10 March 2009

Our British Lions mocked in the streets of Luton by Moslems

I knew this was going to happen!

How predictable are the Islamic militants living in Bury Park?

If these are the actions towards our military you can imagine the contempt they have for our police, then that leave the rest of us, so you work it out foryourself how things are for the everyday man in the street.

We get arrested for just talking about them!!! The protected species in modern Britain.

At least the military can be in no doubt now to just how serious things are on the ground here, take a read through the pages of this blog which will give you a better understanding.

Video: The streets of Luton

Daily Mail

A homecoming march by British troops returning from Iraq was today marred by ugly scenes as Muslim anti-war protesters hurled abuse at the parading soldiers.

Around 20 men in Islamic dress yelled 'terrorists' and held placards denouncing the soldiers as 'butchers of Basra' and 'baby killers' as they marched through Luton.

Other signs described the 200 men and women from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment as 'Criminals, Murderers Terrorists'.
The atmosphere further deteriorated when locals waving St George's flags turned on the protesting group chanting 'Scum' and 'No surrender to the Taliban' .

Continue reading: Army marches through Luton

Video of them demonstrating against Holocaust remembrance day.


AnnaEsse said...

I managed to get to 36 seconds of that hate preacher, then I'm afraid I had to give up or puke up my dinner! Where are the supporters for the Moslems? They're hiding in refugee camps in the Lebanon; they're firing rockets from residential areas in Gaza; they're blowing themselves up in market places, on trains and buses all over the world and they're out on our streets threatening violence.

Faith said...

The BBC calls these people "Anti-war protesters". They go on to report that two people have been held for public order offences
quote..."The two, thought to be members of the public watching the parade in Luton, were held for public order offences."

I hope these "held members of the public" are the anti-British brigade and not two Brits who retaliated to the traitorous behaviour.

Maybe you can throw light on this Lionheart.

Dymphna said...

Ah, but did you see those great pictures of regular people out to celebrate their soldiers? Those were inspiring.

When I noticed they mentioned Luton, I came over to see what you had up...

...you know what was really menacing? Not the big group with signs but down further, those three disturbing (and disturbed) looking fellows, one with a camera. The guy on the right, dressed in black has hate-filled eyes in a dead face. THey have only one sign: "British Government Terrorist Government".

Those pathetic Muslim women huddled by themselves in their hijab was pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The anger:



Bill in the US said...

Unbelievable. Those muslim pigs are really out of control over there. You really need to kick those stupid ragheads out of the UK. They don't want to be part of your country, they want to create their own country there. I can't believe you can't even speak of the swine without fear of arrest. The world has gone mad. Fuck Muhammad and the rest of the islamic pigs!

truthseaker said...

It should be those muslims that where arrested, as they where by doing what they where, inciting violence. What they where doing was hate speech & I thought that had been made illegle in this country, or is that only when it is directed at muslims. These people make me sick, if they do not like it here then go to live in an islamic run country. The problem with them doing that is, they would not be able to live in the luxury that they do here or even get benefits they do here.

Andrzej said...

I am appalled! I am from Poland we had nazis, commies etc ,
but when I heard the first time about islam and sharia it was so called nasty surprise.
In sharia court two women equal to the witness of one man,idea of equality is gone.
For us they are nazis of XXI century. No to coke made by commies and no to heroin made by muslims.
For Freedom and Equality The Royal Anglian Regiment are the true heroes of our society!!!

Anonymous said...

The reason these muslims reside in countries they dismise, is because of what someone mentioned above in their comment,...they wouldnt have the luxury or benefits. But also, because the muslims want to divide the western nation they're living in and make it into a muslim nation. The muslims partially succeeded in Yugoslovia. Now one part of it is under way to become a sovereign nation and it's all muslims. Prior to muslims migrating to the former Yugoslovia. It was a christian nation. UK and other nations need to be careful it doesn't happen to them.

Anonymous said...

welcome Polish friend.
Luton is so much better with some good Polish people living here.
You work hard, you are friendly and very polite, you are all such a good change from some of the others that seem to hate us just for being English.

Martin said...

Please let us know on your blog the next time theres a chance to rally for our troops and our country. These islamic idiots are savages and MUST be opposed. When police give them protection it only enrages the rest of the public. They should have never been allowed to display their hate in our streets. The real butchers of Basra are the cowards who blow themselves up in crowded markets full of innocent people! And they declare such men martyrs! Thats SICK!!!!!