2 April 2008

Womans head and hands washed up on beach

Who are the ones who chop off heads and hands as a part of their religion because the false paedophile prophet and his companions did it in the 7th Century?

Could this be another European sex slave?

This is another case of a body missing a head within the UK in the past few weeks.

Thankfully these ones were caught in the act!

Daily Mail

A woman whose severed head was found in a bag on a Scottish beach was an attractive brunette who died very recently, police revealed yesterday.

But the identity of the woman, aged in her twenties to thirties, remained shrouded in mystery last night.

Two young sisters, aged eight and 11, discovered the head wrapped in a plastic bag while out playing on Tuesday morning.

A hand was found soon afterwards in the same area, and yesterday police announced a second hand had been found on the same patch of beach later in the evening.

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Update: Woman was Lithuanian


Jauhara: Insolent Infidel and Uncovered Woman said...

I know you remember your history, LH, because I am reading a book called, White Gold, and it is about the kidnapping of white Brits for the slave trade, many of them winding up as concubines in Morocco and Algeria. This went on for a few hundred years, and your government did nothing about it then, and it isn't doing anything about it now. I guess the woman's head isn't the only one in the sand, so to speak.
Keep up the posting, brave one, and God bless you.

Celtic Crusader said...

to 'jauhara'

i think your attempt at humourous remark about another unfortunate human being who had an awful horrific end to her life - and quite possibly a life that was savage at the hands of others is just more abuse on that poor woman.you tried to be funny and to boost your own ego with your disgusting glib remark. you betray a manner and mindset found in the abominable islam. frankly -go to hell

our western freedom doesnt need allies like you and with that kind of self inflating crap more akin to the enemy

your comment was disgusting and dispicable

i hope and pray this poor woman now has the protection and consolement of Christ our lord, Amen.


Anonymous said...

C'mon, humor has it's place, even in Hell.
There's alot of possible explanations, and yes it could be a criminal prostitution gang at work, or maybe just anotha nutter.
We are not short on them these days.
Agree with your prayers for this unfortunate though.

Celtic Crusader said...

this wasn't humourous- it was tasteless and to be more accurate it was a sick comment. to juxtapose head in the sand with the decapitated head of this woman.

God knows how she spent her last hours. They most likely were hellish -here on earth.

That comment dismisses the misery and torment that this woman suffered, it disrespects her and her memory. Would the commenter of that remark make the comment about Ken Bigley or other men beheaded.

I am a man and find men and indeed women (as there are plenty) seem to subconsciously hold women as inferior. This is inculcated in our 'civilised' western society from the minute we pop out. Many people say they hold men & women in equal esteem- but when you look at their language it betrays a subconscious inequality (however slight) that truly thinks ...goddamnit we are equal as human beings cough, cough but men are a little better ...aren't they.

Also i fully recognise that lots of women uphold this mentality and defend it - saying 'oh God thats just being too sensitve'. And they would if they are coming from the slave gender because lets be clear about this- its alright to talk about black mens emancipation yet women are still in a struggle for parity of esteem. so they still are the slaves of today. Until we as men stand up to our own preconceived ideas of what it means to be a man and stand up for our fellow human beings then we are not men- and we have no backbone.

I find men & women who degrade women - disgusting, they are scum. They are limited by fear and their own cowardice- they are no different to the muslim mindset.They are living a tenet of islam but as westerners. They are as much the enemy as is islam.

I fully acknowledge the difference between men & women - we are better at some things and they are better at others- we are different but of equal value. I as a man would fight any who want to enslave others or denigrate them- i am against oppression and oppose the oppression of islam - oppression of our sisters here in the west is no different and our deep seated attitudes and subconscious automatic responses of how we see women are going to have to be cleansed if we are to truly claim the mantle of liberators of the oppressed.

Joanne said...

I think jauhara was making a point that she believes Britain will do nothing about the problem by simply ignoring it. Unfortunately, this may be true - let's hope the Britain police take this incident seriously and make a sincere effort to find out who this woman was and who could have done this to her.

In the photo, children are holding and witnessing cut off hands and feet, and children in Scotland discovered the woman's head - this is all so disconcerting. Children should certainly not be subjected to such cruelty. It is all beyond sickening.

Anonymous said...

Turns out they were Lithuanians.
Probably either a sex gang or some other criminal shit.
That is what being in the European Union brings.
We all try to escape to live in Spain and the worst of Eastern Europe head towards Britain.
Having said that, the only Lithuanians I have met, are quiet nice people.
I just wish they'd keep their criminals out of Britain, like you said, it was kids that discovered it poor things.
Anyone coming to Britain should have their records checked and for once I agree with the government's stance to fingerprint all entrants.
I think Lionheart jumps to conclusions too easily sometimes.
Don't mean to offend, but you sound like Germain Greer, C.C.

