29 July 2011

Some facts

Please read to put video into context: Our enemies

How far are the forces behind the English Defence League and the European anti-jihad movement willing to go to start a civil war in every country throughout Europe with Islam?

The EDL are supported by the Jewish Task Force and by the Canadian Jewish Defence League who want to use the EDL to start a war with Islam in the UK. They have publicly said as much. Also the nazi Roberta Moore has publicly stated that it is her and anyone with/behind her who is using the EDL, not the other way around. And what do a couple of second generation Irish Catholics care aslong as their faces are all over the media, they are dictating on the streets and making a wealthy, healthy profit in the mean time.

What is going on on the extreme right-wing intellectual financial side of the anti-jihad movement in Europe that could be behind Breivik?

Ive been out of those circles for nearly 2 years, and have had absolutely no communication with any of them during that time.

They thought I would be the perfect fall guy to deflect the blame, that I would have been arrested immediately, the worlds media would have convicted and condemned me, and that would be case closed.

Now we know who our enemies are!

I reckon the British police said to the Norwegians "no way" about my involvement, which is probably why I was not immediately arrested as being that 'other cell' out there, or being an accomplice in his henious crime against the Left wing Norwegian Establishment.

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