20 March 2009

Arrested exactly 1 year ago today

Will post something later today...


Anonymous said...

LH, who is that who was arrested a year ago? Sorry didn't have the chance to view the video. But, I think this Anjem Choundry (not sure on spelling) should be arrested and the key thrown away. This dude breaks all the Human Rights Laws, as well as he's constantly inciting hatred in public and in his mosque. How much more info does MI-5 and the UK Authorities need to arrest this guy. I think by arresting Anjem it would set the islamic movement back pretty good. And bye the UK people and authorities enough time to counter-act against the muslim uprising.

If possible LH, when you get some free time. Could you please write more about Anjem Choundry's current events and what he's presently up to. I know there are a lot of players involved in the muslim uprising. But, I believe Anjem is a major player at the top who's involved. Thanks LH for ALL your informative articles and keep up the great work. You are not forgotten. And you have a huge following in the UK, as well as in America and I'm sure all over the free western world. I tell everyone I know to visit your site and to read it carefully. And to even go into the archieves to read what you posted in the past. Many have gotten back to me after reading your blog. And all they say to me is OMG. We're in trouble if we and our governments don't do anything. And currently our governments aren't doing a thing to protect us...which is their main job function. So it will be left up to the ordinary people to take this matter into our hands. To ensure our way of life is not going to go away by the muslims.

G-D BLESS you, LH. You're a true warrior and your love for our way of life cannot be describe in words. Just remember you're a good man who refuses to be silent because your government tells you to be silent. We need more people like LH, if we're to beat islam and kick them out of our lands. G-D is with all the true infidels. So, don't hold your heads down low right now, due to things aren't looking in our favor. Our time will come to shine. G-d has a plan and he wants us all to appreciate what we're fighting for. Our struggle will not be easy, but we shall overcome and prevail in the end. Because good always beats evil in the end. So hang in there everyone. And keep a positive attitide. This is what G-d wants us to do. Please LH, do not stop your cause. We are all aware of the difficult times ahead of you and the uncertainy you face. But, this is what G-d wants from you. To tell your story and to continue to keep on fighting. I have a lot of respect and admiration for you LH for doing what you're doing. Most people would have been scared off by big government after what they have done to you. Using an intimadating tactic to silence you. And it's not working and you continue to write when most would've given up. Your journey and job is not completed yet. And I think you know this. Your a good person and it would be an honor to fight next to you.

Infidels the fight we have seen so far is just the beginning. And we cannot fold at this time. Or else the muslim establishment has won. The time is coming very soon, as LH and many of his readers keep saying. So lets say strong in our convictions and prepare for a fight like no other fight we had before. I would wish everyone luck. But we don't need luck. We have G-d and good people on our side. And this is what will allow us to be victorious in the end. My love and blessing goes to all the good infidels. G-d Bless us ALL.

Lionheart said...

Thank you for the encouraging words anonymous.

"Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."
Winston Churchill

We all know who our friends and allies are, whether at home or around the World.

We all fight for the same cause and that is for the preservation of our Judeo/Christian Civilisation.

Or atleast hold the darkness back before the end unfolds.

God bless you

Anonymous said...


xoggoth said...

Looked in a year ago when I saw the news and thought you were rather extreme but I have realised since that you were right. A lot of that is to do with reading the Qur'ran and the Haddiths.

The good thing is that more and more ordinary people seem to be realising the threat. Good luck to you.

The Green Arrow said...

Good Morning Lionheart, I hope you are well. Time goes by so fast. A year gone already.

Posted an article today that you may or may not like.

Take Care and God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

A proud Briton standing up for British values:


Anonymous said...

LH, I had did a quick post last night about the website called Britishness Forever.

The man behind it is Mr Kumarasiri, an ex Post-Master in Nottingham, who made the reasonable request that customers spoke English but received a backlash from the Muslim Community. Some links are as follows:




I would be grateful if the readers of this site please pop over to his site and send a message of support. I think he is also going to start a political party to deal with the Political correctness that is endemic in our society and to stand up for British values.


Anonymous said...

xoggoth, LH is far from being a radical in regard to the evils of islam. And I'm personally glad you realize now that LH isn't like that. Just a some people see things and how they develop and move forward quicker than others. The key is to keep our eyes wide open but not be blinded. And to see beyond what we're told.

