8 March 2009

Military coup in the U.K

Courtesy of Glen Jenvey


The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Terrifying stuff. He seems so ordinary in some ways, too.

I think subversion of the state such as seen here should be punished with prison then deportation in every case.

commoncents said...

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Guy Macher said...

To the Earl's comment I would add--deport them in a body bag.

Anonymous said...

Great blog you have, Earl of Cromer.
signed, Duke of Leigetun.!

Anonymous said...

Is the continued existence of this rabid rat because it is a sign of our tolerance and liberality?
Or is it because we are governed by a gaggle of dumb-clucks who could not organise an alchoholics day-out at a brewery?

Findalis said...

It could happen very easily. And the funny thing is most people wouldn't care until they banned the booze.

truthseaker said...

As some of the others have said, I believe that these people should be kicked out of this country & they should be done so A.S.A.P. I also believe that they should also kick out the rest of that persons family. Why? because that would make those in that family so afraid they will loose there nice cushy lives in this country, that they would jump down on any member of that family that even thought of taking part in such a thing as this.

But the time is now way over due, where the government has to deal with this evil & deal with it NOW! As one of the other posters said & I quote: ( Is the continued existence of this rabid rat because it is a sign of our tolerance and liberality?
Or is it because we are governed by a gaggle of dumb-clucks ) The answer as we all know is. Yes we are governed by a bunch of dumb-clucks & that bunch could not run a bath never mind as they also stated an alcoholics day-out at a brewery.

Somehow we have to get the truth over to the majority of the population of this country. We need to make them aware of what is really going on, the problem is that when we do try the liberals start to shout, conspiracy theorists & so that is what is thought of us all. We are classed in the same group as those who believe Elvis was taken by little green men & is now playing to arena's throughout the solar system. There have been many great films made that show the truth, but each time one is made the same well known shout goes out yet again.

It is this lie we have to overcome, it is this we have to prove is rubbish before we can show the truth behind islam in this country. The sooner we can do this the better things will be & the sooner we will be able to deal with that cancer that is islam.

Elvis said...

now hear y'aall.

In Luton their are many multi-millionaires living in the communities of those that abused the British troops here.
Some of them are little old men with henna-stained beards.
They have ammaassed their fortunes by aquiring vast dollops of old decrepid properties and renting them to people on the Social Security.
The government pays for them to aquire these fortunes through assistance to the jobless and the junky alike.
True, many of these old boys have died off, and now their less careful male children can be seen displaying the wealth their fathers aquired.
Ferraris parked behind non-descript houses, Porche Cayennes and BMW M series, yes they love the display of wealth.
Of course the religious nutters that demonstrated in Lutn are not quite the same breed of fish as those that operate on the fringes of gangsterism, with drug-dealing and the like.
But those criminals cannot operate unless they pay the religious tax for their community turning a blind eye.
Many of the few old boys from up in the Himalayas still own hundreds or thousands of acres of land back there.
Do they let the Tax-Man know?
Is he going there to find out?
Of course not.

You see, it is a parralel universe these people live in.
A schizophrenic world in which they want the things of material wealth they can get here, but still they hanker for the trbal homelands where the religious elders rule their villages, or the Maddrassas instruct the followers in the Cities.

So they make their women conform to the Burkha and the rod, while they do their men-things and barely do what is needed to keep this countries authorities off their backs.
They have a deep ingrained belief, that they will always be protected first by authority and are getting quite blatant at their shows of dislike of the way of life here in Britain.
And that is the dilllema created by generations of Liberal politics, that has created many good things for Society, but allowed the cancers to fester beneath the surface.

Now y'all come back, y'hear!

Anonymous said...