4 October 2008

Taliban's yearly dope take is put at $100M

Info from Jihadwatch

$100 million is way way off the mark!

Thats only about 50 million sterling which I imagine they make a month out of the U.K market alone.

Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

Taliban's yearly dope take is put at $100M


WASHINGTON - The resurgent Taliban get a yearly injection of $100 million from drug trafficking, the top U.S. Army general in Afghanistan said Wednesday.

"That's a conservative estimate," added Gen. David McKiernan, who also commands NATO troops.

McKiernan also bluntly stated that America's focus on Iraq means victory in Afghanistan is too far off to predict.

"Obviously our national priority has been Iraq," McKiernan said. "The consequence of not placing more force capability in Afghanistan means it will take longer to win [and] at a higher price."

With so many military resources diverted to Iraq, McKiernan said, there are too few available helicopters to supply and transport troops in Afghanistan.

"We don't have enough of them," he admitted.

McKiernan has asked for three additional combat brigades - 6,000 to 10,000 troops - to battle an influx of Arab and other foreign fighters.

President Bush has announced that a Marine battalion that was slated to go to Iraq in November would go to Afghanistan instead, and an Army combat brigade wouldfollow.

The general, in a news conference before meeting with Bush, insisted a "surge" of forces isn't needed.

McKiernan questioned the commitment of a number of European allies. "Some come to conduct war, some come to summer camp," he said.

Turning the fight over to fledgling Afghan forces won't happen "anytime soon," he predicted.

Afghanistan's thriving Islamist insurgency has used its eye-popping opium profits to fuel its escalating war against the elected government in Kabul and to oppose U.S. and NATO allies.

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Thank you for leaving this in the comments section, another insight from someone who knows the truth through experience.

Ignore the truth at your own peril and at the peril of your children.

Lets see some action from this side in stamping on the heroin trade,Ive seen plenty of people die just so that a pakistani can buy a fast food shop or drive a bmw ,yes Paul it does happen in all our towns and cities I WAS AN ADDICT FOR MANY TEARS,THOUGH its been over ten years since I stopped.The big change Ive seen is the involvement of the pakistanis,their dealers are everywhere for what I see as an obvious reason,connections to terror groups taliban etc.What sickens me is knowing that a slice of cash a big slice at that is funding the war against us.I LISTEN IN HORROR AS ADDICTS TALK WITH WITH TOTAL RESPECT ABOUT "THEIR DEALERS".What a great way to extract the infidel tax,abdul or ali or some other pakistani pusher,gets loaads of dhimmis lined up and waitng in some dirty cold corner to hand over all their cash for crap thats killing them.The dhimmis are always made to wait as the tax collecteer means an hour when he tells the dhimmis over the phone he will be ten minutes.THEN WHEN HE TURNS UP THERS AN OUTBREAK OF TOTAL SERVILITY AS EACH BOWS AND SCAPES TO PAAY THE TAX[PURCHASE THEIR DRUGS].Meanwhile their? dealer disdainfully collects the tribute from the subject poulation and with a look of contempt rolls up up his car window and drives off leaving behind that bedraggled group that includes mothers with kids strapped into rickety pushchairs far behind.Tell me that aint so PAUL,YOU KNOW THE REAL PROBLEM,GETTING THOSE WHO ARE ENSLAVED TO OPEN THEIR EYES,all to often I,ve been told ,"I dont care where the mony goes as long as I get my bag of heroin".Makes you want to weep dooes it not !!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It is true that some NATO forces refuse to be put in combat situations and told NATO officals it would only do humanitarian services...one of these nations is Canada. Since when does a NATO nation decide what they will or won't do. They are either in NATO all the way or not at all. Being in NATO half way will only serve to get their troops and others killed. As far as I see it. It's only American and British forces taking all the risk. And the other NATO troops there whining and not doing shit. But, you can bet when the time comes to take credit. These NATO troops will be talking a big game. What a waste of having these nations in NATO if they're unwilling to commit all the way.

MagnaCarta said...

If this is such a problem, why doesn't the US and the UK just Napalm the Poppy fields? I suppose it would leave too much of a Carbon Footprint and wouldn't be Envornmentally Friendly! Someone other than the Taliban MUST be making out of this, other wise it would be torched.

It reminds me just how some of our wonderful police are involved in Drug Crime in our towns and cities.Maybe the yanks and the brits want their share of the drug money, hence these poppy fields being left alone. Nothing surprises me in this 'Toilet of a Country' called the UK.

One thing is for sure, unless nuked, the war in Afghanistan will never be won.

Anonymous said...

British commander leaving with Forces coming off duty in Afghanistan says the war against Taliban can't be won outright.
So bring the war to the home-front and tackle the problem at source.
Cut off the funds from heroin here in the West.