6 April 2009

Stirring up Religious hatred whilst on police bail

Militant Moslem 'Rahman' talks about him and his followers targeting the Queen and Royal family as enemies of Islam, and he is stirring up religious hatred towards her, her family, and our society, including the police force whilst he was on police bail for this horrific demonstration in London over Danish cartoons.

You have to ask the question; Is not he and those like him spewing the same ideology, a threat to National Security and a danger to society?

Influencing young Moslem minds, and radicalising a new generation of Islamic militants who have been born and bred in Britain.

The Government are pumping millions of pounds of 'tax payers' money into the Islamic Kingdom of Britain in the hope that it will prevent young Moslems becoming radicalised and turning against wider society. What is the point of pumping all that money in when the likes of this man are walking free? If he was locked up then the recruitment and radicalisation process from this one individual would stop.

Round them all up, lock them away, and then the recruitment and radicalisation process will come to an end and a clear message will go out to the rest of them about what will happen if they continue their path of war and hate upon British shores.

Shame this Government does not have any backbone to tackle Islamic extremism!

Instead 'we the people' are left with these aiming their
religious hatred at us.


Anonymous said...

You figured that the UK would've learned from countries like France and Germany. That you can't just spill a lot of money into a group and think this group (muslims) will simply and suddenly assimilate, as well as embrace the society of the nation pouring all this money in to them. And that's exactly what France and Germany did and look at their results. And now you have the British govt. doing the samething.

It simply won't work. Today's muslims are too easily radicalized. Sort of rebrainwashed like how the black people of America. They are played off as being victims and it's the hosting nations native people who made them (muslims) this way. Then govt comes along and adds verfication to this brainwashing. By giving loads of money.

Only way to deal with this and stop it. Is to suspend all immigration of muslims into the UK and then actually enforce the laws you have on the books against the muslims. Instead of persecuting the native UK citizens who show concern for which direction their nation is going. Seems these so called hate crimes when it comes to religion is one side and there's no equality when it comes to this law. By locking up the main culpets of radicalizing the muslims and not permitting any into country. Will be a good start in reversing what's going on in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Notice how Obama was attempting the leaders of Europe to allow Turkey into the EU. Not sure if that's just rhetoric to make himself look good upon the europeans. Or he truly believes Turkey should become a full member. Something tells me is was a little of Both.

Anonymous said...

Barack Hussi Obama claims that America has no axe to grind with the 58 Islamic nations (21 of which are Arab nations) or individuals,only with 'terrorists' (a term which has just lately been proscribed by his administration), as if there are terrorists other than Moslem ones.

But in spite of all the suicide bombings, the hatred being washed into the brains of their children against non-Moslems, the
'education' of their children from nursery school on to become
'martyrs' by blowing themselves up amongst 'infidel' children, the threats & contempt against anything not Islamic, the powers to be in most European countries (and Britain) take it all in their stride even, at times, actually showing 'understanding' and, shamefully, encouraging this Scourge to commit violence against those who 'humiliate' them.

This is what MP Jenny Tonge said after 10 children (9 Jewish children and 1 American Christian girl) & 7 adults were blown to smithereens on a Haifa bus, with many others maimed for life. Tonge
even declared she would also become a suicide bomber against the Israelis if she'd been
'humiliated' by them as the poor Palis claim to be. Similar declarations against Israel have spewed forth from the mouths of MPs Galloway, Kaufman, Benn & other Far Left MPs, with never a word of sympathy for the dead, dying and wounded victims of Pal-Arab 'humiliation'.

So the next time I suspect someone
of 'humiliating' me, the above MPs will no doubt support my 'right' to blow up even those who had nothing to do with that alleged humiliation? Ha! Ha! No way..
That's only permissible to Moslems and their collaborators..the Loony Liberal (sic) Left, otherwise known as 'Useful Idiots'.

Thus it comes as no surprise, but neverthless a lot of disgust, that European countries, including Britain, allow Moslems to incite hatred and violence (even murder) of native 'infidels' in the countries they are colonizing.

Moslems blow up underground trains & buses in London, attempt to blow up British airports and passenger planes, murder innocent native British men (including an innocent 15 year old in Glasgow), propagate hate for Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, etc. British citizens....and get away with it.

But not only British natives are being being targeted by certain sections of society as guilty of
'inciting racism' just because they don't agree with Islamic fascism, but Israel is also now the 'enemy' of certain sections of European and British societies.

So much so that Israel is facing any number of hostile actions against it...there are demands to boycott Israeli products,academics,
politicians, entertainers, etc. IDF military men are being threatened with trial for 'war crimes' if they so much as step onto British (or Spanish) soil,
whilst their country is being accused (falsely) of practicing apartheid and compared to the Nazis. Worse, Israel's right to exist os being denied and its citizens threatened with another Holocaust.

Why is this when Israel is the only normal and democratic country (despite facing war and terror from its neighbours for nearly 100 years!)in the entire middle east and many parts of Asia and Africa?

