6 October 2008

Nato wants to target Afghan Heroin

The British government would do well to target the Afghan Heroin trade in the U.K in their 'War on Terror' which is a major financiar and killer for Al Qaeda's international terror operations.

Untraceable Black market money is perfect to fund a guerilla war with.

No one wants to be called racist and Islamaphobic for targetting the Pakistani Moslem community who are the No.1 suppliers of Heroin in Britain so they are left with a free reign upon our streets, murdering and killing people in the process of funding Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

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Daily Mail

Nato's top general demands new heroin crackdown in Afghanistan - in 'attack' on current British policy

Nato's top general appeared on a collision course with Britain on Monday night after demanding a more aggressive approach against heroin production in Afghanistan.

In an outspoken attack, General John Craddock, NATO Supreme Commander for Europe General, told a seminar in Brussels that a 'handful of nations' were holding out against his contention that tougher action was needed against drug networks and heroin laboratories.

'I will not rest until I have exhausted every avenue to convince the political leaders of NATO that this is a moral requirement to protect their forces,' he said, rejecting claims such action would fuel the Taliban insurgency.

Gen. Craddock did not name those countries his words were aimed at but Britain has expressed concern a crackdown would generate further ill-feeling towards foreign troops and place civilians in greater danger.

Some 90 per cent of heroin sold on Britain's streets originates in Afghanistan and one of the original reasons given by the deployment of British troops was to help end heroin production.

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Nato wants to target the Heroin


Joanne said...

'I will not rest until I have exhausted every avenue to convince the political leaders of NATO that this is a moral requirement to protect their forces,' he said, rejecting claims such action would fuel the Taliban insurgency.

Holy crap, I've been saying this for years - this fella actually has to exert some degree of effort to convince political leaders of NATO that this needs to be done? Burn the bloody poppy fields in Afghanistan - how hard is this?

Anonymous said...

I think most of the Upper Commanders in NATO are aware this needs to be done. At least one has the balls to stand up and say it publicly. But, then if NATO burns the poppy fields it will put a lot of farmers out of work...is the logic of our politicians. Did the politicians ever think of introducing to the farmers something else to farm...duh.

Anonymous said...

Does the government actually want to keep illegal drugs out of the country? They make precious little attempt to keep them out of prisons.

DWMF said...

anonymous @ 07-Oct-2008 11:18:00 - valid point.

For years I have been suggesting that western pharmaceutical companies ought to buy up all the opium from poppies grown in Afghanistan and produce medicinal morphine from it. Agricultural conditions in the Afghan mountains are not conducive to growing much else. There is a shortage of morphine in our NHS hospitals, and a cheap supply would definitely help.

The problem is keeping the corrupt warlords, talibs and government officials from robbing the pot.

MagnaCarta said...

If they thought Afghan drugs was such a problem and they act for the good of the people, they would of napalmed these poppy fields years ago. I'm convinced that western powers make money from this or there is definately some under-handedness going on.

Let's wait and see what DOESN'T happen

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's why the European members of the alliance are sending ill equipped soldiers to Afghanistan.

Dead soldier's father says German troops ill-prepared. "Behlke pointed out that his son and his comrades had purchased American bullet-proof vests, “because they’re much better than the German ones.” His son had also purchased ear-protectors and glasses for protection, because they were not provided by the German military"

Anonymous said...

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