30 July 2011

Who is Fjordman & where is Alan Lake?

Was Fjordman one of the other people professing to be a Knight in the 2002 London meeting?

Ill face the Norwegian people to get to the bottom of the truth behind their National tragedy at the hands of this cold blooded mass murderer.

All ideological influences clearly come from another Norwegian 'Fjordman', yet I and others, are conveniently being directly implemented by Breivik to deflect all attention away from his Norwegian spiritual mentor, and whoever surrounds him. Also "Tommy Robinson" linked to Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and all other support, is using his media platform from the EDL to directly and publicly call me Breivik's 'mentor' which the media lap up like the wolves that some of them are, and then disseminate those lies as if fact, thus creating a whole body of lies purported to be evidence claiming me to be the 'mentor' and linked to Breivik's.

Those newspapers better have their cheque books ready for the libel action coming your way when I am proven right.

If he is insane and a lone wolf then he took pieces from our lives to create a story (false reality) because it is lies and does not add up. Nick was in prison in 2002 and I have only known Nick in person for 2 years which would means I could not be his mentor because he links himself with Nick and Liberia, also Nick has never been to Liberia. I would have had to have known Nick before 2009 and it does not add up.

If he has a political motive then he is not insane and their are others directly involved with him, and I know for a fact it is not me, so why has he implemented me?

So which is it? Madness or political motivation? Not very hard is it?

If it is political then its certain their are others out there linked to him considering the the severity of the attack, the manifesto setting out his reasons, and his claims. Thats a committed group who have been planning and preparing for a European revolution and Breivik was the first sacrifice for the cause, exactly how he sees himself. And the EDL is under the control of the people he talks about in his manifesto via Alan Lake and Chris Knowles. The writers like Fjordman, GoV and Paul Weston endorse the EDL leadership in they eyes of their readership.

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Another attack would enforce their dominance and capability, and scare the life out of all European governments, striking fear into the heart of the EU and would change the political landscape. Other independent groups and inviduals would then be inspired to conduct their own operations creating a snowball effect which is exactly what Breivik wants, unless he is a lone wolf creating a story?

A small group of 7 - 9 couldnt change Europe on their own, but they could inspire others with similar views via acts like Breivik and force a social shift which is what a revolution is all about.

Are there others and are the committed? If yes, then Breivik has shown you their committement to the cause.

If I am right in anything I have written, then they have nothing left but another terrorist attack as they attempt to protect themselves and deflect attention. Time will tell. But if the 2002 meeting did take place then I believe what he says about other cells linked to that specific group out there is real (thats my opinion).

Why not one mainstream media report asking who Fjordman or Alan Lake is? Fjordman because he is Norwegian and has a direct link (mentioned 100 times) and association with the manifesto, and Lake because of his external links linking him to Breivik, the European anti-jihad movement especially in Sweden, Christianity in London, his political and financial control over the EDL and his extreme nazi ideals.

Alan Lake knew there was absolutely no other way other than to get rid of me because my only aim has been the removal of "Tommy" and uncle Kev from the EDL leadership which would mean Lake & Co losing control of the English street protest movement. He openly talks about executing people on TV so what lengths would him and his close associates go to, to further their political aims and neutralise their No.1 enemy? The have the money, influence and the will thats why they have been controlling and using their corrupted extreme right wing EDL movement as a tool to further their political cause and ideologies, the same political cause as Breivik based upon his manifesto. Although Breivik was on a different level than the EDL, and had a different role to play which has ended in the Oslo massacre. The EDL and the likes of the BNP are then left to dictate the extreme right wing cause in the aftermath with threats of it happening in England unless they are listened too, which is exactly what has happened with "Tommy Robinson".

Come on: Alan Lake

I am not even mentioned in the manifesto, yet I am in the centre of the storm being accused of being his mentor. You have got to be thick and stupid not to see I am being fed to the wolves as bait for the cover up of this act of extreme right wing political terrorism. Its easy to spend years writing a manifesto and then right at the end tweak it anyway you like for whatever reason you want, and how convenient for the little nazi Alan Lake that the finger has been directly pointed at me and my associates.

Play the game fair and ask where Fjordman is, and who is? The same as with Alan Lake and bring their real names and identities to the table so the media can put them under the spotlight to see whether or not they are involved in this act to further their agenda.

