12 October 2008

Islamic Terror Preacher could be out by Christmas

A nice Christmas present for the British people courtesy of the Justice system and the Islamic legal wolves who are attacking it from every which way that they can.

And I am under
arrest for the audacity of talking about this hatred in my country.

Read the report:
Free by Christmas

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Islam's UK Mouthpiece

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Abu Izzadeen has staked Islams claim to a section of 'Our' Country


Anonymous said...

This muslim terrorist should get a life in prison sentence without the chance to be paroled. How the UK govt cannot see that ALL muslims are filled with hatred. If these muslims hate living in the west then why don't the leave and go live in a place that has sharia law. Because they know that they don't truly want the restrictiveness of sharia law. It's why they left their nations in the first place. Nonetheless, if the muslims want us out of their lands. They the must leave our lands too. But then muslims never believed in equality. The muslims are their own worse enemy and they will be the ones who bring themselves down. Whether it's by forcing the west to exterminate them or they do it to themselves. So, far they seem to be doing the job on their own pretty well.

Citizen Kane said...

It beggars belief that the 'powers that be' in our country should allow this self avowed enemy of the non - Muslim population to freely walk the streets.

When we were involved in the troubles in Northern Ireland, if we even suspected that a person was a member of a terrorist organisation we used 'internment' to take them out of circulation.

This man to pardon me borrowing a phrase, is a 'clear and present danger' to the non - Muslim population of the UK. I cannot believe he is being allowed out of prison.

What is happening to our country?

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Drug smugglers jailed for 24 years


TWO men from Birmingham have been jailed this week for a total of 24 years after being found guilty of smuggling Class A drugs into the UK through Manchester airport.

Noor Ul Basar, aged aged 27 of Cherrywood Road, Bordersley Green, Birmingham and Hussain Zada, 52 of Coventry Road, Small Heath were arrested by officers from HM Revenue & Customs and the UK Border Agency.

Officers searched baggage and discovered the Class A drugs concealed within the sides and base of a suitcase when Basar arrived at Manchester airport on 11 April from Lahore, Pakistan.


Here is some evidence for you Lionheart.

lormarie said...

If there's ever a reason to deport someone, it's this.

Anonymous said...

Even 20 years ago I was told by a "loose" young Muslim, about how he knew that heroin was being smuggled into Britain by a variety of means on an industrial scale.
The various methods he described included hollowed-out end-blocks on wooden transport palettes and hollowed out Korans brought in as personal by old innocent looking men.
Quite a few Iranians who did not want to return to Iran after the Ayatollah Khomeni took over got their money out of Iran through large quantities of heroin.
Many big business men who are quite straight now, one hopes, got their start-up cash by financing heroin imports.
This is still going on virtually unchecked.
The Chief Constable of Bedfordshire must either be incredibly out of touch, (see no evil, hear no evil) or under the political thumb of her bosses.
Ask a decent copper.

Andrexx said...

Dirty piece of excrement.

Anonymous said...

Its just another example of dhimmitude by the state just as the mob beatings of individual white young men has been igbnored in my town for years and I dont live up north.For years now police have refused to act when gans of up to 30 pakistanis of all ages have ambushed and attacked individuals walking home after the pub etc even killing a young lad in celebration for the 9=11 attack.This was taken notice of though you wouldnt have thought so from the lack of of interest by the national media,I believe these attacks are planned and condomed by a large section of the:SO CALLED SILENT MAJORITY OF good people in the "coommunity" Out rightexamples of RAZZIA and the dhimmi police dont want to breach community cohesion.Theres a saying round here that if you are attacked by pakistanis and stabbed to near dead the police will come to the hospital and charge you with criminal damage for getting your blood stains on the asians knives.Think Im joking I HAVE TWO FRIENDS FROM A NEAR BY TOWN WHO HADNT VISITED MY TOWN FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS MEANTIME WHAT USED TO BE A POPULAR PUB IS NOW SLAP BANG IN AN AREA THE KINGDOM HAS CAPTURED BY EXPANSION.THEYVE HAD A FEW DRINKS BY THE TIME THEY CROSS THE BORDER.WELL THYRE WELCOMED BY A HAIL OF STONES AND ARE SOON UNDER ATTACK BY A MOB OF YOUTHS FROM THE KINGDOMS PARAMILITARY WING AND ARE BEATEN UNCONSCIOUS.ANYWAY THE POLICE ARRIVED AND RESCUED THEM FROM WHAT MAY WELL HAVE BEEN DEATH,NONE OF THE KINGDOM ARE ARRESTED.NEXT DAY MY TWO FRIENDS ARE CHARGED WITH BREACH OF THE PEACE DESPITE ONE HAVING A FRACTURED SKULL AND OTHER INJURIES THEY RECIEVED WHEN THEY YHEY WERE BEATEN UNCONSCIOUS,GOOD OLD COMMUNITY COHESION.DO THESE DHIMMI POLICE NOT KNOW THAT THE PAKISTANIS THINK THEYRE UNTOUCHABLE,ALL THE NON MUSLIMS KMOW THIS AND ARE ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED NOT TO PURSUE CHAGES AGAINST MUSLIM GANGS.THE SHADOW OF AN ANCIENT CATHEDRAL FALLS OVER THIS TOWN AND IT CALLS OUT SHAME ON YOU ARE SO CALLED RULRS AND KEEPERS OF LAW AND ORDER.HOW MUCH CHRISTIAN BLOOD WILL YOU ALLOW TO RUN IN THE STREETS.THE STONES THEMSELVES OUR PROUD HERTAGE SING OUT FOR OUR PEOPLE TO STAND AS THEY DO PROUD UPRIGHT STRAIGHT OVER TIME LIKE OUR FOREFATHERS DID.DO NOT STOOP IN DHIMMITUDE BENEATH THE FEET OF THE MOOR!!!!!!!!!!!