5 October 2008

Civil War at the Met deepens

Foreword: What is our Country coming too when you have an influential Black Police Assosication openly telling Black and Asian officers not to join the Police Force because its a racist organisation.

How dare the leaders of the ABPO tarnish the whole British Police Force because two of its leaders have been suspended on wholly substantive grounds.


Isnt it time the head was chopped off of that organisation for the sake of the whole of the British Police Force and its reputation.

The leaders of the ABPO have tried using the 'Power of the Race' card to get themselves out of trouble which is of their own doing and are now using the ABPO as an association to back them up and help them fight their losing battle against the British Establishment, the British Police Force and the British people.

Isnt it time people said 'Enough is Enough'?

How can they be allowed to publish such hate towards the British Police Force?

What would happen if we took out double page spread stating that the Islamic community is at its core the most racist element in our society based upon the words written in their holy books?

We would be hanged and lynched by all the legal powers of the State thats why I am currently under arrest and on Police bail.

Thats why people say what they say on blogs like this one because it is still our right to say what we are thinking based upon the facts, its called FREEDOM of SPEECH, but a full page spread in the National news, come on what is this Country coming too?

It is an affront to the whole of Britain being conducted by a criminal in a uniform and a disgruntled Asian officer who believes its the colour of his skin that has prevented him from getting promotion and not his ability so wants a nice big payday to retire with and try and destroy the reputation of his ex-boss who was the one who would not promote him, and the whole of the Metropolitan Police Force that he has worked with for many years on a big fat paycheck in the process.

The British 'Race industry' at its finest and this group are showing they will go to the very depths to get what they want based upon the 'Power of the Race' card that they control.

The sinking ship being steered by Pirates with all the ABPO still onboard.

Mr. B Johnson Mayor of London if by chance you get to read this then you should personally chop off the head of the ABPO just like you have done with Sir Ian Blair, you've shown that you are now the one with the Power in London, and then replace it with people you can work with who have the interests of the City of London and its inhabitants at heart and not their own personal grievances that will eventually see them in prison.

Black Police Association urges ethnic recruits to boycott 'hostile and racist' Met

The Metropolitan Police was plunged deeper into controversy today after its Black Police Association called for potential recruits to boycott what it called a force 'where racism is allowed to spread'.

Just days after Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair was forced to quit, the BPA said it would be failing in its duty if it did not tell black and ethnic minority potential applicants 'what a hostile and racist situation it is there.'

The move comes at a time when the force has been embroiled in a period of unprecedented racial turmoil which has seen it at odds with its most senior Asian officer and threatens to tear it apart.

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lormarie said...

England sounds a lot worse off racially than I thought.

MagnaCarta said...

It seems that Ian Blair's former ethnic policies have finally bit him in the a*se! This is what happens when you put trust in Muslims, like snakes they'll turn round on a six pence and bite you. In a way its poetic justice, but it sickens me that this is allowed to happen. The BPA is the most racist organisation there is and is allowed to make false accusations and claims all the time. They have drawn blood and are now trying to go in for the kill.