It's why when I tell my friends to view LH's website and especially see his past threads. Because what he says is simply the truth. I'm sure LH would rather be doing something else or concentrating on writing about different things. But, he also realizes like many of us, that if we just don't give a damn. Then, we won't have that opportunity to do the other things we're passionate about.

Because islam is set out to destroy our way of life. And to turn this entire planet into a muslim new world order. The muslims proclaim they're peaceful, tolerant and full of love. Yet, they use the most horrific means killing, terroizing and so forth...to reflect their supposed peace, tolerance and love. Their actions are the exact opposite of what they proclaim...a most confusing paradox to say the least.

Muslims demand respect, yet refuse to give it. I hate when I hear a muslim say...we or you must respect islam and muslims. And I say to myself....why. You as muslims aren't giving me an sound reason or logic to give you this respect, which the muslims so desperately want. Respect needs to be earned and a persons actions is what will determine if someone or an organization is respect.

I'm a firm believer that people have the right to believe or not believe in whatever they want. As long as, they're peaceful and not attempting to force others to believe as them. Now, if muslims/islam just went about their way and acted peaceful and left people alone. As well as, confirmed with the rest of the world societies. I bet, islam wouldn't be in the situation they are in presently.

Islam doesn't believe in free thought or any sort of freedom. Many muslims will say islam means..."peace." Well, islam by definition means..."submission." I also, don't believe in the moderate muslim or the non-practicing muslim. Because in the end if they have to choose, they will side with their muslim people.

One muslim told me that islam is for educated people which made me laugh. Since the middle east and other muslim nations have the highest iliteracy rates in the world....go figure huh. But, this muslim proceeded to tell me that there's a difference between, knowledge and education. Which there isn't. And to know something and not to understand it, just means you're robot who can't think for themselves. Just means you can recite it, but don't understand the true meaning behind it. That's being uneducated, which most muslims are due to the facts I mentioned above.

Then muslims are told to never question anything or it's open to be scrutinized. What are they so scared of. Well, the clergy in islam knows if the muslims ever began to question things and research and learn their religion. The religion would die off within a decade. More and more people are leaving islam. And when people convert to islam, within 12-18 months the end up leaving islam.

Why, because they ascertained the truth about what islam is all about. And islam is a cancer on this entire world. In the end, islam will never achieve their goal of world domination. That's being realistic and pragmatic. But, then muslims aren't realistic. They live in somekind of fantasy world.

The biggest advancements to humanity happened over the last 200years or so. And not one muslim or islam has contributed to these advancements that has helped or made life easier on humanity. Think about it. Not a thing I can think of. Such wonderful inventions as the industrial revolution, the automobile, TV, medicine, radio, the computer, the internet, the airplane. All these things and so much more have helped all of humanity. And all invented, created and enhanced by people from free countries. And people free to explore and think for themselves. I always ask muslims what have they contribute to humanity over the last 400 years. And I never get a straight answer. It's either something from the way past or an out right lie.

This is what islam has to offer us..nothing. We would become robots, devoid of any manner to do for ourselves. Muslims are stupid enought to believe they can be victorous simply by having larger numbers of people. When it's truly a person who has a brain who will be victorous. Superior brain power, superior technology and superior numbers...comes down to simple math. Islam, is here so the rest of us can begin to appreciate what we have and not be so decadant anymore. It's a war that's coming and for good reason. We need to get back to whats important. And when a real threat is clear and present. Then people truly weak up. Opposed to just being told something. Are we alarmist...yes and we should be. Because the danger we currently face to very clear and true. And now is the time to do something about it. Or else, we will be doomed. Muslims are simply war mongers who love blood and fighting. Imagine if the muslims did wipe all us non believers out. I can guarantee you that they would begin to turn on one another. Which they're doing already. Islam has to be fighting something and someone at all times. Their entire history reflects this. I just wish our governments would stop denying whats going on around them. I know they aren't stupid or blinded. They just hope by ignoring and turning a blind eye to islam and appeasing them. This will make all the problems go away. When, in fact it's make matter much worse. Why it will be up to the free people of the world to band together and take what is rightful and rightfully ours. People are fed up with muslims and it's starting to come out in the public forum. This is a good thing to be honest. Islam needs to be exposed for what it is. G-d Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

If you could only hear and see directly the way in which British Muslims hate and despise all others but themselves.
They are a nation accursed by God..
read this article borrowed from elsewhere, thanks to the anon. author.