These fully grown men are not spending their time and money on their form of politics for nothing are they?

Geert Wilders is directly linked to them!

Now thats not going to look very good for him now is it?

The same as Lord Pearson of Rannoch who is directly linked to Alan Lake and Fjordman.

He has a choice, make the right move now and take the necessary steps to speak to the Norwegian authorities and tell them who Fjordman and Alan Lake are and his links, or be completely finished because of his guilt by association of a crime against humanity in his name because everyone in the European anti-jihad movement linked to them are now finished unless they put out public statements now.

Nows the time to show your integrity and moral compass to the world so that your beliefs and opinions about the threat facing Europe can be heard from that basis. Not tainted by the guilt by association of a mass murder of innocent children in the name of politics.

Why did Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer split away from their support of the EDL citing it had been taken over by neo-nazis, and then 2 weeks later this event happens which has the potential to destroy all of them if they are linked to anything that was going to happen (knowingly or unknowingly). Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller have got way to much to lose to be directly associated and linked with any militant activity carried out in Europe.

We are not talking about targeting Islamic fundamentalists, we are talking about the mass murder of nearly 100 innocent children just because of their parents politics.

I still class 'Gaia' as a friend even though she sat back and allowed things to happen and unfold over the past 2 years, so you have no alternative now, they are already asking about Lake and Highgate, so she is your connection.

And I know you are a Christian Dymphna so you have no alternative before the Lord, but to do the right thing and tell those who are asking, everything you know just like I have done for the sake of the innocence and their families.

Think you can stitch me up to remove me!

They thought we were the perfect fall guys for this - They were obviously very mistaken, do we look like fall guys for the likes of Alan Lake, "Tommy" and uncle Kev?

Who could have ever imagined it would have gone as far as to end up with the murder of nearly 100 innocent children, a crime against humanity. Wouldnt it have been easier and cleaner to have just come and attempted the job against me alone, rather than allow such a despicable act occur against children. Then try and point the blame towards me expecting me to get locked up for a few years for being his ideological mentor.

How stupid!

Far fetched? Imagine how far fetched to be sitting in the centre of the worlds media falsely accused of being the mentor behind the mass murder of almost 100 innocent children in Norway. There is an explanation and this is my hypothesis.

I was not at any meeting in 2002 for a fact so this is a lie unless it is someone else he talks of as being his mentor and not me. He did not feed me any ideological material at the start of the EDL, if it is true and he did, unless he is lying, and the claim about his mentor setting up the EDL clearly puts me in the frame, or Alan Lake. Taking 'Lionheart' from Richard is the only possibility, along with "Tommy Robinson" spouting Im the 'mentor'. But everyone is claiming its 'Lionheart-ed' and I have never ever used the name 'Lionhearted'.

Psalm 105:15 Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”



Norwegians trying to pass the hot potato to UK

Quote: In an article in The Foreigner Norwegian News in English is stated that Paul Ray admitted Breivik connection, instead that you may have had contact with Breivik.

The article also calls Paul Ray's denial of direct contact with Breivik as "hollow".


I would like to know on which facts is the author of this article making such statements? He does not reveals his sources.

Is it not possible that he is trying to cover Fjordman's "mentorship"? Can we exclude the theory that the Norwegians out of shame for admitting in front of the whole world that they definitely have a problem with home-grown white Norwegian terrorism try to "pass the hot potato" to the UK?

As Prof. Massimo Introvigne, the director of the Centre for the Study of New Religions stated, "the most quoted author is the popular anti-Muslim Norwegian blogger Fjordman" and "Breivik claims to be a followers of the “Vienna School of Thought”, whose leading exponent is acknowledged in Fjordman and whose name is taken from the victorious battle against Islam fought in Vienna in 1683. The anti-Islamic blog The Brussels Journal is also identified as part of the Vienna School."

Beside that, Breivik's manifesto is named after the name of Fjordman's essay "European Declaration of Independence", Fjordman's name appears more than hundred times in the manifesto, and Breivik directly follows Fjordman's advice that 'Islam isn't the cause of Europe's weakness but rather a secondary infection' which execution we saw directly in practice by Breivik...

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