Joanne said...

Well, at least Lionheart acknowledges the truth when it comes forward. Lionheart was just asking the same questions we all were asking ourselves. Unfortunately, when people murder, they tend to cut off hands, feet, and heads so the body will not be able to be identified - they even cut out their teeth. We are all living in one sick, demented, evil world.

Celtic Crusader said...

anonymous - go take your cowardly anonymity, you dont even leave a nickname that we can have some semblence of consistant thread as to who you are or what your stand is- so fuck off. you are trying to offend and i take it as such - you fuking coward.

germaine greer is nothing but an attention seeking cock lover. she was a right tramp in her day and when that was waning she turned to the next thing she could muster to stay in the limelight and try and tease men - yeah by being a 'feminist'. the problem here is she is anything but a feminist. she no more struggles for proper equality than any bimbo- only she has the intellect to disguise it better.

so you fucking wimps because i'm sick of being delicate with you lot. mention the word fuck and people start going...oh my god.

tell me what part of a comment was germaine greer....nothing because you wouldn't find that cok-teaser upsetting men.

its quite simple- if i oppose islam are you going to call me a westernist....fucking bollox

yet there is a problem with islam and you bet your fucking arse i'm going to oppose- i was in the army and opposed it and am currently re-enlisting and will be opposing it again.

the west- has strip clubs, shitty smutty mags on shelves for our kids to see, fuking women who actively disengage their brains to appear dumb so as not to intimidate men, vulnerable girls being raped in brothels by weak-willed men who cant control their fucking penises.

their is no fucking discipline in the west. our kids are soft, crying , complaining snot nosed gimps while our lawyers and buisness suits are busy tying us and the rest of us in legalities and lawsuits. they are bending us over to take muslim shit.

women should be feminine but well fucking able to kick muslim arse and be tough- thats how celtic women used to be- they were warriors and could stick it to their men.

when a man wants another half of the human race to fulfill its potential and REclaim its birthright of using its brains ditching bimboness and using the fucking muscles they have then this is called ...'oh mumble mumble you sound like Germaine greer' fucking GG doesnt want this because then she doesnt get the spotlight status she has occupied- GG is a fucking whore in the proper sense- never mind prostitutes they are vulnerable women mostly from tumultuous backgrounds who are on drugs - look up the stats.

a real whore is a middle class or otherwise women who has had all of lifes opportunites and advantages and has a job - yet she sleeps around with men, they are aquaintances, work colleagues etc.


you fucking immoral dimwits who dont even post with a consistant nikname- you dont even deserve an answer. Why should someone answer an anonomous nick. you fucking weasel- you bet i'm pissed

and joanne - i fucking know right well what johaura or whatever his/fuking name is. to bottom line is he/she /it said about the head being in the sand- you fucking arsewipe if that was your brother or ken bigley you'd see all the boyos getting all upset.....oh jesus how insensitive oh my how could you make such a glib remark...fukin blah fukin blah.

quit your fukin whining and sign up get your fuckin arse on the fukin line the lot of you. stop your precious comfy remarks and start sticking up for your fellow western women- for fuks sake, thats what these muzzie scum love to see, how we are so smutty and belittling of women....well fuk that i've come across some good tough women with top brains who i would want fighting next to me in a firefight then some of the unloyal lazy fuks i've been with.

it aint about men or women nno more you fuks. its about people whether they are good decent blokes or lasses or not - thats it.

you fuks better start getting it- the fuking tide is coming and western men , women and kids better starrt getting ready, prepared, combat footing- you'll soon see their are plenty of women warriors fukin well capapable of kicking muzzie arse- and how much sweeter for all of us here as muzzie scum have a special denigration of women

anonymous- you sound like a fukin muslim - i'd like to meet you and rip your fukin spine out, oh yeah cant do that -your spineless

i'll settle for tearing your throat out instead

you soft civvy bunch of fuks can take my ....oh god he said this ...oh my he said that,fuking language and shove it up your cossetted, smug, cosy FUKING ARSES.

that woman who was gutted had a shit life- none of you with youir shitty smug contrite remarks would know that coz you didnt recognise -you dont go getting your head cut off unless you've always been on the receiving end of shit and thus always been around dodgy fuks, coz u got low esteem- u always think their the people u deserve to be with- so u stick with your kind- its only a matter of time before something fukd up happens. & more so if your a women


dont be offended - you fukin twat, i'll fukin show u offended



Anonymous said...

