30 July 2011

My Conclusion

Anders Breivik carried out his terrorist attack, which is deemed an act against humanity towards the people of Norway due to the nature of the event, in the name of his Norwegian mentor Fjordman.

Either I have been mistakenly accused of being his mentor based on the strenuous links to the name 'Richard', some clandestine meeting in London and my Templar ideals. Along with some very convenient pointers to the founding of the English Defence League, of which Alan Lake was present so could most certainly be linked on that point. Alan Lake lives in London, has Christian heritage and is linked to Breivik's part of the world.

Or the finger has been pointed at me to deflect blame, encouraged along in the UK media by Alan Lake & Co's EDL puppet "Tommy Robinson".

Was Breivik acting on-behalf of Fjordman, Alan Lake and their European anti-jihad group, or was he just inspired by them and a lone wolf?

There is no other conclusion!

Why have the media who have read the manifesto not reported anywhere about Fjordman and his over 100 links to Breivik, nor quoted from any of his extensive online essays that link him directly to calling for a revolution from within against the left wing multiculturalist Establishment?

2 + 2 = 4

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