What's more, in many European countries, now overrun by Moslems (and Extreme Leftwing fascists)to be noticeably'Jewish' can be physically dangerous - even for little schoolgirls. Jews are beaten
to an inch of their lives, some murdered in cold blood (e.g. Ilan Halimi tortured to death by Muslim thugs in Paris), synagogues are bombed, their holy books burned and excretion smeared onto their walls; schools have to employ security guards, etc., etc.

Until the Moslem world ends its War of Imperialistic Conquest against the West, permits Jews and Christians to live and worship in their countries (as do Europe, Britain, India and Israel), jettison hate and violence and become decent, tolerant and loyal to their adopted countries, then Obama had better face up to the fact that Islam today, like Nazi Europe before it, is fast becoming the Scourge of the free world..and has to be STOPPED and not bowed down to (like he bowed down low before the Saudi autocrat, King Abdullah, almost as if he was kissing that fanatical tyrant's hand (or where the sun don't shine!!!) just a few days ago!)

Sorry for this lengthy pouring out of my heart, but I feel I can no longer contain my fears and anger about the ongoing appeasement of the worst enemy the free world has faced since the Axis of WW2 whilst decent, open-eyed native Brits/
Europeans/Israelis are not allowed to protect themselves from the fanatics and 5th Columns in their midst.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

One spews hate and religious fanaticism, the other spews drugs and crime.
Ignoring what is happening will lead to far worse things.
Our politicians and Civic leaders are fools in a fools paradise.
The People are the poor suckers who will have to live with the mess.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Lady...Well Said. And you're absolutely corect. I have no problem read a long comment like yours and the one above it when it makes so much sense and so true. Both of you keep up the excellent work in getting your concerns and message out their to the blind sheep. As for Lion Hearted, we all know what you have scarificed and what you do on a daily basis. You too should never give up your voice. Since it's apparent your making an impact on your readers and the readers are beginning to think like the rest of us. Excellent job everyone. And we're all proud of how much you care.

Oh Anonymous Lady, a unidentified government source said Obama wasn't bowing to the S. Arabian King. They said he was shaking hands with both his hands. And due to Obama being taller it appeared he was bowing. Now, if you watch the video Obama is only 4-6 inches taller and it he wouldn't have had to bow so low if skaking hands in this method (using 2 hands). Also, you can see when he bows Obama is using one hand. And then when stand erect he (Obama) then extends the second hand while still shaking hands. What pisses me off as American, is why does the administration have to lie to the America people. Just say Obama made a mistake and wasn't advised on proper protocol when it comes to greeting another head of state from another country.

Everyday, Obama just makes more and more mistakes. Which proves many peoples contentions when they said Obama lacked experience. And now it's showing that Obama lacks the correct experience to be the leader of such a great nation like America. The silver lining I see in all these things Obama does. Is that he won't be re-elected. And we have mid-term elections in 2010, in which many democrats will not be re-elected. And we might have a more balanced congress in both houses (House of Representatives and the Senate). I and many concerned Americans only hope Obama doesn't do too much damage over the next four years. And another thing I noticed about Obama is he still acts like he's campaigning for the presidency and wants everyone world wide to like him. As well as, he constantly continues to blame the previous administration (Bush Era) for everything. Well, he can't continue to make excuses by blaming what Bush did. He needs to tackle the issues and work out viable solutions. Instead of playing the blame game so he doesn't look bad. Personally, I think Obama is way over his head and this is due to the lack of experience prior to becoming the president. We're all going to need a lot of help if we're going to save our western countries. And it's going to be the people of our grat nations who end up saving our countries and not the government.

British Pages said...


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Anonymous said...

British Pages, what an admirable and totally appropriate idea.
I thought about this myself when I picked up something called the "Black Business Directory" some time ago.
I thought to myself, well that's kind of retro-racist isn't it.
I guess what is sauce for the goose is sauce for thre gander.
Everyday, we get several leaflets shoved throught the door for this or that "American Chicken" shop, or "Pizza Delivery" joint, all of them with an Arabic inscription above that I believe means halal.
Now fair enough if I want to eat meat that has been ritually sacrifised in a foreign manner, with incantations by some religious geezer as he faces a certain direction towards a certain foriegn city, but what do I do if I want good old British food without all the cruelty of barbaric sacrifise rituals?
Cpould we pleas have a sign that says "not halal" so I know what I am getting has had a decnt end, stunned before it's butshered.
I'd rather be vegetarian than eat rituall sacrifised animals, no offence to those who are compelled to do this sort of ghastly business, but not for me thanks.
I have stopped buying "Netto" chickens since they no longer give the choice of not having this kind of primitive way of providing meat.
So the answer is "Vote with your feet."
Reads the labels and go that little bit further to get what you want.
Best wishes for your success, British Pages.
This is just a beginning, they cannot stop the avalanche, once it starts to move.