4 October 2008

The Rule & Reign

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RG said...

Lion Heart. Keep up the good work. You are a great citizen of Britain.

Check in at my blog:
The W bar E Ranch in Texas

We also will be doing some expose regarding the Islamization of sections of America. The Islamic threat is very active in developing in some areas there. But we are on top of it.

See you at the Ranch, brother.

Elan_Tima said...

The specific exposition of the double stantards of the "authorities" regarding the Teacher who happened to visit a legal political party website(BNP) in England and how he may be destroyed career wise as opposed to the two muslims makes me appreciate further, your videos Lionhart.

Your a small but clear window into the conflict consuming your "Sanctum Realm", is always concise and thankfully not "preachy".

Any chance that you could have a article or two about the various local political movements concerned with the islamification of England and what their (if any) relationships with each other might be? I ask because as someone living outside England I need a inside perspective on the many sides of your fellow Crusaders. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Best vid ever!!!
Keep up the good work, Paul. You are not alone. I'm doing my bit too! This week I wrote to my MP via
To complain about BNP members barred from entry to the police "service". I'm going out leafletting for the BNP on sunday.
Not much, I know, but evey little helps!

Anonymous said...

I saw in the video in which a headline said.."isn't it racist to CAP immigration." I don't see how capping immigration is racist. Simply put if you have no cap on immigration. You will have overcrowding. Not enough resources to provide for the influx of people. Since these people coming into the UK are never working and contributing or giving back to the system that allowed them in.

In america we actually do have a cap on immigration and many want the cap to become stricter. Not because we don't want a certain race in the nation. Because of the things I mentioned above. We and sure the UK can only sustain so much. If we allow unlimited immigration, then we will see our nations become like the Africian nations. There will be the haves and the have nots. Majority will be the have nots. And then poverty will stick the land so fast like a cancer out of control. As a nation we have the basic right and tenet to preserve our way of living and the standards we're accumtom too.

All I can say LH is keep up the fight and never never give up. It always is darkest before that light at the end is revealed. Our nations (especially the UK) have endured quite a bit and we've always came out on top. Even when it look at it dimmest moments.

As a proud America, I would fight and die with honor and dignity to defend the founding principles of what my nation stands for. And I would be willing to do the same for our sister country the UK. The UK means so much to America and many Americans would be honor to help the Brits out.

What I don't understand and it truly preplexes me. Is why do we wait for things to get so bad. Where it looks like....it's way too little and way too late. Why don't we tackle these issues and problems when it begins to become seriously alarming. It would make things much easier if we addressed these things at the beginning. Opposed to waiting to the darkest moment.

My heart and prayers go out to all the true British Nationals who just want their country back. And if I had to go there and fight for them to re-gain their nation. I would be honor and proud to do so. Even if I died. At least I died a free man and knowing I was doing a just cause. The time has come for ALL our People to stand up and DEMAND change. And remind these fools in government that our govts...are by the people and for the people. And if they refuse to change then we don't re-elect them. True reform needs to occur from within.

It's extemely difficult to fight the political establishment from the outside. It's like chipping at their armor but never knocking the wall down. Whereas, from within you can make a difference get people on the inside already to ally with your cause and then push for new legislature that benefits the people.

In 2010, I am running for USA Congressional seat in my district. And I am running as an Independent. Since I believe half the problem with our systems are the party representation. Why not remove the party let people be independents and vote as they see accordingly on the bill or amendment being presented. But, when you have senior leaders in your party essentially manipulating you. Saying crap like ...vote like this or else when your up for re-election we might not give you money for your campaign or have others in our party go and campaign on your behalf. People in elective office should just be independent and rely on their constituence to have a huge voice in how they want their elective official to vote on their behalf. This way people will get involved in what affect them.

If I am elected which I believe I have a great chance of doing it. I will have my constituents tell me how they want me to vote and will go with what the majority says. The people can call my office or go to a website and tell me how they want me to vote for them. All they have to do is check out the website I have established or go the congress agenda to see what bills/amendments are up for vote and debate. This is how I promise the people I would represent in how I would handle things when it comes to voting on things. This way the people of my area will know they're contributing too. Time for the PEOPLE to take back OUR GOVERNMENT.

