5 October 2008

Labour want to oust Conservatives Andrew Selous

Godon Brown must be sitting back chuckling to himself and Conservatives Andrew Selous must be scratching his head in wonder.

Labours selected candidate doesnt even live in the area so what does he know about OUR communities, wouldnt he have been better placed in Luton to replace Margaret Moran?

I think so...

Labour wannabe targets Selous

A new Labour Prospective Parliamentary candidate for South West Bedfordshire has been selected.

Professor Prem Sharma has got the nod to represent the party and will seek to oust longstanding Conservative MP Andrew Selous at the next election.

Professor Prem Sharma With Prime Minister Gordon BrownAnd he got a few bits of advice from under-fire Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he met with him in Manchester last week at the Labour Party Conference.

Professor Sharma, who lives in north west London and is married with two children, has worked as a civil service consultant and as a lecturer in community law.

In the past he has carried out research on international law migration and discrimination in his PhD thesis and currently works with the new Ealing Southall MP.

He is also the Home Secretary representative on the Metropolitan Police Authority Selection Panel.

Professor Sharma said: "I am extremely happy to be selected as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for South West Bedfordshire.

"I have many friends and family in the area and am well aware of the problems facing South West Bedfordshire.
"In this time of international economic turbulence it is essential that the local area has a candidate that supports the decisive leadership of Gordon Brown and the Labour Government and can voice the opinions of the local electorate at the highest levels."


Anonymous said...

LH, who picks the person to run in a particular party. Sorry for my ignorance? In America, anyone can run for a House of Representatives (1 house of Congress)seat. If there's more than one person for a particular party (Democrat or Republican), then there's a primary run off in which the people of that area vote. Whomever wins the primary will be the person who is on the election ticket for their party. And then again the american people in that area would then vote for whomever. As well as, people can be on the ticket as an independent candidate too. As long as all these candidates meet the requirements which isn't that difficult.

Lionheart said...

Those who head the political party put up 'their own' chosen candidate.

We the people have no say in the matter.

MagnaCarta said...

....The British Democratic System at it's best......Not!

Anonymous said...

Cromwell, wherefore art thou, Cromwell....???????????????

Or at least wherefore is someone like you who would know how to deal with parliament and some of our self-anointed elite?

Anonymous Lady

MagnaCarta said...

I think there are many Cromwells just waiting for the right moment! We'll I hope, I've started to attend as many demonstrations as I can, I am being driven to be an activist. I have just about had enough. I have a young son who I'll be damned is not going to be brought up to have islam forced down him!!!

Never surrender!

Anonymous said...

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Also keep your eyes out for the next edition of the Ealing Gazette.