3 April 2008

The Boris effect

With the voting now on for the next London Mayor, there is a lot of media hype about the candidates in question as they fight for their positions within the assembly.

You have had a BNP candidate removed because of his derogatory remarks towards women and rape, replaced by someone more suitable for the position.

There has been the racist bigot Ken Livingstone, publicly stating on video that his greatest achievement was grinding NuLabour to dust when he left the party to take the Mayoral position. He then said it was an April fools joke, you believe that then you’re an April fool.

Then yesterday there was
coverage of some negative statements from Boris Johnston from a newspaper article he wrote 5 years ago.

I am not from London so I reality this campaign for Mayor does not mean much to me, the only thing I know is that London can definitely do without Livingstone for another 4 years.

Moslem leaders have all publicly endorsed Ken Livingstone as their man for the hour because of his Dhimmi status towards them, and his willingness to invite some of the Worlds worst Islamic terrorists to our Capital city.

This man is also championing the cause of a 100 million pound Mega Mosque in the centre of London.

Would a low level Islamic terrorist attack in London sway the voting public?

The reason for this post is that when reading the article on Boris Johnsons, the statement that he made leapt out at me.

"Ken Livingstone has nothing positive to say about the future of London, or the wave of criminal violence that has cost the lives of 11 young people killed on our streets this year, or yet another strike on our Tube which will disrupt millions of commuters next week, so he has again resorted to negative personal attacks."

Next week!

What is Boris saying there, that we are going to be attacked next week?

Is it a journalistic error, was it a Freudian slip, does Boris know something we do not know, or is it a prophetic act spoken through an unsuspecting Boris Johnson?

I know for a fact that God has already used Boris before in an unsuspecting prophetic act, so it is not beyond the realms of possibility that it could happen again –
Divine providence

Based on the information I have posted on about an impending Islamic terrorist attack, it also fits in quite timely - Countdown to attack

Is there going to be another Islamic terrorist attack on the tube next week, or a planned attack?

How easy is it for a Moslem suicide bomber to get on the tube at a station somewhere around London and then travel into the centre of the system and blow him/herself up?

Rush hour with those carriages full, a bomber sitting in the middle of a carriage after travelling in from an outside station, maybe a man disguised, dressed in a burqa packed out with explosives, the train stops at one of those busy platforms with hundreds of commuters fighting to get on the train, once they have fought their way through and filled up the carriage, the doors then shut behind them, there is then no escape from what is about to happen.

We will have to wait and see till next week before we know whether the ‘Lord God of Israel’ has used Boris Johnson again or not.

Lets hope and pray that those reading these words make the right decisions and choices based on the information.

If you are a Christian you should take this very seriously and look at the "Divine providence" post and then look at the information on this post.



My mistake which has been kindly pointed out to me, the strike means a walkout by workers and not a terrorist strike.

I will leave this post up though because you never know!


Anonymous said...

Did it not occur to you that by strike Boris Johnson means industrial action, ie. Tube drivers not working, and not a violent attack?

Timbo said...


Much as we all love you, I think anonymous at 11:19 has the gist of it. The word "strike" has multiple meanings.

An easy mistake to make. Beware of the old adage - "when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."

Still, if and when a terrorist attack materialises on the Tube next week, feel free to say "I told you so."

Best wishes, Timbo

Anonymous said...

Earlier this week Boris was accused of ‘ducking’ a hustings for Time Out magazine which he had never agreed to attend, by Ken and his lapdogs at the Guardian newspaper. Turns out that Ken is being hypocritical (AGAIN!) as he has withdrawn from the Centre for Social Justice hustings aimed at the voluntary sector.

In addition to this he has to refused to commit to the No2ID event which is being attended by other mayoral candidates.

Think that people should be paying attention to Ken's double standards. Time to ditch Ken! 8 IS ENOUGH!


Owen J said...

I'm giving my second vote to Boris, we must get rid of Ken. My first vote is going to Alan Craig from the Christian Choice he only need 5% to get a seat n the assembly and London needs men like him. His brave opposition to the mega-mosque in Newham is refreshing. But he also bring business experience and years of working hard among the poorest communities in Britain.

Check out thechristianchoice.org.uk for more info

Memories of the Willow Tree said...

Ah! Another yellow haried, Geert Wilders, racist look alike! I bet as soon as Boris gets in power he'll also make his racist "Fitna!" You English are so racist towards Muslims.


boredluton said...

wow, your islamaphobia has really lead you to some bad decisions - first placing your faith in the wisdom of the professional clown boris johnson and secondly completely misunderstanding what he mean't by 'strike'.

lol, what hate-fuelled reasoning lead you to believe that boris would be the first man with the intel when it came national security??

what's even more unbelieveable is that you've haven't deleted your original post to prevent further embarassment!

but it was funny though, heh.


Lionheart said...

I think you will find that he is a little bit more intelligent than you boredluton...

I left it up because there i still some important information in that one post.

Read it properly and you might learn something.

You like keep coming back to ead my blog, your half way to enlightenment then.

Go read www.islam-watch.com

What your own people think and thought before they were set free from the darkness.

boredluton said...

mixing falsehoods with truth eh? its compromised either way, no value left - in this case, it didn't have to much to begin with.

maybe you should stop visiting propaganda sites (from either side) and learn that not everything is as black/white as the internet tells you.

Memories of the Willow Tree said...

boredluton said...
wow, your islamaphobia has really lead you to some bad decisions "

Boredluton - are you sure it's not you who has been writing my blog?

Liberals are such wonderful people.....


