrupted by the ruling elite.

These Islands are now being invaded from the four corners of the Islamic world as they seek to fulfil their religious mandate to destroy the West and bring down America. For the past 10 years or so there has been an open door policy for all immigrants arriving upon our shores, these people have now swelled the ranks of the Islamic religion within our land, and the coming all out holy war. We in England are a stepping stone into the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century, and the 21st Century Islamic armies are here and being born into our nation on a daily basis. Just look around you, even the Defence Secretary John Hutton has publicly stated there are Al Qaeda enclaves across the country, with one of those enclaves being in Luton.

The Left Wing multiculturalists will call those words racist but they are not, they are words of ‘fact’ that nobody is allowed to talk about, or they live in fear of talking about, because they would be called racists, the big ‘R’ word with which to beat the people down with.

Today’s struggles upon these shores are critical. We now have the militant wing of the global Islamic religion that is hell bent on bringing down the Western world so that Islam can reign supreme over the Earth, living side by side of us now. They are actively engaged in a low-level urban guerrilla civil war against us, and Luton has arisen as one of their frontlines.

The Osama Bin Laden of British Islamic terrorism Anjem Choudry’s group who demonstrated against the Royal Anglian Regiment have made their stated aims towards us and our country perfectly clear. Yet they are left to ferment their Islamic ideology, hatred and holy war against us on a daily basis with the ‘Establishment’ doing nothing visibly about them. With some newspapers saying we should just laugh at them as if they are a joke. Tell that to the relatives of the 7/7 bombings.

The present government talks about being tough on Islamic extremists, and here we have a very large group spread across the country who are openly and actively preaching and recruiting for their Islamic war of conquest against us, upon our shores, and they are left freely to continue this path, protected by the State.

21st Century warfare is upon our British shores, two kingdoms one Island, and only one will survive into the future. Queen Elizabeth’s kingdom that has been passed down into her hands from generations past, or the newly established Islamic kingdom that has now been birthed upon the green, green grass of England and wants to turn the land into an Islamic State.

This exact same terror group that Anjem Choudry leads, is linked to every single suicide bombing that has been carried out around the world by Moslems born in Britain.

There can be no doubt about the dangers this group poses to the National Security of Great Britain, and they might just be too big now for the government to do anything about, unless they arrest and lock up the leaders of the group under treason laws, and place them in solitary confinement due to the nature of the threat they pose, just like one of Lutons most famous sons, Charles Bronson is in for far, far less. Or they build detention centres for these militants, so as to protect the wider innocent British community from their actions.

As Charles Bronson says: "let someone else come and have a go", I think that the British public would all agree that these Islamic terrorists deserve to be held in the same conditions as Mr Bronson has for the last 26 years. The system has put one of their own children through it because of his mistakes, now its time to put those children of foreigners who are traitors to the 'Crown' and the people, through the ultimate 'modern day' prison sentance that they have been served with whilst at war against us upon our shores.

For anyone reading this please think about things long and hard, watch the news and read the papers, then please be willing to join us in the streets when the time comes.

Luton might not have happened this time, but be sure of one thing, the events were being watched by everyone, and each of us here have stated our position to those watching.

This is our country and we are willing to defend it.

United we stand – Divided we fall


Joanne said...

What a load of crap! So if the people want to march in support of their troops and their country, they have to have permission? You're asking permission from the same people who are bending over for the Muslims and who are the socialist traitors in your government. Does anyone actually think they are going to give you permission? Doesn't England belong to the people? Or does it belong to your invaders and the traitors that support them? Do you think Muslims would ask for permission or even care if they received permission to march or protest if they so wanted to? Do you think they would be called fascists or any other name or would they actually listen to authorities if not granted permission and not protest?

I'm not talking to you personally, Lionheart, but the British as a whole. I know you must be disappointed with this turn of events. The British traitors are so afraid of any possible confrontation with Muslims occurring. The British people will never get permission from those who want to strip you of all your rights and will to stand up for them.

Personally, I'd tell them to go to hell and march anyways. If the police attack the peaceful protesters, then what then? Will the British come out in greater force or will they cower back into their pubs? The British better pick a time and stick to their decision....come hell or high water. If it isn't the right time, so be it, but don't allow people who do not have any of your interests at heart, dictate your actions.

Let's face it, they aren't worried about the British in the march starting trouble, they are worried about Muslims on the sideline starting trouble and the British in the march taking care of business. It isn't keep the 'Muslims-will-dominate' under control, it is keep the 'mad-as-hell' and 'we-aren't-going-to-take-it-anymore-British' under control.

Anonymous said...

shame luton is going to drop out of the football league. we could have organised a protest when they were next hosting Millwall FC.