I think there are plenty of anonymous here, and everwhere else on the web.
Mainly because you don't know who you are talking too.
It's a shame you got upset C.C.
You shouldn't take what you read pesonally, as many blog comments are just hot air.
How can we tell if "bored luton" is also posting as anon to wind us up?
I think having a nickname is not a guarantee of anything.
I don't think that anon was having a go at you personally just some passer-by thinking they were funny.
Anyone brave enough to sign up does not need to excuse anything.
Don't get wound up mate.
What you say makes a lot of sense, there are many problems in Britain today, we all have had it too easy and haven't had to fight for anything, not food, nothing.
It will change though, guaranteed, and someone with strong views who are willing to defend others weaker than themselves will much needed.

Celtic Crusader said...

i dont think you understand- i've no problem getting upset, i've no problem getting angry at stuff that rightfully SHOULD get me angry.....what really pisses me off is having to toe the sensitive line of being so fucking rational and calm that that in itself takes the power out of vehement sincerity.

you say one cant tell anything from a nickname- that is somewhat true but not altogether, for example if i keep posting comments on here for long enough as celtcrusader people will get a feel as to an ASPECT of my character, personality and just what colours i fly. It is a fact then that people can identify with my nickname readily and where i'm coming from even if i am still anonomous behind the nickname- it still serves as a rudimentary marker as to who that person is and what line they have toed so far. By coming under anon it is immediately that bit more difficult to ascertain who the fuck or which anon it is who is making the comment.

also if i'm re-enlisting i have practical purpose to stay somewhat anonomous - i dont want those close to me targeted- i can do my job better when my kith & kin are protected.

to liken to Germaine fuckin greer who is a fuckin hippie who sells out real freedoms and empowerment to women is bollox.

sure i want women to be women, but its a question of what is our idea of women already....just what are we already conditioned to think about women even those of us who hate women beaters and bullies, which islam has neatly wrapped up in a fuckin cult - fuk sake i'm attracted to the female form, but by christ its a weakness in western men that they feel intimidated if you utter that women should get out there and be able to kick some arse. we men should be able to find the female and everything feminine as attractive and alluring as we do while championing womens ability to be physical(be able to do CQB and partake in the defence of their homestead)and not just to strategically clean the house.

dont get me wrong- a man is a man(or fuckin used to be) but even in the old days there was more respect for our women than the constant sexualised bolox around now. if a man is the breadwinner then the woman should be at home and do her part of making a strong family and making the home- but the man still has to do proper fathering and help with the kids. If its the other way round the same goes for the woman- split the work 50/50. that way you have a team mother and father as the head providing stability and discipline for the kids- and you know.... thats what kids want and yearn for despite all the protestations. this is what makes a strong family able to contribute to a strong community and strong country able to defend against the corruption and rot of immorality, crime and the systematic institutionalised evil of islam which is now again on the march.

only a lot of families are broken - the strong basic building block and template is fractured, giving way to loose morals from ill discipline all handed down from the top.....corrupt immoral leaders.

a war is coming to britain and these islands i have no doubt of that- are you going to be ready, it is down to the ordinary citizen, the Yanks have that right in the likes of the militias and their right to bear arms. the army, the police , the gov- do not rely on them or others to help. We are responsible for ourselves. Form communities of like minded people and start fuckin training. Be prepared- best bloody motto going from the boy scouts isnt it. My family -every man, woman , child is going to be fighting fit, mentally alert, capable, intellectually sound, self-reliant, and most importantly - loved. Giving them knowledge and wisdom to cope with this world and the increasing dangers- and (i dont mean the disarming PC shitology which is tantamount to delivering your kids to a paedo), is one of the best things you could do for them. the other of course is simply being there for them - giving them your time, care and attention. If it comes to it here in Britain where were going down - you bet your fuckin ass me and my family will go down fighting taking as many as these muzzie fuks with us. better that than my loved ones suffer a life of slavery and servitude under some muslim weasel- oh no they'll fukin die before that happens.

i aint no problem gettin "upset" or angry or whatever the fuk - islam is a right reason and our fukin lame, limp ass, sexualised, indulgent, cossetted, woman bimbo-ifying culture is waiting to be overun......and its happening

way i see it - not enough people in the west just letting out what they fuckin well think- everything has to be calm and sugar coated

so i'll get as fukin angry or as upset as hell

and it aint any skin off my back