Nori Chesmanh said...

LH you do jump to conclusions a bit quick sometimes. Youthful enthusiasm?
Still funny things do happen on the way to the theater.
One thing for sure, when these buggers finally get lucky, all wind of troubl is gonn a reahly brake loose.
Talk about shooting yuself in the foot.
Willow you are a raci comedian of the lovlyest orda nd I think you must be a rein carnation of that old fruit Burn hardt Man ink.

Memories of the Willow Tree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
boredluton said...

"No Muslim immigration = no Jihadism in the West"

the other equally simple solution is to let the apparently massive muslim immigrant hordes take over the West and voila! jihadiism will be cured.


Anonymous said...

your a knob bl....

sure as eggs is eggs....

Joanne said...


"Windsor Castle dinner for Israel’s 60th
By Jenni Frazer, News Editor
Exclusive: THE ROYAL family is granting two of the community’s biggest charities the use of Windsor Castle for a special anniversary dinner to mark Israel’s 60th anniversary in April, the JC can reveal.

Excited officials from UJIA and the JNF said they were in the early stages of planning the April 7 event, which will be held in the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh. The guest of honour is to be Israeli President Shimon Peres, who will be in Britain before hosting a major international 60th-anniversary conference in Jerusalem in May. Invitations for the Jerusalem conference have gone out to President George Bush and heads of state."

I saw this a couple days ago, and I was going to mention it earlier, but perhaps it is more fitting now. Please note the date April 7, 2008 and the guest of honour, Israeli President Shimon Peres - perhaps people did not know of this event.

I'm sure this would present an opportune time for Muslims to express their anger in whatever form they find appropriate.....as if we can't figure that one out.

Joanne said...

Lionheart, I hope you take note of my comment at 01:43:00. A Freudian slip is a wonderful thing; I would imagine the British police and special forces will be on high alert in London because of the engagement at Windsor Castle.

Joanne said...

"You English are so racist towards Muslims." by memories of the willow tree

Please, you must know Muslims are not a race but are people of any race referred to as Muslims who follow the teachings of Islam. There is absolutely no reason why people should have to condone the teachings of Islam just because Islam references itself to be a religion.

sillyoldgitface said...

Look here, this site is going down hill.
I came here to read about the jihads threat against the West.
Now all I find are jokes about such serious matters.
Willow tree you are Bats. You score as badly as the Pakistan cricket team with that racist Umpire complaining about theirs balls.
If all I'm going to find here is bad jokes involving Bernie Manhoods then I'm off to listen to Danny Pipes. They are always calling.
Even boredluton has been having a go at comedy.
I hear there is a new stand up comedy night at the Windsor Castle pub in South Luton soon.
Ooops, I just noticed they have pulled it down, to build flats. Seriously, is this why The Duke of Edinborough has caught a bad cold and is in hospital? Or has he got a thing about poor old Shimon visting his gaff?
I wonder if he's found a nice Filipino NHS nurse , they are really nice. Much better than the bedside manner of Hattie Jaques, Gord Bless her, yak yak yak.
Or could it be a back-door halal anti booze campaign by the Head of Development at Luton Boro Council, Mr Khan?
Theres a lot of it about.
I aleways wondered why the cheap booze sold in Britain's corner-shops is called "White" something or other.
You know, "White Lightning," "White Ice" etc.?
Maybe if we investigated it, it would turn out to be that the breweries that make this stuff are Saudi funded as a way of blighting the little blighters of the white British teenagers.
Think about. The white kids become alcoholics, and the Government put up taxes to stop binge-drinking, the corner shops make a fortune out of selling their non-halal alcohol, and the crime rates go up as teenagers beat up old grannies to get their boooze money.
Maybe it is Gordon Brown's new plan to defeat the crack cocaine and heroin scourges as they can't go after the gangs as this would upset too many apple-carts.
Get the kids hooked on cheap cider and booze, keep the shopkeeepers happy, raise more tax and frighten middle England into having more CCTV cameras than a Russian sex-website has webcams!
And get the Brits to accept the new biometric I.D. cards that Labour Paryty MP.s and financial supporters make money out of, as the shares in those those technology Companies that make the stuff, go through the roof.
Nice one Gordon!!!
You really have taken the biscuit(and the pies) and not just that but anything else the Scottish Brit haters can lay there hands on.
They really haven't forgiven us for Culodden have they?
PS. the Scots Parliament is getting rid of the Council/Polltax, any chance of that for us Brits Gordy, old boy?
Have a nice weekend folks, and I really mean it.
Thats all for now.

boredluton said...

"You English are so racist towards Muslims." by memories of the willow tree

he was actually being sarcastic - he's one of you, idiot.

Joanne said...

boredluton - could have fooled me. Sometimes you need to know a person a little better before you are able to figure where they are coming from. memories of a willow tree, me thinks gets a kick out of double talk - I'll keep that in mind then; I wasn't too sure. I always appreciate a good sense of humour.

And what is "he's one of you" suppose to mean anyhow? Very telling words indeed.

Anonymous said...

Thats discrimination.
Common enough all over.

Anonymous said...

Memories of the Willow Tree: Islam is no a race. Boris hasn't hot the balls to make a film that could cost him his life!

bomber harris-tweed said...

Boris has "hot balls?"
Must be the Viagra.
No, thats Red Ken and his concubines, isn't it?
I wonder if he has any kinks with his pet newts?
Is there no end to animal cruelty?
I'm voting for bomber boris.
"Boris bombs poll, blames it on hot balls" ..Evnin Stanard.