12 March 2009

Luton Moslem Terrorist did work inside Airport

Video courtesy of Glen Jenvey

You have to ask the question; How many more Islamic militants are there who have gone under the radar and embedded themselves deep within strategic British Institutions?

Al Qaeda's sleepers are out there, they have beards, read the Koran and pray 5 times a day!

That's all the profile you need to know who is the enemy, only its not 'politically correct' to say it because it offends them.

Its like Churchill passing laws to protect the Nazis from being called Nazis.


Daily Mail

A Muslim extremist who works as a baggage handler at Luton Airport had his security pass suspended today after it was revealed he took part in a protest hurling abuse at British troops.

Jalal Ahmed was among the 20-strong group of extremists protesting when the Royal Anglian Regiment returned home from Iraq earlier this week.

During their homecoming parade, he was spotted clutching a banner proclaiming: 'Anglian soldiers: Butchers of Basra'.

After he was revealed to be part of the hate-filled demonstration, his pass allowing him to go airside and work at the airport was revoked.

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Terrorist inside Luton Airport

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Video below is of an airportworker from the same Islamic Terror group.


Joanne said...

Why are these people allowed to be in airport security anyhow? The mere fact that they are Muslims should be a deterrent considering all terrorists are Muslim. If you can't prove Muslims are not a threat, then they shouldn't be allowed in security positions anywhere, including the police forces.

LibertyMine said...

Very true Joanne. Remember after 9/11 when people were rightfully fearful of getting on planes with muslims but they were silenced by the government and various special interest groups. The same applies here. We're told to just get on with our lives. Be vigilant they advise, but do so with your eyes shut and your ears covered.

I agree with the link with Churchill and the Nazis. It fits perfectly. Listen to all the rubbish that Bush and Blair and everyone else came out with after 9/11 and again after 7/7, and then imagine the same mindless crap being spoken by Churchill after the blitz. Of course it wouldn't happen, but then our greatest leader knew what an enemy was.