28 July 2011

Extreme Far-Right

Firstly I would like to make it perfectly clear that I have absolutely no problem with travelling to Norway and speaking with the Norwegian authorities about anything considering the blame that has been apportioned towards me over Anders Breivik. Contact the Associated Press video interviwer, she will make all the necessary arrangements I am sure.

Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson” leader of the English Defence League has used his media platform to publicly state that I am ‘Richard’ the mentor, with absolutely no supportive evidence to that claim, and due to his public profile the media have run with that claim. Thus the worlds media are printing his claim as if it is a fact.

Lets be clear here, he never booted me from any organisation as he claims, he is using this inhumane crime to further his own political agenda, and he is using his media platform gained from this tragedy to single out myself to deflect blame from his leadership of the EDL. All very good for him considering I was his biggest critic.

Anders Breivik was in contact with 600 EDL members, and sent his manifesto to many of them along with his BNP contacts. Who within the extreme far-right of the British political spectrum was he in communication with? I was not mentioned once in his manifesto, did not receive his manifesto and was not in contact with him in anyway shape or form.

He claims the anti-jihad writer Fjordman is his most influential person within the European anti-jiahd movement.

Breivik targeted the extreme Left wing of the political spectrum, as can be seen from the Marxist hunting club logo. There is a similar organisation in the UK linked to the Far-right called the UAF hunting club.

The Far-left is the enemy of the Far-right in politics, and both have attempted to achieve their aims against each other through violence, never before to this level though, but it is a fact of the political conflict between the 2 opposing sides.

Why did Breivik dressed as a Knight and professing Templarism, not target moslems, the historical enemy of any Christian Knighthood?

Was dressing himself up in the garb to deflect blame from others in the extreme far-right movement in Britain and Europe, because he definitely was not a Christian, even saying as much in his manifesto, and he definitely was not involved with any credible knighthhood with any type of moral code of conduct.

I have stated my belief about Alan Lake and supported that claim with compelling circumstantial evidence.

How serious, how organised and how far up the social ladder does the extreme far-right go?

Doesn’t always have to be black boot wearing nazi tattoo skinheads who are a threat, those with money and influence mixing in their little groups are a lot more dangerous.

Who are the influential people in society supporting the EDL via Alan Lake?

I know for a fact from the beginning that Alan Lake attended social groups where Lords and politicians etc were present because the people he was connected to came out in conversation and how he was connected to them via these different groups and meetings he attended. He is directly linked to Geert Wilders in Holland (ill name names if anyone denies it), and Geert Wilders is directly linked to Lords and Politicians in the UK.

Bit different from the run of the mill football hooligan who make up most of the EDL feet on the streets, and isn’t it spoken of that Breivik attended the London demo because Wilders was in town?

The rent-a-mob of the EDL has been a very useful tool for the extreme far-right within British politics, and Alan Lake is a prominent figure linking the intellectual and the street thugs together. How far and how high does the extreme far-right go and how willing to commit acts of violence to further their political agenda are they.

Breivik targeted the political left-wing but blamed it on anti-jiahd.

If Alan Lake has nothing to hide, why does he not come into the light of the public sphere and answer the allegations that have been put to him? How come nobody in the media can trace him in anyway? He has turned into an enigma, which leaves people wondering whether or not he was MI5 or some form of government agent provocateur.

What is it going to uncover once the world knows who Alan Lake really is and who he is connected to within British politics and high society.

I have not hidden from any news outlet and have not tried hiding from anyone, because I have nothing to fear, other than from the very convenient implications implied by Breivik and others.

How much money, time and political influence has Alan Lake consumed in forcing his English Defence League agenda forward?

I nearly brought down the EDL leadership a couple of times but they survived due to his and those around him like Chris Knowles, influence and support. I was one of the biggest threats to the future of the EDL leadership, which made me a direct enemy of the extreme far-right, and an enemy of all of those who had extended their resources towards Alan Lakes agenda.

Was Alan Lake a lone intellectual extreme far-right member directing and influencing the EDL or was he part of a bigger circle of people with money and influential power? The EDL boasted of their links in the Australian documentary, and those links even go into the judiciary with a judge present as they claim in film.

That shows you how high their support goes.

Video: Australian 60 minutes

Was Breivik in anyway linked to these people?

I am working class, Breivik and Lake are both upper middle class, and the 2 just don’t mix, unless there is a mutual reason, like the EDL and domestic political extremism.

I know the media have just latched onto the idea that I was his mentor because it sounds realistic based upon certain things, but I am sure the police are trying to find out why and is it true, the same as I am trying to ask myself why. How could I not when the world’s media are pointing at me as his mentor and I know absolutely nothing about this.

I am trying to question and understand.

There can only be 2 scenarios, either this is a proper stitch up, which then means who by? Or he really did get inspiration from me.

I was a very public enemy of the key figures in the European anti-jihad movement because of their support of the EDL leadership, and I was a very public enemy of the EDL under Steven Lennon’s leadership. How powerful is their support, and to what lengths would they go?

Or am I his inspiration? If I was then I would have at least thought he would have sent me his manifesto, or he would have been in communication with me over the years, but over the past 2 years I’ve been away from frontline anti-jihad work and never come in contact with this man.

If he was a follower of my work then he would have targeted moslems and not innocent children, in the name of anti-marxism, that’s a political conflict and not religious one which I write about, and they are both completely different although they lap over now and then.

One thing is certain is that killing nearly 100 children is the action of a lunatic, but what and who has influenced him to carry out these acts?

I am getting the blame at the moment which is serious for me, but I know I have done nothing wrong so have nothing to fear, and am more than willing to travel to Norway. All of his named most influential writers are not Christian, and I am not even mentioned amongst them, yet this supposed Christian fundamentalist wrapped up in Templarism is supposed to have carried out these acts in my name?

Something doesn’t add up.

Why is Alan Lake so elusive and in hiding when his name is being linked to the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 children? Innocent children goes beyond the realms of any form of normality, and anyone linked has no alternative but to come forward and speak.

We are not talking about a couple of jihadis being targeted; we are talking about the cold blooded murder of innocent children for no other reason than their parent’s political ideology.

How big a threat is the extreme far-right, how organised are they, and how willing and capable are they of committing acts of terrorism in the name of their political ideals?

Breivik was extreme far-right politically and was in no way Christian or his beliefs founded upon Templarism, these were the clothes he dressed himself up in, maybe to deflect blame and allow finger pointing to take place after his actions.

Speculation soon turns to hard facts, and the world is still waiting to hear from Alan Lake, the political controller behind the EDL and linked to everyone Breivik talks about, even the anti-jihad movement in Breiviks part of the world.

2002 cannot be linked to me, and the only thing that is being linked to me is his mention of ‘Richard’ which is very convenient, his fear of Islamic fundamentalism, and the garb he dresses in. How many more people in Europe have the same fears about Islamic fundamentalism? So this doesn’t mean anything, and many on the extreme far-right who are not even Christian, run around promoting their politics in the name of Christianity and Templarism, just like the EDL, which dispels this circumstantial evidence pointing towards me.

There is nothing linking him to me, apart from a few very convenient pointers that the leader of the extreme far-right anti-jihad movement the EDL (of which Breivik had 600 friends), Steven Yaxley- Lennon, has used to slander me with, that the worlds media have now run with, making me an accomplice in the public eye, to one of the worst mass murders in peace time European history.

Who really is behind Breivik, either physically or influentially? I never got his manifesto but several hundred EDL & BNP supporters did.

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