Oh by the way where I live is a semi rural area and not a lot of political competition there. So, I'm confident that my above mentioned idea with a few others. I can seriously win a seat in the House of Representatives. And when the Media gets wind in how I do things. Other people in different districts might want their elected official to do things the way I conduct mine. Then you have a trickle down effect and maybe just maybe have Real Reform per se. Would this happen over night. Of course not. But, it could be achieved in 10-20 years if done correctly. I believe this because people are FED up with the system today and want real change and reform. And just because someone says they will do change doesnt mean they will. I believe the people of our nations realize now that for true reform/change they MUST get involved too. And though Obama says this or that (bunch of BS) doesnt mean all change is necessarily always for the better.

Watch Obama when presented with a Question. And he always is apprehensive and stuttering. But, when he has a prepared speech and using a script (teleprompter) or memorized that speech. He speaks well and no stuttering.

Obama is getting all over in a negative way on republicians about the freddie mac and fanny mae problem. Yet Obama received the 2nd most amount of money from them for his campaigning. Funny how so many europeans prefer Obama. Yet have no clue how the American politic system even works. They simply go from what their main stream media (MSM) says. And we all know how the MSM manipulates, discloses part of a story which reflects their agenda. To me that's unfair and not balance reporting. As well as, extremely irresponsible reporting. The MSM uses their power and platform to manipulate people in who to vote for. Because they on a personal level support a particular candidate. And it's beyond me in how stupid some people are and cannot see this. Sorry for the long post LH...just wanted to get somethings off my chest.

Keep up the excellent work LH and all others like him. Some battles have been lost in our cause. But, the war isn't over yet by a long shot. I firmly believe in the end...we shall prevail because we all know we MUST prevail or else we're doomed. The islamic situation in this writers opinion is far worse than WW2 and the end results if we lose. Would be far more devastating than WW2 yielded. If muslims hate our way of life then they don't have to live amongst us. Yes, I'm aware that the muslims are told to spread islam all over and in their opinion for islam to rule the world. Well, these idiots just don't get it. And when push comes to shove. We shall push back and push back even harder. Just not sure what we're waiting for.

To ALL INFIDELS against ISLAM...Keep up the good fight. And be prepared, because it's going to come to an all out war much sooner than many think.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you highlighted this new challenge to our established Monarchy.
It is about time the Queen said "Off with their heads!"
For Socialist Labour party activists to feel they have acheived something in life, they have to attack and destroy some "class icon."
Riddled with envy and greed these kind of people can only get pleasure from seeing others afflicted with the same curse of their meaningless existence.
They will only be truly happy if everyone is dragged down to their level.
The Labour Party leaders have done so much to destroy all that is good about Britain.
They lie from the roof-tops and proclaim their eternal support for the free National Health Service, and then they start to dismantle it and re-present it in a different guise, as if it has somehow been "improved," when in fact they plan to take away basic fundamentals like the right to see a General Medical Practioner as a first resort towards getting access to treatment.
They srewed up many thousands with their changes to private old age pensions.
They were so clever and so good at their jobs, that they did not see that their great "economic success" was based on a card-trick, and illusion.
Or worse still, they callously went ahead knowing that it would all collapse as part of some evil plan they are enacting.
One of your commenters at the early days of your blog predicted the economic collapse we atre facing.
They blame it on the USA and the problem with NINJA mortgages there.
The real fault lies with their readiness to allow British banks to trade these worthless scraps of paper.
They are clueless and reek of the scent of approaching demise.
In Luton, Doctors surgeries are running petitions as the town has been targeted for large combined practises where there will be no guaranteed continuity in first contact, and indeed most patients will likely have to see a nurse rather than a qualified Doctor.
This is just one example of the "tinkering" that these low-brow idiots like to cook up and present as improvements.
There is no doubt that the Public Services have been badly affected by rampant and largely uncontrolled immigration and illegal entrants.
Instead of dealing with these core issues, they have to prune the very good benefits that Britons have come to accept as a matter of right.
he smiling faces of the creeps like Blair and Gordon Brown make me want to vomit. And most of the country agrees.
So as a last promise to invigorate their followers, they plan the ultimate goal of Socialist/Marxist politics, to depose the Monarchy.
Just as surely as the Bolscheviks shot and murdered the Tsar and their little children.
In this orgy of blood-letting these empty-souled vampires suck the life from our Society whilst grinning like ghoulish slavering necrophiliacs.
God must have reserved a special fate for such leprous walking-corpses who can only taste life through spreading their evil disease to all they touch.
I sense they are already carrying the burden of their own blind faith in their importance, like a cursed amulet around their necks.
I bid them good riddance for now most of the Nation cannot stand the sound of these odious creatures names.
May they fall and stumble on their own slime. Begone from our sight you creatures of darkness.
Then we may yet rebuild our Nation.