" "Pakistan has only one reason for existence: JIHAD.. The informed of the world know that the Taliban was created by Zul al-Haq, and sustained thereafter by Pakistan's leaders. The hypocrite West turns a blind eye to the goings-on of the Pakistan military, namely the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) that is responsible for kashmiri and pakistani TERRORISTS free range with the aim of destablising India and swallowing it to be part of Dar Ul Islam. The Mumbai attack had the self-defeating hypocrisy West lecture the Indian govt about over-reacing and not blaming the Pakis . Not a single negative word on the world's most dangerous failed state..

After Afghanistan, Pakistan, it is BRITAIN that exports Terrorism. The isles is so overwhelmed with islamic extremism that its "ally" (for how long?) the United States is now spying on those appeasing, bankrupt, broken, cowardly, useless pommeys. The CIA spends 40% of its effort to prevent a terrorist attack on the US , plots that are being hatched in Britain.

Tony Blair turned Britain into a Safe Haven for All Terrorists. His NuLabour welcomed them heartily and gave them the
FREEDOM to operate in Britain by setting up their bases of operations. It is these bases that have produced dozens of international terrorist attacks in recent years. Read Melanie Philipps book LONDONISTAN where she wrote: "UK-based terrorists have carried out operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Spain and the U.S." Gordon Brown and his leftards have already demonstrated they are the COWARDS of Europe - their accomplishment: throwing British culture, dignity and security down the islamic trash chute with dangerous traitorous dhimmi-perfect Milibrand leading the British genocide.

It’s the British Pakistani community, now numbering over 800,000, that concerns the United States most. About half of these “Brit-Pakis,” as they’re called, travel to and from Pakistan—now one of the world’s most dangerous nations. It’s not at all inconceivable for some of these travelers to disappear into Pakistani terror camps, resurface months later in London as trained terrorists, and then hop on transatlantic flights for America—only needing a British passport, due to the visa waiver agreement between the U.S. and Britain. Britain's MI5 believes there are some 4,000 Pakis eager for talibanisation of the West.

Britain has a shit record in that london-bron OMAR SHEIKH BEHEADED journalist DANIEL PEARL in Pakistan. In 2003, two british students blew themselves up inside a Tel Aviv bar. And islam convert Richard Reid (shoe-bomber) turned out to be one of the masterminds hehind the Bali attack, and the man who rammed a truck bomb into police barracks in Kashmir all came from Britain. It now has the shameful reputation of being one of the biggest exporters of Islamic terror.

No wonder the United States has intensified its effort to spy on Britain. FBI Director Robert Mueller said the primary terrorist threat America faces comes from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Besides these terrorist hubs, Mueller also emphasised " we must consider extremists from visa-waiver countries, who are merely an e-ticket away from the US"

The attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team in Pakistan that no attacker was killed/caught considering the following facts:

* Sri Lankan team had the highest security possible in Pakistan with heavy police escort.

* The firing continued for 15 minutes !! Can you bleive this? 15 minutes fighting against the "highest" security of Pakistan and the terrorists still manage to get away?

Dosen't take a genius to work out that this is possible because the attackers had the support from Paki army/police to escape. Don't forget, the Sri Lanka's cricket team comprised mainly of non muslims. Get it?

It is the Western desire to collaborate with their would-be persecutors thus endangering the whole world with the barbarian's mentality and putting us at risk and demise which is the second danger we must face. The persecution of Geert Wilders is the trumpet that alerts the nations of the world that are still sane and willing to fight.
Is it not the govts of the West that today forbid their citizens from expressing fear of the quranic verses which demand sharia law, acceptance of islamic jihad and the mass murder of non muslims labelling such concerns of self-despair and fear as "hate speech" thus empowering the barbarians that the West recognise the protection of the islamic ideology to be more important than the safety and security of their citizens. Like bubonic plague, the rats that has infested and infected the West to civilisational suicide with the populace rolling over in apathy and acquiescence will attempt to bring the East and Far East, relatively safe from the islamic plague, into conflict. It is heartening to know that Israel stands ready to fight while Russia and China stands ready to obliterate every single muslim, if necessary. Past and recent history proves that. And so will Germany - the teutonic race that had democracy foisted on them.

As for Pakistan - the false state born of British malice, spite and revenge against Hindu India for wanting independence will disintegrate." "

Some will find these comments diufficult to take onboard, but the truth of the information contained therein is unshakeable