Anonymous said...

You may as well just hand your country over on a silver plate to the muslims, crown jewels and all.
If the Brits don't have enough balls to protest for fear of being called fascists then good luck for the next 20 years. Who cares if the cops didn't authorize this. Do you think the Muslims went to the police and asked permission to protest?

over here in the US thousands are protesting Obama's administration, we are holding "Tea Party's", subtly reminding the Government that it's "we the people" who control government, not the other way around. The US government fears the people, rightly so, because most of us patriots are armed to the teeth and politically active.

But, sadly, of course American boys will be required to sacrifice their lives once again bail out Europe because Europeans are too weak to stand up to tyranny once it rears it's ugly head in the early stages.

Oh well at least you have your pubs you can hide in.

(ps hope this makes you angry enough to actually start doing something about it! Not you Lionheart though, you are on the front lines and have sacrificed your freedoms, if only there were more Lionhearts!)

Anonymous said...

Satan is indeed lord of planet earth...and you know who are his foot soldiers...

The time of Moshiach is on hand.

But we must remain on guard and prepared for what is in store for the world. We must keep the faith for, before the good times, will come the bad times.

Alas and alack.

The struggle goes on...and in the end, no matter what the challenges....we WILL overcome.

So it is written...so it will be.

Anonymous Lady

Citizen Kane said...

This is patently unfair and biased. I believe that everyone has the right to demonstrate peacefully. If one element of society is allowed to stand with placards, (in this case in a clearly provocative manner, which should have been challenged by the police), then everyone should have that right. I don't agree with everything you say Paul, but on this issue you are absolutely correct.

Guy Macher said...

I wish I were in England now. I would march.

Time is short. We must march now to show Muslims we are not going to roll over and die. Even this show of will might not work. I am growing more certain that civil war is going to necessary to settle this.

May Jesus, Son of God, bless everyone who marches.

wheatington said...

Didn't catch the typo until the message left.

Almost Midnight in the West


Maggie M. Thornton said...

Lionheart, I guess I should not be surprised. After all, look what is happening to you.

Yeoman, whoever he is, needs to step down.

These things shake me to the bone. It is too, too Kafka-esque, but it is real, both in Britain and the U.S.

I'll get this up the blogs.

God bless.

Findalis said...

Your request will be denied. They will claim that it will stir up racial violence.

But go ahead then any way. Do the streets belong to the native population or to the thughs?

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable what's going on in the UK right now. What is the UK government officals and authorities thinking? People have the right to peacefully assemble and protest. If the UK always the muslims to do this. Then they should allow anyone else and their organization do the same. The UK is rearing it's ugly head. By showing they don't want equality for all. And that the government is actually against it's own people. In which they (govt) is suppose to protest it's citizens.

Now, if a group has a peaceful protest and the muslims turn it into a violent situation. Then who's fault is it? The UK would make people believe it was the peaceful protesters fault for initiating a peaceful march. Why can't the UK govt. see that muslims are the real problem. And that muslims are the ones who need to be taught what tolerance and understand really means.

Instead of the UK govt. tackling the real issue. The elect to bury their heads in the sand and remain passive. The officals believe that by appeasing the muslims, they will not cause any problems or become violent. The govt should tell the muslims how they need to conduct themselves while living in the hosting nation. And if they don't then they (muslims) will be asked to leave the UK and if they refuse. Then they will be automatically deported. The UK needs to set the ground rules and regulations to the muslims. ANd then expect the muslims to adhere by them. Or else they have no part of being in the UK.

Right now you can bet every muslim in the UK and possible in Europe are laughing at the UK govt. and it's people. They now know they can get away with whatever they want. But, the opposing side can't do anything to counter a protest. I sincerely hope the UK citizens wake the F up and do something about this. Because if you don't, you might as well all move and give the UK to the muslims. LH, everything I said doesn't reflect upon you. You of all people have done more than enough and your share. Just wish more ppl were doing what you do. G-d Bless you all, because your all truly going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that UAF didn't set up the Facebook group itself ?

It's common a practice of the left to use 'false flag' practices.

Just wondering - I don't really know.

Anonymous said...

All it took to stop this march were a couple of phone calls to this crappy rag of a newspaper, the Herald and Post, who always bend to the Islamic Kingdom's wishes, and this trumped up make believe of a story was published.
There are a hard-core of Socialist Worker Party activists in Luton, so-called "anti-racists" who will at every turn act against what THEY perceive as some ground swell that may show the true nature of peopleds feelings.
This crypto-communist agitators will always stand with the Jihadists against democracy, because their own game-plan is devoid of real content.
These nazi little Marxist Labour Party tag-alongs know how to use the Press to get their ends.
It is time the anti-jihadist movement gets clever and uses the same tactics to show up these toe-rags for what they are.
Failed little commies.