Anonymous said...

Great comment last anon.

Joanne said...

It is unbelievable that professionals are not allowed to be members of the BNP. Well, all I can say to that, is as long as the ballot is private, and only God knows how much longer that will be allowed, people can vote for whoever they damn well please.

Good video Lionheart. I wish a decent leader of Britain would stand up and be accounted for....perhaps he or she already has.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:52 on Sept. 28th,

The Uk has successfully scared the people into thinking the economy is going to crash which allows them to gain more control of the citizens rights. Essentially Socialism and Communism is the same with the same kind of end results yielded. The two big differences are is what did the politicians do to get to the end...as in, the end justifies the means. And then how servere is the actions imposed carried out. Socialism is a bit more liberal with the masses.

The tactic has always been to scare the people when the "Powers that Be," want more control, power over the people and the economy. In reality, control the economy is control over the people. And this is called "Socialism."

Anonymous said...

When people in european institutions spend their well-paid time on making norms about the length and shape of bananas and other fruits, instead of thinking of more important issues like immigration and terrorism, then the countries they govern look like europe today.
Central regulation of economy is one more step to dependence on european decisions, and in this way people give away more and more liberties.

MagnaCarta said...

With Al-Queda operating in our Police Service, another token Muslim taking up a job as the second most powerful justice minister, where does all this stop?

Isn't it time an uprising against this out of control Government is organised? The Princess of Darkness (Mandy) is back with gossip of the Blind Bearded one returning, this Government is at war with us!

Wouldn't the 5th of November this year be poetic justice if a rebellion was to take place? but alas, we are all far too busy checking out the sh*t Simon Cowell parades on TV and those realistic soaps the BBC & ITV ram down our throats every night.

What will it take for this country to wake up, rise up and rid of this Political Correctness that has caused so many problems for this country.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately it will take something as serious as a 9/11 or 07/07 for people in both America and the UK to wake up. Many people seem to get way too complicent after things calm down or nothing occurs after a long time span. As for me, I always thought it was best to place a person into a position based on their knowledged, experience and education. And not because of their religion, race or gender. Political Correstness is going to be our ultimate downfall if we continue down this path.

Especially when a person who's in law enforcement it shouldn't matter what their race, religion or gender is. Just the best qualified person to get the job done.

From what I have observed the UK is more advanced with these preplexing problems we discuss in LH's blog. But America is catching up at an alarming rate in this writers opinion. We must remain diligent in our resolve and discourse. And stay ontop of our politicians before our liberties are so limited. We are unable to do anything about it.

There is huge talk in America that we're headed down a very fast and slipper slope towards Socialism. And this is due over the Bail Out package of our economy. This one major issue has gotten people talking of revolt and revolution because we don't want to become Socialist. People all over the net and other places are telling people to stock up on Ammunition and acquire more guns and weapons.

My point is, that just one problem has sparked citizens concern enough to think of doing the unthinkable. But, that's what citizens of our nations have to be prepared to do. Because once your basic civil liberties are stripped from you. Not much you can do about it.

Kevin said...

I must say I feel for your plight...I am Canadian, but I feel a connection, through British ancestry.

Remember that there are many others, around the world who support you. The number of those who see the truth, who see the UK situation as it really is, only grow in numbers and in strength...Keep up the good work!