13 March 2009

Bury Park - Luton: Mapping the terror theat

Interviewed is Sayful Islam, head of the militant organisation demonstrating against British troops in Luton.

Futher reading: Terror on the dole in Luton


commoncents said...

Nice post!

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Anonymous said...

2 page article in today's daily Backstabber re bury park. Keeps on about tiny minority and not a single mention of the drug dealers who infest the dump.
Urban 11

Anonymous said...

Where were all the muslim 'moderates'at the soldiers homecoming parade? Do they exist?
There were Sikhs there applauding.

crusader said...

Well pointed out anon ....Sikhs are peaceful.where were all the moderate muslims?

"Lord" khan....threatened to bring 10,000 muslims to protest against Geere....

Muhammad assembled an army of approximately 10,000 men and marched towards Mecca.


Zed said...

No "mapping", no profiling! Britain, my own country of Canada and other Western nations need to start mass deportations of muslims. There is no other way. Islam is a cancer, you can map a cancer or you can cut it out.

Anonymous said...

Show the British public how these little gangsters that run the drugs in Luton really behave.
Running round without hindrance from the police, with their fat rolls of bank-notes and their cocaine and heroin cut with every kind of shit you can imagine.
Abusing stupid weak young prostitutes with every kind of filthy vice and violence.
If only the public could see what really goes on behind closed doors in downtown Luton and so many other cities.
There is only one solution to the filthy vermin that pollute our streets with vice and drugs, and then claim that somehow they are better than thou, because "we don't eat pig, man, innit."
I quote verbatim from personal resaerch into the vice trade in Luton, and would you be suprised who are some of the worst offenders?
Luton's MP, Margaret Moran has precided over a stinky pan of slime that has been spreading it's evil all the time she has lived it up in Parliament with her Socialist Marxist "friends" as they laugh at their own impudent cheek, as they take everything the hog-trough has to offer.
Wake up Lutonians, before you are drowned in the filth that runs beneath your streets.

Lift up your lids a moment and see the garbage that was not quite consumed.
I found a rat today, nearly a foot long, with a tail Half an inchthick.
It had died of poison perhaps, froth at it's mouth and it's yellow fangs protruding from it's mouth.
Not a pretty sight, nor is the reality beneath the surface of the Luton gutters, where other, half-human rats thrive.