Anonymous said...

That headline "Fascists stealing a march" makes me laugh. The only fascists today in the western world, including Britain, are the fanatic Extremist Left and their allies, the fanatic Islamic Jihadists. They are the ones who the police (and all decent citizens) need to worry about, not
the 'ordinary' British 'man/woman in the street.

I can assure everybody, including the police, that had the Luton March gone ahead, there would have been no ranting, raving and rioting amongst those marchers like, for instance when ranting, raving, rioting Moslems chased the police down West End streets, cursing them, mocking them and flinging heavy objects at them.Or those hardline G-20 RRR Leftists who, just a couple of days ago,
'demonstrated' in London in their usual violent fascist manner.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Hello Lionheart,

I'm french (a norman to be true so a kind of half-english for a parisian :) )
and I'm very sad to read that England live exactly the same hypocrisy than France about muslim "soft" conquest of our christians lands.
I'm not racist, I'm not fascist, I ve black and jewish true friends;
I simply have eyes to see that my own culture is dying.
I simply have an heart strong enought to try to protect it.
But the silence and the fear of truth is killing us.
Lionheart, I trully admire what you do, you're a spark of courage in the deep night of official lies.
I hope that a lot of people like you, across Europe, will awake consciousness of peoples.

Waiting for a new King Richard and a new Arsuf.

A Norman crusaser.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I think it's time these so-called "fascists" rise up and burn Parliament...if Parliament and government are taking sides, maybe it's time.

Anonymous said...

When I read the newspapers about why the Islamic Jihadist demonstration aginst the Anglian Regiments march through Luton, the senior POlice person responsible wa quoted as saying, someting like,
"Only the Home Secretary has the right to ban a demonstartion."
If this be the case, why was your march stopped.
It was reported that the march was illegal on safety grounds, as decided by some Luton Borough Council commitee.

Did this committee also take rresponsibilty for actually allowing the Isalmist Jihadi rabble to demonstarte "legally" against the Anglian Poachers Regiment's right to parade at their end of tour of duty, in one of their home -towns?

If so, I think that shows that Luton Borough Council Committeees are biassed, anti-British, and support the rights of Islamic radical thuggies to taunt and insult British troops, on their own streets.
Luton Council; are conceivably both racist and anti-British by their action, as they allowed a racist anti-British, anti-Patriotic rally of bigots and neo-nazi-religious thuggies, but stopped a proposed peaceful British-supporting march.

If you look at the make-up of Luton Council and their Officials, and use a little deduction, (visit their website and look around) you may make some assumptions as to why this state of affairs exists.
Let it serve as a warning of what is to come if this kind of situation is replicated throught Britian.
One Official even appeared on television news and emphatically declared the right of the jihadists to shout at and abuse our beloved troops.
Worse, he would not condemn their actions.
Repeat, would NOT condemn their actions.
He has a senior post to do with "cultural" issues.
Which will be easy to decipher for those familiar with the arcane language of politically corrected Council Officials, who are only given the job, not on merit, but on the basis of their personal background and belifs.
That is why so much Council-Tax money is wasted giving grants to things such as specious private "educational" institutions, and the like.

My hunch is that this very same individual, is the man that actually brought Lionheart Blog to the Police's notice, and in doing, started the process of arrest and harrassment he has endured.

May God judge this blackheart as he desrves.

wileysnakeskins said...

eventually you'll have to have your parade without authorization of the politically correct, multicultural dhimmis who bend over and take it up the, for islam each and every day. Do you really think the islamist jihad would hesitate for one monute to get out and into the street to parade or protest. You have to stand up; and eventually when it get's too far out of hand, you will. You can't look to your representatives because the rabbit breeding islamists are using their most powerful tool, 'having more and more chilren,' gaining votes, the islamic sharia block that your coward, vote hungry sucking dhimmit representatives will bow down to. One day soon you will be forced to not look to legal means to celebrate your heritage and honorable history; you'll just do it, and kill if someone tries to stop you.

wileysnakeskins said...

You begin planning the march for April 2010 NOW. By that time there will have been so many islamic demonstrations, rapes, robberies and just brutal abuse of your freedoms and rights that it will e impossible for the dhimmi state and its officers to stop you. If violence and violation of dhimmi laws and attitudes is what is necessary, SO BE IT! As for me and my house, "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH." and "DON'T TREAD ON ME!"
Where's Winston Churchille when you NEED him! Read his writings on the islamist and the danger and barbarous danger to the free and peaceful world.