12 March 2009

Leader of Lutons Al Qaeda Terror cell

The group he is from: London School of Sharia


Steve Harkonnen said...

It would seem to me that the only way out of this mess with Muslims in the UK and terrorism is to fight violence with violence.

What say the masses? If you say no, then you're equating to the current government belief - caving in and accept what radical Islam has to offer.

If the British population started violently assaulting these terrorist thugs and breaking out the bacon on these fuckers, there might be a huge difference in climate there.

Joanne said...

Muslims understand fear and that is why they use it as a tactic to cause the masses to cower. People would see a large turnaround if fear was on the other foot.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Then this is why I say fight fire with fire. I plan on touring London with a small backpack and you'd better believe it if I see these sons of bitches protesting I am breaking out a packet of bacon and will throw it at them.

Anonymous said...

It will come, just as soon as we wake up to the fact that they are nothing but a bunch of cowards who are being protected by the State.
When the worm turns, beware!

wileysnakeskins said...

(1). Britain and all freedom loving democratic Nations MUST stop completely any and all immagration from islamic countries/states and anyone and everyone that professes to be a practicing muslim. (2). All mosques and islamic cultural centers must be closed and all practicing muslims MUST be expelled from the country and never be allowed entry for no matter what, any reason. Any and all naturalized citizens, 'citizen only because of birth,' MUST denounce islam and the practice of being muslim, or face immediate expulsion from the country. islam can NOT exist in a freedom loving democratic society; 'who says so?' islam does itself, "islam is not here to assimilate, islam is here to rule." The worm has turned and we freedom loving human beings are aware of who and what our enemy is. Death to islam in the West andall democratic societies and if not that, GET OUT!